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Pottery Classes in Singapore

10 Pottery Classes In Singapore You Can Take To Make Your Own Ceramic Pots, Plates & Cups

Pottery classes in Singapore

Pottery is slowly catching on in Singapore – after all, few other activities are as therapeutic as pottery. Think about the hum of the potter’s wheel, the soothing texture of wet clay, and the fact that you get to bring home something aesthetic you made with your bare hands. 

Say goodbye to boring weekends and standard store-bought crockery. Here’s where you can go for pottery classes in Singapore

Check out other classes you can take here: 

1. The Potters’ Guilt – try two pottery techniques in 1 session (from $80/pax) 

The Potter's Guilt
A potter’s wheel is used in wheel throwing
Image credit: @thepottersguilt

In crafting ceramic pieces, there are 2 main pottery techniques you should know. The first is handbuilding, which is pottering using only your hands and some simple tools. The second technique is wheel throwing, which uses a potter’s wheel to shape clay. 

They are often taught separately, but at The Potters’ Guilt, you can try your hand at both in a single session. The Pottery Do-It-All ($80/pax) class is 3 hours long and teaches all you need to know about basic pottering. You’ll get to try both pottering techniques and create your own masterpiece to take home after it is glazed and fired. This can take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. 

The Potters' GuiltImage credit: The Potters’ Guilt

We’re all busy with work these days, so if 3 hours on a weekend seems too big of a commitment for you, there’s no need to miss out. Instead, go for the Pottery on the Wheel Experience ($55/pax). Within 1.5 hours, you’ll get the chance to work the potter’s wheel to make your own functional and unique tableware. 

Potters' Guilt
Tableware you can show off to your friends and family
Image credit: @thepottersguilt

Price: From $55/pax for a single session, from $400/pax for courses
Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-03, Singapore 168976
The Potters’ Guilt Website

2. Studio Asobi – class fees help migrant workers (from $80/pax)

Studio Asobi
Image credit: Studio Asobi

Every time you take a beginner Pottery Class ($80/pax) at Studio Asobi, part of the proceeds go to free monthly workshops – where the owners teach migrant workers injured in the line of work. Not only does it help to relieve anxiety, but the migrant workers can also use their newfound pottery skills to create functional wares for themselves.

Studio Asobi
Image credit: @abcdeunice

Of course, you’re not expected to become a full-time potter, but these 3-hour classes will leave you with a good mix of pottery techniques to make your own cup, bowl or planter. On top of that, you’ll also get a go at the electric pottery wheel where you’ll be taught to decorative clay attachments like handles or lids. 

Price: From $80/pax for a single session, from $240/pax for courses
Address: Block 705 Hougang Ave 2, #02-265, Singapore 530705
Telephone: 9248 8882
Studio Asobi Website

3. Mud Rock Ceramics – unlimited use of clay with no hidden costs (from $83/pax)

Mud Rock Ceramics
Image credit: @cteteris via @mudrockceramics

They’ve made a whole tea set for Her Majesty the Queen of England and worked with the National Gallery of Singapore, so you can be sure the folks at Mud Rock Ceramics know what they’re doing. 

Despite their impressive clientele, there’s no pressure to be a pottery prodigy. They offer a Beginner’s Course ($315/pax) that includes 5 consecutive lessons, teaching you the foundations of pottery that includes coiling to glazing. 

Mud Rock Ceramics
Image credit: @mudrockceramics

Even if you can’t invest in 5 classes on the spot, they offer an Ad Hoc Pottery Class – where you’ll have 2.5 hours to have a go at the Potter’s wheel to create your own ceramic piece. The session will set you back $83/pax, but rest assured that the cost includes tools, trimming, glazing, firing of 1 item, and as much clay as you want to use during the class. 

Price: From $83/pax for a single session, from $315/pax for courses
Address: 5 Maude Road, Singapore 208357
Telephone: 6291 1186
Mud Rock Ceramics Website

4. Weekend Worker – 3 ceramic pieces in 3 hours ($150/pax) 

Weekend Worker
Image credit: @weekendworker

If you’re all about efficiency and productivity, kicking off your pottery journey at Weekend Worker will make for a good start. In this 3-hour Ceramic Wheel Throwing Workshop ($150/pax), you’ll quickly get your hands dirty to learn the art of wheel throwing and create 3 different ceramic pieces of your choosing.  

Weekend Worker
Image credit: Shop Unusually Usual 

For rookies, that might seem like light speed, but don’t worry about keeping up. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 4 participants, which means you – and your ceramic works – will get all the guidance you need. It also helps that you’ll be using an electric potter’s wheel instead of a manual one. 

After the workshop, your masterpieces will be coated with a food-safe glaze and fired for you free-of-charge. Take note that this process takes a while to complete, so you’ll have to collect them from the studio about a month later. 

Price: $150/pax for a single workshop, $320/pax for 4-week basics course
Address: 426 Clemenceau Avenue North, Singapore 229516
Telephone: 9655 0357
Weekend Worker Website

5. School of Clay Arts – step-by-step pottery for beginners (from $95/pax)

School of Clay Arts
Image credit: @schoolofclayarts

Hands-on activities like pottery are lots of fun, but it can be intimidating going for a class as a total newbie. At the School of Clay Arts, they do their best to negate that fear by creating an inviting class environment. You can expect a guided studio walkthrough, a discussion with the instructor about your learning needs, and a step-by-step guide to pottery so you won’t be a lost sheep! 

Their Intro to Pottery Workshop ($95/pax) teaches participants how to use the banding wheel, so you can look forward to making your own rounded ceramic pieces like vases or bowls. Within the 2.5 hour session, you’ll also observe pottery practices first hand and learn hand-building techniques like coiling and pinching.

School of Clay Arts
Image credit: @schoolofclayarts

Moreover, they know how troublesome it can be to have to personally come back to pick up your creations after just one class, so School of Clay Arts offers a free delivery service! You can expect your works to arrive straight at your doorstep within a week of completion. 

Price: From $95/pax for a single session, from $250/pax for courses
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark (Lobby B) #07-33, Singapore 408564
Telephone: 9177 5764
School of Clay Arts Website

6. 8th FLOOR Creative Space – 10 pottery classes tailored to your learning speed ($499/pax)

8th FLOOR Creative Space
Image credit: @the8thflr

For $499.20/pax you’re given 10 lessons at The 8th FLOOR Creative Space, meaning each 3-hour class is only $49.90. With a ceramics lecturer on board, they are the first ever studio in Singapore to offer a heavily personalised Pottery Course – where the progress of learners are officially monitored under the watchful eye of pottery pros and classes are individually tailored to suit your learning pace. 

8th FLOORS Creative Space
Image credit: @the8thflr

In each class, beginners will be taught wheel throwing techniques to create household ceramic objects – think bowls, planters, plates and cups you can take home to use! Unlimited clay and house glazes are also a bonus to help you master pottery as quickly as possible. 

And if you want to learn pottery beyond handmade kitchenware, the studio also offers another 10-class course on decorative ceramic pieces for the same price. These can be vases, abstract displays, or any kind of ceramic artwork you create to express yourself.

Price: $499.20/pax for 10 lessons
Address: 37 Lorong 23 Geylang, #08-03 Yu Li Industrial Building, Singapore 388371
Telephone: 6904 4403
8th FLOOR Creative Space Website

7. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle – home to Singapore’s oldest dragon kiln ($65/pax) 

Thow Kwang Pottery JungleImage credit: @tkpotteryjungle

Located far west in Singapore, the family-owned Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is quietly tucked away in nature, far away from the distractions of city life. On top of being an escape into natural greenery, it’s also a pottery studio that offers both long-term courses and public workshops for all ages. 

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
Image credit: @tkpotteryjungle

At $65/pax for adults and $55/pax for children, the I Love Pottery Workshop offers a 2 hour hand-building and potter’s wheel experience, with all materials, glazing and firing provided so you can take home a complete piece of work. Parents and children under 8 are encouraged to bond by signing up together at a discounted rate of $65/pair.

Dragon Kiln
Inside the Dragon Kiln, which can hold about 4,000 ceramic pieces
Image credit: @tkpotteryjungle

Apart from pottery, the studio is also known for owning Singapore’s oldest surviving and only functioning Dragon Kiln, a firing chamber made of bricks and clay that stretches on for more than 25 metres. When it’s not in operation, workshop participants can even walk through its tunnels before they leave. 

With so many activities to do at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, you can expect a fun-filled day of bonding with friends and family. 

Price: From $65/pax (adult) for a public workshop, from $486/pax for 10-lesson basics course
Address: 85 Lorong Tawas, Singapore 639823
Telephone: 6268 6121
Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle Website

8. Urth & Phire – flexible dates available for courses and classes ($60/pax)

Urth&PhireImage credit: @urthandphire

Your schedule might be busy and unpredictable, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing pottery as a hobby. At Urth & Phire (a play on the words “earth” and “fire”), there are no fixed dates for courses and classes – so you can choose your own starting date without worrying about fitting to their schedule. 

Urth & Phire
Image credit: @urthandphire

This cosy pottery studio offers Wheel Pottery Courses (from $400/pax) with professional coaching, where you’ll learn everything from clay preparation to firing an electric kiln. 

However, if you’re not ready to make the leap or just want some basic experience with pottery, opt for their Wheel Pottery Trial Class. At $60/pax, you can spend 1.5 hours on the potter’s wheel with no hidden or additional charges, even if you require additional clay. You’ll also get to bring home a piece of pottery, with free glaze and firing services. 

Price: $60/pax for a trial class, from $400/pax for wheel pottery courses
Address: 2 Pereira Road, #05-02A 2 Connectt@TS, Singapore 368024
Telephone: 9770 4862
Urth & Phire Website

9. Arudio Studio – pottery workshops for couples ($60/pax)

Arudio Studio
Image credit: @arudioceramic

If you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend with your significant other, why not try Arudio Studios’ pottery workshops? Located in Woodlands, this studio offers both short courses and trial workshops for couples. Individuals are welcome to sign up too with friends or family. 

The Ceramic Hand-building Workshop ($60/pax) is 3 hours long, and is focused on creating cups, vases and plates. You’ll pick up simple pottery techniques like pinching, coiling and slab-making, and will take home 2 ceramic creations for your kitchen. As for mugs and bowls, you can go for the Wheel Throwing Workshop ($70/pax) where they’ll teach you how to mould the objects correctly. 

Arudio StudioImage credit: @arudioceramic

For these workshops, a minimum of 2 participants is required, so it makes for a great couple activity.  The prices also include material, glazing and firing costs, so you can get creative with your earthenware without worrying about additional charges. 

Price: $60/pax for a trial workshop, from $300/pax for courses
Address: 11 Woodlands Close, #09-30, Singapore 737853
Telephone: 9656 8591
Arudio Studio Website

10. Goodman Ceramics Studio – pre-formed clay cylinders for absolute beginners ($55/pax) 

Goodman Ceramics Studio Image credit: @goodmanceramicstudio

While Goodman Ceramic Studio does offer pottery classes and courses, they also cater to people who want their own unique ceramic pieces – without having to learn skills like hand-building and wheel throwing. 

To do this, the studio offers the My First Mug ($55/pax) programme, which gives you 2 hours to go wild with a pre-formed clay cylinder and guidance from professional ceramicists. You can create clay attachments, paint and decorate your own clay mug, which is the closest you can get to making a ceramic piece without making it from scratch. 

Goodman Ceramic Studio
Hand-building involves moulding clay into the desired shapes
Image credit: Goodman Ceramic Studio 

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, you can opt to go for the Trial Wheel Throwing ($58/pax) or Trial Hand-building ($55/pax) classes. They are 1.5 hours and 2 hours long respectively, and offer a good introduction to pottery for beginners. The best part? Firing is completely free, so you can collect and bring your clay piece home to admire once it’s done. 

Price: $55/pax for My First Mug, from $55/pax for a trial class, from $190/pax for 4-session courses
Address: 90 Goodman Road, #01-37 Block F Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore 439053
Telephone: 6346 6351
Goodman Ceramics Studio Website

Pottery Classes for Beginners

Pottery may seem like an intimidating hobby, but it’s quite simple to get started, especially now that you know where to begin. Not only are there plenty of beginner courses for your pottery to progress, but also many hands-on workshops that don’t require any commitment. Say goodbye to boring weekends, and say hello to your new ceramic artworks.

Image adapted from (clockwise): @tkpotteryjungle, @cteteris, @arudioceramic, The Potters’ Guilt