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If you’re nowhere near to being a MasterChef, your go-to kitchen fixes are probably one, instant noodles and two, fried eggs. Everyone wants to be able to casually whip up some fancy dishes at home. But with culinary classes costing a fair bit, learning how to cook or bake like a pro seems a faraway dream.

But don’t let your tummy despair just yet. We’ve compiled a list of culinary classes that are SkillsFuture-claimable, for you to upgrade those kitchen skills from zilch to Gordon Ramsay level. Using your SkillsFuture credits, you can attend these classes for practically FREE – no strings attached.

– Baking –

1. Creative Culinaire – decadent wedding cakes and unique sushi cakes

floral cake creative culinaire

Image credit: @beatriceleesn

All you romantics have probably fantasised about your dream wedding cake at one point or another. Whether you prefer edible mint green ribbons or ivory sculpted roses, the Cake Decoration Course at Creative Culinaire will teach you the necessary skills to decorate a 3-tiered cake.

sushi cake sashimi creative culinaire

Image credit: @estheryeohz

There’s even a sushi cake class that’ll transform your average chocolate cake into a lookalike platter of premium sashimi.

Basic sculpting techniques such as working with fondant sheets and gum pastes will be taught by Executive Chef Judy, so those with clumsy thumbs won’t have to worry about ruining your cake’s aesthetic.

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $228 – $408

Address: 17 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169767
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 9AM – 6PM (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: 6324 1663

Note: A $100 refundable deposit is required when you sign up for SkillsFuture approved courses. 

2. Zan’s Treats – delectable sweets and local confectionaries 

macaron tower zan's treats

Image credit: @yurreny

For those who prefer smaller sweet treats to indulgent and decadent cakes, Zan’s Treats specialises in making one-bite delectables that are lighter on your palate. All classes offered are Halal as well, so bring along a Muslim friend when you go down to visit!

Impress your friends with homemade agar jelly with encapsulated 3D flowers, or a mini tower of Pate a Choux puffs (French choux pastry puffs) and macarons.

colourful malay roll cake design zan's treats halal

Image credit: @the_gateau

And if you’re a diehard cake lover, opt for something a little different apart from regular cakes. Zan’s Treats has courses that’ll teach you how to make local confectioneries such as Malay spice cakes and roll cakes.

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $149 – $187
Address: 15 Jalan Masjid, #01-01, D’Gallery, Singapore 418936
Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 10AM – 4PM | Sat – Sun: 10AM – 5PM (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6910 2824

3. Butter & Bake – adorable character macarons and Japanese sweet breads

cute cartoon macarons butter and bake

Image credit: @gnyingwei 

Butter & Bake’s most popular class, Make Me A Baker, is well-loved for a reason – their cartoon-themed sweets. Give your regular macarons and Choux au Craquelin (crunchy French cream puffs) a makeover by transforming them into adorable characters like Hello Kitty, Pikachu and even unicorns!

colourful sparkly unicorn macaron butter and bake

Image credit: @reenieho  

Put a spin on artisan breads by learning to make flavoured soft breads here. The Shokupan (Japanese milk bread) and Melon Pan Bread are a lighter and fluffier alternative to the plain-old Sourdough breads.

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $180
Address: Blk 463, Crawford Lane, #02-21, Singapore 190463
Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 11AM – 6PM (Closed on Sundays)

Note: A $50 refundable deposit is required when you sign up for SkillsFuture approved courses. 

4. Asian Culinary Institute – CNY delights and Durian Pastries

chinese new year flower cookies

Image credit: @rinsweet_delights

Squeezing through the crowd with CNY songs blasting in your ears to fight for that last jar of pineapple tarts is no easy feat. At Asian Culinary Institute’s Chinese New Year Delights Course, you can learn how to make classic CNY treats and avoid the crowds during the festive season.

Pineapple Tarts and Sugee Cookies aside, you can also learn to make Japanese Sakura Cookies and even Durian Pastries. Sign up for their classes as soon as possible because vacancies tend to run out very quickly!

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $161.03 ($69.02 after SSG subsidy)
Address: 11 Eunos Road 8, #03-01, Lifelong Learning Institute, Lift Lobby A, Singapore 408601
Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 9AM – 6PM | Fri: 9AM – 5.30PM (Closed on weekends and public holidays)
Contact: 6417 3318

5. Baker’s Brew –  bake elegant cakes in a French Patisserie 

cartoon theme cake baker's brew

Image credit: @bakersbrewstudio

As a young bakery, Baker’s Brew currently has one SkillsFuture-claimable course, The Basics Of Buttercream. Their regular cake courses that feature unique designs like Gudetama and Koi Bubble Tea lookalike cakes are widely popular too.

Usher in the Chinese New Year season with their CNY Special classes featuring the Mandarin Orange Chiffon Cake and Pineapple Tarts as well. Find their other courses here.

baker's brew interior classes unicorn cake

Image credit: @xtiechan

The luxurious gold-accented interiors with marble table tops scream atas, and will have you feeling like you’re in some patisserie in France. They even host events like pyjama parties for 21st birthdays.

Click here for their list of outlets and contacts.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $98 – $208

– Cooking –

6. Allspice – flavourful Peranakan dishes and vegan delights

peranakan cuisine workshop allspice

Image credit: @allspiceinstitute

Classes at Allspice will teach you how to add some pizzazz to your dishes, using a variety of – you guessed it – spices. Names like Star Anise and Garam Masala might sound familiar to you as they’re often incorporated in Southeast Asian cuisine.

Take Peranakan cuisine to the next level with three courses of increasing difficulty. From aromatic coconut-infused curry to dense and flavourful beef rendang, you’ll learn to cook these traditional nyonya dishes just the way your grandmother did.

vegan sushi rolls allspice

Vegan sushi rolls
Image credit: @ds.stelzchen

They also specialise in vegan and vegetarian delights for health junkies craving a major upgrade from your kale and spinach salad lunches. During classes, you’ll be using organic vegetables home grown in Allspice’s garden to prepare these dishes.

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $118 – $200
Address: Blk 162, Bukit Merah Central, #07-3545, Singapore 150162
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8.30AM – 6PM | Sat: 9AM – 12.30PM (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: 6276 0760 / 6377 9303

7. Palate Sensations – Korean food and Coca-Cola chicken wings

kimchi stew korean cuisine course palate sensations

Image credit: @palatesensations

Though they offer international cuisine classes too, Palate Sensations is the only centre in this list that’ll teach you the art and beauty that is Korean food. Waste no more time drooling over hour-long mukbang videos at home and learn how to expertly whip up some Jeons (Korean pancakes) for breakfast.

If you’re feeling adventurous, learn to make their quirky Coca-Cola flavoured chicken wings. The sugar in the Coca-Cola is meant to coat the chicken skin with a layer of caramelised goodness.

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $130 – $350
Address: Chromos, #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore 138670
Opening hours: Only open when there are classes
Contact: 6478 9746

8. Jia Lei Cooking School – colourful Ban Mian and Dim Sum

colourful handmade ban mian noodles of different flavours jia lei cooking school

Image credit: Jia Lei Cooking School

Ah, home-cooked food. The emblem of childhood memories. Also the qualifying factor when it comes to impressing a potential mother-in-law.

At Jia Lei Cooking School, you can upgrade your basic Ban Mian by learning how to churn out different flavours of handmade noodles, from scratch. These flavours include carrot, pumpkin, beetroot and spinach, and will add a fun pop of colour to your dish.

dim sum workshop siew mai jia lei cooking school

Image credit: @calvinery

You can also learn to make Dim Sum, including tasty morsels of Siew Mai and the rich and indulgent salted egg yolk Liu Sha Bao.

Find their courses here.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $135 – $165
Address: Blk 269, Queen Street, #02-226, Singapore 180269
Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 10AM – 8.30PM | Sat – Sun: 10AM – 5PM (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6264 5751

Note: Only the first 12 classes at Jia Lei’s are claimable by SkillsFuture credits. The 13th sign-up onwards will have to be paid for by cash, nets or credit card. 

– Coffee-making- 

9. Bettr Barista Coffee Academy – coffee-tasting and latte art 

latte art bettr barista coffee academy

Image credit: @shawn_chen1026

Your aspirations of becoming a true blue coffee connoisseur are not that far away. Apart from the regular brewing and roasting coffee classes, Bettr Barista Coffee Academy has a Sensory Course that will help you differentiate between various coffee types based on their scent.

Watch out, your transformation to a pro coffee-taster will make you more sensitive to coffee during future cafe-hopping sessions with your friends. Find their courses here.

Click here for their list of outlets and contacts.

How much you save with SkillsFuture: $480-856

Cooking, baking, and coffee-making classes to spend your SkillsFuture credits on

Instead of just being an expert instant noodle chef, use your SkillsFuture credits and learn to whip up some culinary masterpieces of your own – and get to tuck into some delicious nosh while at it.

Take down some notes and protips during classes so that you can recreate these recipes at home. And don’t forget to dabao some food back for your family and friends too!