Splat Paint House Singapore

Splat Paint House Singapore

When it comes to having fun they sometimes say, “paint the town red.” Unfortunately, that’s highly illegal. But the next best thing you possibly can do is throw paint around in a room made just for that – which you can do at Splat Paint House, a new pop-up art studio in town.

There’s no stress, no rules – just an empty room for you to go ham with your creations. It’s very much like art jamming, except you get to throw paint with abandon, instead of carefully brushing it on canvas. Our team went to give it a try, and it was a kaleidoscopic childhood dream come true.

The pop-up studio will only be around from now till 28th October 2019 and here’s what you can expect:

Getting ready: suiting up

Preparing for our painting session was like getting ready for battle. We had to suit up in surprisingly comfy protective jumpsuits that were to shield us from all the flying paint. 

Their jumpsuits protect you from most of the damage but note that some paint might seep through the material. To be ultra-cautious, ask the staff for a raincoat, which we heard would be available for use soon. There are also plastic shoe covers to protect your kicks with. Alternatively, remove your shoes altogether if you’ve got an expensive pair on.

Optional: if you don’t mind looking a little dorky, protect your hair with their shower caps.

Picking your weapons of choice: squirt guns, syringes and more

Our preferred weapons were pool squirt guns and water guns.

Next, you’ll get to pick your weapons of choice. The arsenal includes squirt bottles, water guns, syringes, straws, ice cream sticks, and your regular paintbrushes. 

It’s perfectly fine if the paint lands on your face or skin as what you’ll be playing with is child-safe, non-toxic tempera paint from New Zealand that can be washed off easily.

If you go with their Starter Package (from $30), you’ll get 4 tubs of paint along with a 45cm x 60cm canvas to paint on.

The battle: tossing paint and getting covered in it 

Quick 5-minute brief on how the different ways you can mess around with paint

There are several styles you can work for your painting, but the tip of the day we got from founder Andrea Lim was essentially to be YOLO and let go of all your inhibitions. This place is all about catharsis and being free, much like The Fragment Room

We went straight in and did our first paint toss like confused madmen. Unsurprisingly, it was an absolute mess with paint landing everywhere including the wall, the floor and our hair.

Pro-tip #1: Don’t be vain, or you’ll kena paint. Wear their shower caps or put on the suit’s hoodies.

Pro-tip #2: While tossing the paint, angle the cup towards the wall so the paint doesn’t land on you.

Channelling our inner Paul Jackson Pollock

After this messy encounter, our inner child emerged as though an invisible restraining cord snapped free. We had fun doing the silliest things like painting on each other and I felt my maturity level plummet several years, which turned out to be extremely liberating.

As you can tell, we ain’t artists. But there’s art in everything… right?

Our favourite painting techniques were probably splattering it angrily on the wall, and pouring it on a canvas laid flat to create a beautiful marbled effect.

While the website states that you’ll get 1h of playtime with each Starters Package, we were told that the time limit is typically not rigid – unless of course, there’s a huge crowd waiting.

Splatter painting in Singapore

A spin-off from art jamming, splatter painting takes the core idea of art, self-expression, and cuts it loose of all restraints. Free from the standard supplies of easels, aprons and palettes, the lack of proper equipment prompts you to explore art in your own crazy way.

It’s essentially painting gone wild – and we loved it.

Splat Paint House is the first and only splatter paint art studio in Singapore. A pop-up store, this art haven will only be around from now till 28th October 2019 so make sure to head down to try it out before it’s gone. Hopefully, they’ll return with a permanent studio soon cause boy do our stress souls need something like this around.

Splat Paint House
Date: Until 28th October 2019
Time: Mon – Fri 3PM-9PM | Sat – Sun & PH 11AM-10PM
Venue: 451 Joo Chiat Road, #02-08 Mox, Singapore 427664
Price: From $30. View their full list of packages here.

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