Indoor BBQ grills in Singapore

Nothing quite smells like the weekend than the aroma of sambal stingray and satay on a flaming hot grill. While there’s no shortage of BBQ restaurants and BBQ pits to have a grillin’ good time, those looking to unlock some of that fun in the comfort of their homes can opt for indoor BBQ grills for extra convenience.

From professional charcoal grills to ones with add-on hotpots, these seven best indoor BBQ grills are your best bet to channel some Aussie backyard vibes even in the tiniest BTO flats. With lids, fans and unique cooking methods, they’re also designed to reduce smoke – so your curtains won’t reek of BBQ wings for the rest of the week.

Disclaimer: While it’s legal to BBQ in your HDB and on its balcony, smoke will likely be an issue for neighbours. Do be considerate and give them a heads-up before you begin, and keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case.

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1. Weber Original Kettle – OG charcoal grill with built-in thermometer

indoor bbq grills singapore - weber original kettle charcoal grill
Image credit: @22kettle

For BBQ purists out there, charcoal is an indispensable part of the grill-out experience, and the compact Weber Original Kettle lets you get in on that flavour even on a tight balcony. Built out of durable stainless steel, it features an enamel and porcelain bowl and lid to hold the heat in, helping you achieve an impeccable char on any meat and veggie you throw in.

Available in 18, 22 and 26-inch models to fit your needs, these grills have a slew of small but thoughtful features any BBQ pro will love. With everything from convenient hooks for your cooking tools to a convenient grate that lets you shift the coals without lifting the cooking grill, your grill-out will be extra seamless and enjoyable.

Price: From $289

Buy Weber Original Kettle Grill from Weber Singapore

2. Aobosi Smoke-free Charcoal Grill – with built-in fan for quick prep

indoor bbq grills singapore - aobosi smoke free charcoal grill
Image credit:

For any aspiring grill master, getting the coals to the right heat while hungry guests wait can be quite the trial by fire. The Aobosi smoke-free charcoal grill uses a unique ventilation system to fan the coals till they’re white-hot within three to five minutes, and can be powered via a power bank if you’re out and about.

Weighing in at only 3.6KG and about the size of an A4 paper box, the Aobosi grill is ideal for camping trips, and for use on the balcony. Charcoal is contained within a cylinder, and shiny surfaces reflect and amplify the heat upward to cook your food quickly. In fact, you’ll only use about 10% of the charcoal you’d otherwise need, greatly reducing smoke and fumes released.

Price: $97.62

Buy Aobosi Smoke-free Charcoal Grill on Shopee

3. Philips Avance Indoor Grill – smokeless with 1-min quick start

indoor bbq grills singapore - philips avance indoor grill
Image credit:

Perhaps the easiest to operate on this list, the Philips Avance Indoor Grill has two simple heating modes – grilling and keep warm. Fired up, the electric grill uses infrared elements to heat up your food, and maintains a constant 230ºC for reliable and easy cooking. Once you’re done, you can switch the grill to keep your feast warm too.

The unique array of infrared elements, along with a separate grease tray work together to reduce overall smoke by about 80%. Each part is easily detachable for cleaning, while the non-stick grill surface also helps to reduce oil usage and greasiness. 

Price: $249

Buy Philips Avance Indoor Grill on Lazada

4. Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ – highly-rated with hotpot

indoor bbq grills singapore - steamboat and bbq hotpot
Each component is also detachable, making for easy cleanup after your cook-off.
Image credit: Lazada

Singaporeans love a hotpot – now wonder the Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ is one of the best selling indoor BBQ grills in Singapore with over 2,300 sold and a sky-high rating of 4.9 stars on Shopee. Featuring a generous BBQ grill area of an A4 sheet of paper, you can also enjoy an ample 4L hotpot for your choice of mala or tomato broth to please the crowd. 

Price: From $95.90

Buy Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat BBQ on Shopee

5. Kith Smokeless BBQ Grill – with rotating grill for even cooking

kith grill
The overhead heating element can be twisted out of the way to access the food, and automatically turns off for safety.
Image credit: Carousell

More USS Enterprise from Star Trek than indoor BBQ grill, the otherworldy Kith Smokeless BBQ Grill packs a neat trick up its sleeve in the form of a rotating grill plate. Apart from evenly cooking the food, the round rotating grill is ideal for the dining table, ensuring everyone can reach the food easily. 

Just like the Philips Avance Indoor Grill, the Kith uses a combination of infrared heating elements – like a toaster – and a neat grease collection system to ensure things don’t get too oily or smoky. 

food on the kith grill
Image credit:
Mega Discount Store

Price: $169

Buy Kith Smokeless Grill on Shopee

6. Happycall X2 Syncrill – smokeless with overhead heating

happycall x2 syncrill
The grill plate, vertical arm and broiler attachment can be removed, leaving you with a high-quality induction cooker for hotpot.
Image credit: @bonbon.bebe_official

Happycall is best known for its one-of-a-kind double pans that are one of the most highly sought-after cult kitchen appliances in Singapore. One of their latest products is the Happycall X2 Syncrill, an electric indoor BBQ grill that combines both an induction cooker on the bottom and an adjustable grill lamp up top.

Apart from halving your cooking time, the adjustable grill lamp attachment can be moved closer to the food, allowing you to melt cheese on burger patties and to achieve that impeccable char effortlessly. Smokeless and compact, the Happycall X2 Syncrill is also ideal for use at the dining table – the broiler attachment can also be swivelled out of the way for easy access to the food.

Price: $233

Buy Happycall X2 Syncrill from Qoo10

7. Bruno Compact Hotplate – versatile with interchangeable plates

Image credit: Crate and Barrel

Simple, easy to use and with a large variety of accessories, the Bruno Compact Hotplate is a must-have for those who regularly entertain guests. From hotpot and casseroles ($59) to DIY takoyaki parties and grill-outs at the dining table, the Bruno Compact Hotplate even has a steamer attachment ($58) for a dim sum feast. 

With the grill plate ($40), you’ll be able to achieve those coveted grill marks on your steaks and sausages while draining the fat and oil. Other accessories available include glass lids, cupcake makers, and even split steamboat pots for spicy and non-spicy options. The best part – they’re available in pleasing pastel tones like Rose Milk Tea, Champagne Pink and Avocado Green.

Price: $199

Buy Bruno Compact Hotplate from Cote Maison

Bonus: Ninja Air Grill – with surround searing and air frying function

ninja air grill bbq smokeless
Image credit:

Combining air fryer tech with powerful grilling elements, the Ninja Air Grill is the go-to for those who want tip-top results from an indoor BBQ grill. Like an air fryer, it uses a rapid whirlwind of blazing-hot air to quickly impart a sear on meat to lock in juices and flavour. Sealed off when cooking, the multicooker keeps your home smoke-free and concentrates the heat to halve cooking times.

And when your steaming burger patties and perfectly-seared steaks are ready, simply pop fries, onion rings and finger food into the crisper basket and use it as an air fryer for your sides. It might be the priciest option on this list, but apart from grilling and air frying, you can even use the Ninja Air Grill as an oven to bake bread or to dehydrate strips of meat as jerky.

Price: $399

Buy Ninja Foodi Air Grill from Ninja Kitchen

Get your indoor BBQ fix with these best grills in Singapore

A surefire way to impress your guests with juicy burgers, perfectly-seared steaks and smoky satay, these best indoor BBQ grills in Singapore will transform your home into a chill beachside cabana. Each offering a range of unique features, these grills all keep smoke to the minimum but don’t hold back on flavour and aroma. 

Neighbours might just come knocking after all – but to ask for some of that home-grilled chicken!

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The products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.
Cover image credits: Crate and Barrel, Carousell.


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