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Jurong Eco Garden – Hidden Spot Near NTU With Butterflies, Birdwatching Spots & A Freshwater Swamp

Jurong Eco Garden 

Jurong Eco Garden, not to be confused with Jurong Lake Gardens, is located in between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and CleanTech Park. Who would have thought that an area sandwiched between a university and industrial park would be filled with IG-worthy nature spots, wildlife, and sustainability-based learning points for all ages to enjoy?

Tucked away in a corner in the far West, this nature reserve is a great place for those looking for a quiet place to chill out.

2 lookout points – Summit Lookout & Ficus Lookout

Summit LookoutImage credit: Hiking The Green Isle

Enjoy a panoramic view of the 5-hectare park from its highest point – Summit Lookout. Fun fact: the rocks which form the Summit Lookout are 200 million years old, excavated from Jurong Rock Caverns on Jurong Island

Ficus LookoutImage credit: Hiking The Green Isle

​​Located next to a big ficus tree, the Ficus Lookout provides a bird’s-eye view of the freshwater swamp. At the same time, the Ficus Lookout is situated above the wildlife corridor – a 15m-wide underpass that acts as an animal crossing – no, not the game – for wildlife such as the white-throated kingfisher and green-crested lizard.

Discover at least 26 butterfly species & nature-inspired artwork

26 Butterfly SpeciesImage adapted from: @thomas_tan_ts

Within Jurong Eco Park is a butterfly garden lined with nectar-producing plants which attract butterflies and host caterpillars. Keep your eyes peeled to see how many species of butterflies you can spot, as visitors have been able to document at least 26 different varieties.

InsectsImage adapted from: Hiking The Green Isle, @xue.png 

Besides butterflies, the garden is also home to all manner of insects freely roaming around on land as well as in the sky – like lizards and dragonflies.

Nature-inspired artworkImage credit: Hiking The Green Isle

Look forward to a colourful display of ceramic artwork that are part of a collaboration between Rulang Primary School, Thow Kwang Kiln, and JTC. Not gonna lie, these really help to add some spice to the garden. 

Bird-watching opportunities – Spot rare species of birds

Butterflies won’t be the only pretty creatures you can spot in the air. Bird-watching enthusiasts can also look forward to the myriad of birds here. Keep a lookout for common breeds such as the olive-backed sunbird or even rare ones like the blue-eared kingfisher. 

Rare species of birdsThe blue-eared kingfisher (left) and chestnut-bellied malkoha (right) are some of the rare species that can be spotted in the garden.
Image adapted from: @cecilialpk, Hiking The Green Isle

Common species of birdsThe more common species are the olive-backed sunbird (left) and Asian koel (right), AKA uwu bird.
Image adapted from: Hiking The Green Isle

Freshwater swamp – Collects rainwater to prevent floods

Freshwater swampImage credit: Hiking The Green Isle

Similar to how some of us collect rainwater using buckets in a bid to be more eco-friendly, the freshwater swamp at Jurong Eco Garden also acts like a XXL bucket collecting 65% of run-off rain water in the area.

This 4,772sqm swamp is also an IG-worthy picture spot for those of you looking for a place to snag some cute pics. 

Composting bins – Learn how waste can still be used

Composting binsSome of us might be familiar with the fact that fertilisers can be made from waste materials. For those who aren’t privy to it, there are sign boards that’ll provide you with more information on how waste can be converted into natural resources through composting. 

Open the barrels to see how the soil, leaves, and other dead materials slowly decompose into potential nutrition for your plant babies. What was once waste can now be used again – guess you can say they turned over a new leaf.

Spend a day at Jurong Eco Garden to get in touch with nature

Although it can be considered pretty ulu, Jurong Eco Garden really does serve as a quiet, peaceful, and tucked-away escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. In fact, it’s one of the many hidden parks in Singapore that you ought to visit. After you’re done, you can head to Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle – located next to the park – for outdoor pottery workshops. 

Photo-worthy spotsAesthetic photo-worthy spots can be found around the garden.
Image credit: @9jljelly 

Explore the eco garden with your family and friends or simply come and enjoy some #MeTime. Reconnect with nature while you learn more about the environment around you – a win-win situation.

Google MapsWalking route from nearest bus stop – Before Lorong Danau.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

The nearest MRT station to Jurong Eco Garden is Lakeside MRT. Take bus services 172 or 199 to “Before Lor Danau” station, and from there it’s an approximately 13-minute stroll. 

Address: 1 Cleantech Loop Cleantech One, Singapore 637141
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: Hiking The Green Isle, @cecilialpk