14 Places To Adopt Dogs, Cats & Rabbits Waiting For A Forever Home In Singapore

where to adopt dogs in singapore
Pet adoption centres in Singapore   Image credit: Purely Adoptions A little disclaimer: We aren’t saints. We’ve covered our fair share of commercial pet shops because we believe in freedom of choice. Just like how some people will never adopt pets, some people will never buy pets either. The decision...
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10 Low-Key Japanese Eats In Orchard Road Under $15 Hidden In Basements & Food Courts

Japanese Food On A Budget   I love Japanese food. Nothing quite revs up my appetite like a whiff of ramen or the ooey-gooey goodness of a curry don; in fact, I could eat dons for the rest of my life and never get sick of it - though my...
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10 Famous Hawker Stalls Singaporeans Love That Have Gone Cashless

Now cashless
Hawkers keeping up with the times   The days of oily coins, crumpled notes and that $50-note-you-don't-want-to-break are over. If you’re someone who revels in cashless payment, you’ll be delighted to know that you no longer have to withdraw lunch money for hawker centre meals again - you can now...
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10 Yummiest Last-Minute Take-Aways for When You're Running Late

Top eats in Bugis for you to grab and go   You’re running late; worse still, you’re craving a steaming bowl of ban mian , but ain’t nobody got time for that. Before you resign yourself to an empty stomach or worse - nutritionless bubble tea as a meal replacement,...
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This 5-Course Thai Meal ($12/Pax) Gets Sent to Your Doorstep for House Parties & Mahjong Sessions

Fuss-Free Party Feasts   Let’s be real, the party doesn’t start till the food arrives. If you’ve ever thrown a party, you’ll know that when it boils down to feeding the masses, options are limited. Some have ambitiously tried to prepare a loving feast for friends, but have only ended...
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20 NEW Cafes and Restaurants To Try In July 2016

Treat Yo Self This July     Source: @qiwenmabel July signals the end of the June “holidays”, but back to work season doesn’t apply if you’ve never had a break to begin with. While everyone’s lugging their bums and backpacks back to school, whip out your wallet and hit the...
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If You Own a UOB Card, Here Are 5 Solid GSS Deals That Are Exclusive to YOU

Swipe and Save   The perks of a credit card are endless. Whether it's the exclusive promotions perpetually on offer, or the ease of cashless paying - credit cards are all a shopaholic/dine-aholic/tai-tai needs to live life to the fullest. A tip to keep in mind: swear your loyalty to...
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11 Beautifully Obscure Places To Visit Near Singapore Under $500 Before 2016 Ends

So obscure, there isn’t even a tourist track…     Source Travel season is in full swing; it seems like everyone on your Instagram feed is in Bali or Bangkok living the carefree life right now. If you’re tired of the same old beaches and shopping trips holiday after holiday,...
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G2000 Pop-Up Store: FREE Maki-San, Zalora Vouchers And Uber Rides During Your Lunchtime!

G2000's Lunchtime Perks   Lunch hour is the saving grace of every work day. You can spend that precious hour queueing for food and have it fly by uneventfully, or you can shop, munch on free sushi, and get a free car ride back to the office all at once....
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13 NEW Games You Can Now Find In Arcades - The Reinvented Group Outing Spots

Game Changing Arcades   If there’s one thing every 90s kid will remember about their childhood, it’s those afternoons after school at the arcade. And how we had to change out of our school uniforms before entering because students were thought to be playing truant. Well, the era of dark...
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