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Japanese classes singapore

9 Japanese Classes In Singapore From ~$15/Lesson To Help You Understand Animes Without Subs

Japanese classes in Singapore

Thanks to subtitles, many of us have managed to watch classic anime films such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and most recently, Your Name. But it’s not as fun when you always have to keep part of your vision fixed on the bottom of the screen to read those subs. And as for dubbed shows, those usually sound pretty weird.

If you’re an otaku or just someone who’s in love with Japan and its culture, perhaps it’s time to pick up a new language. Here are some Japanese classes in Singapore – some of which are even SkillsFuture claimable.

Do note that safe distancing measures may apply.

Pick up more skills with other fun classes:

1. Bunka Language School (from $39/class) – Learning through interaction and games, free trial class available

Bunka Language School is one of the most popular Japanese language schools here for their comprehensive and accessible classes in Orchard. All their teachers hail from Japan, and the 3-hour classes involve writing, conversation, as well as fun interactive games that allow students to apply what they’ve learnt. You will first learn hiragana in the earlier stages, and proceed on to katakana should you decide to take up further levels.

Japanese classes singapore - Bunka Language SchoolClass sizes are a reasonable nine to 14 pax, with safe distancing. Tables are also arranged in a “U” shape so everyone gets equal attention.

Image credit: @bunkals

There’s a good mix of weekday and weekend classes, and if you happen to miss one, you can sign up for a replacement class to keep up. Lesson fees include materials such as a textbook, totebag, and notebook. From time to time, they hold cultural events where you get to learn about Japanese food, festivals, and fashion.

Bunka Language School
Image credit:

If you’re not sure about whether this school is for you, you can always sign up for their free trial class to get a teaser.

Price: From $390 (10 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: Yes

Bunka Language School
Address: 402 Orchard Road, #05-15/16 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10AM-7PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-5.30PM
Telephone: 6737 3601
Bunka Language School website

2. Singapore Polytechnic PACE (from $14.70/class) – “Survival” course which covers Japanese etiquette and culture

If you just want to know enough Japanese to get around in Japan with greater ease, the Survival Japanese course by Singapore Polytechnic PACE will do you good – especially if you’ll be stationed there for a temporary period of time for your school exchange or work.

These classes are less academic, and in addition to basic greetings and expressions, you’ll learn a great deal about Japanese culture and how to conduct yourself properly when in the country. This includes things like onsen etiquette, train and bus systems, and even Japanese toilet functions – because no one has more high-tech toilets than them. 

Register your interest in the Survival Japanese course to be notified once the registration period opens.

Price: From $220.30 (15 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: Yes

Singapore Polytechnic PACE
Address: 500 Dover Road, Singapore 139651
Telephone: 6772 1288
Singapore Polytechnic PACE website

3. Lingo School of Knowledge (from $20.80/class) – Choose classes based on your desired pace

Lingo School of KnowledgeImage credit: Lingo

Lingo School of Knowledge offers all sorts of language classes, from Russian to German and even Hebrew. Of course, Japanese is on the list as well, with all their teachers native speakers of the language.

Their class schedule includes an extensive range of dates and timings, and working adults needn’t worry as there are plenty of evening classes on weekdays if you can’t make it on weekends. Another plus point is its convenient location at Beach Road, an easy walk from Bugis MRT Station, so you can easily hop over after work.

Lingo School of Knowledge
Image credit:
Lingo Languages

A good mix of 1.5-hour and 2-hour classes are available for the same fee, where the former is completed in nine sessions and the latter in 12. This allows flexibility in choosing depending on your learning pace.

Price: From $250 (12 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: No

Lingo School of Knowledge
Address: 87 Beach Road, #03-01 Chye Sing Building, Singapore 189695
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9.30AM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 9.30AM-5PM
Telephone: 6253 3320
Lingo School of Knowledge website

4. 1 Percent Collective (from $24/class) – Experience your first lesson for free and get 3 days worth of 1 Percent Groove 

japanese classes
Image credit: 1 Percent Collective

Those who want to know if learning Japanese is up their alley can approach 1 Percent Collective for a free trial class before committing to their Block A course for beginners.

Each of their courses is 12 weeks long, but you won’t need to spend all those sessions in a Zoom meeting room. 1 Percent Collective believes in hybrid learning and applying what you’ve learnt in a practical setting, so students will participate in an event midway through the course; sushi and bingo, anyone? The last lesson will be a Terakoya session where you’ll converse with native speakers and your teacher will provide personalised feedback on your progress.

1 percent collective
The structure of 1 Percent Collective’s Japanese lessons
Image credit: 1 Percent Collective

If you want to go all out and be a model student, 1 Percent Collective encourages you to spend 1% every day – or 14.4 minutes doing your homework, also known as the 1 Percent Groove. The 1 Percent Groove is planned and sent to you daily so you don’t have to decide what to practice. By watching videos or playing a quiz, they want to make learning fun and effective. 

Price: From $265 (12 lessons) | Free trial lessons are available throughout September 2021

1 Percent Collective website
Facebook | Instagram

5. Alpha Language Consultancy (from $35/class) – Small class sizes of 3-5 people 

Class sizes at Alpha Language Consultancy are kept small and cosy, with a maximum of five students per class for more personalised teaching. This is great for those who may not be able to pick things up as quickly, and require additional individual guidance.

Teachers are native Japanese, and the curriculum follows Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) guidelines. More emphasis is based on speaking the language in practical daily situations – both polite and casual – though there will also be reading and writing with basic hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

They occasionally organise events so students and teachers can get to know each other better outside of the classroom.

Price: From $300 (8 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: No

Alpha Language Consultancy
Address: 171 Tras St, #03-173A Union Building, Singapore 079025
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-6PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 8721 9151
Alpha Language Consultancy website

6. Inlingua School of Languages (from $35/class) – Free usage of tennis court and BBQ area

Offering 12 levels of Japanese classes from Elementary to Intermediate and Advanced, Inlingua School of Languages is one to stick with if you’re seriously looking to master the language. 

Four to 12 students will be accepted into each class. Apart from teachers that are native speakers of the language, another great thing about this school is that the building comes with a tennis court and BBQ pits – all of which are free for students and teachers to use. If you need to freshen up, make use of the toilet’s shower facilities.

Japanese classes singapore - Inlingua School of Languages
Image credit:

They also have a listening corner that comes with MP4 players, which students can make use of for listening practise.

Price: From $350 (10 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: No

Inlingua School of Languages
Address: 51 Cuppage Road, #10-12, Singapore 229469
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8AM-9PM | Sat 8AM-3PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 6737 6666
Inlingua School of Languages website

7. UDEMY (from $16/class) – Online classes for busy people

Busy folks who can’t fork out time to meet class schedules at language centres can consider signing up with UDEMY, which offers online classes you can complete at your own comfortable pace.

Lesson content includes basic conversational Japanese used in an everyday context, as well as vocabulary, grammar, and reading. By the end of the 10 lessons, you should be able to understand simple written Japanese in books and magazines.

Price: From $160 (10 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: Yes

UDEMY website

8. onePA (from $15.20/class) – Classes located all over neighbourhoods in Singapore

Japanese classes singapore - onePA
Image credit:

onePA’s language classes are probably the most affordable you’ll find in Singapore. Held at various Community Centres across different neighbourhoods, these are highly convenient for just about anyone, no matter where you live.

Instructors may be Singaporeans, but they would have obtained some form of Japanese language certifications and would still be well-equipped to teach. For Elementary classes, you will be taught how to read and write both hiragana and katakana at the same time, while delving into some grammar basics. 

Price: From $137.20 (9 lessons)
SkillsFuture claimable: Yes

onePA website

9. Japanese Culture Society (from $15/class) – Variety of classes lasting from one week to a year

The Japanese Culture Society is one of the biggest Japanese schools in Singapore and a popular choice among students with all levels of experience. With a variety of five different types of courses, it’ll have something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re looking for a beginner’s course or a one-week long intensive last-minute preparation for your JLPT or EJU examinations. 

Japanese classes singapore - Japanese Culture Society
Participate in the Japanese Cultural Festival the school organises annually
Image credit: Japanese Culture Society

For complete greenhorns, they have a holistic one-year course that runs once a week, for 2.5 hours per session. Perfect for those who’d like to master both the language and their knowledge of the culture, classes under this course include activities such as how to wear a yukata and kimono and Japanese manners and etiquette. 

Enrolments open in May and November every year.

Price: from $785 (one year/~52 weeks)
SkillsFuture claimable: No

Japanese Culture Society
Address: Midland House, 112 Middle Road #05-00, Singapore 188970
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 8AM-10PM | Sat 10AM-2PM (Closed on Fridays and Sundays)
Telephone: 6338 3428
Japanese Culture Society website

Japanese language classes in Singapore

Learning a new language is always fun, but if you want to truly master it, be prepared to spend a lot of your own time revising and practicing what you’ve learnt! Even if you’re unsure whether you want to commit in the long-term, give it a go anyway – after all, picking up basic Japanese skills may come in handy for whenever it is we’ll finally be able to resume travelling to our fave destinations like Tokyo or Osaka.

As for those who have decided to sign up with the intention of becoming fluent – ganbatte!

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Cover image adapted from: @bunkals, Japanese Culture Society
Originally published on 18th January 2021. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 27th August 2021.
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