Hotpot delivery in Singapore

While Covid-19 restrictions have somewhat relaxed, everyone knows that the more having hotpot the merrier, and five just ain’t cutting it for our cliques. Those who aren’t culinary inclined and yearn for restaurant food can still dabao, but hoisting an entire hotpot table along with the ingredient bar home isn’t really an option. Thankfully, hotpot delivery in Singapore is a glorious reality, be it from your favourite restaurants like Hai Di Lao delivery or dedicated catering establishments. 

They’ll arrive at your doorstep, set up the necessary equipment and lay out the spread of goodies for your family to enjoy in comfort, safety and privacy. For solo cravings, there’s also instant DIY hotpot in single servings. They can be purchased online so you don’t even have to step out of the house!

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1. Hai Di Lao delivery – set-up as quickly as 30 minutes

Hai Di Lao Hotpot Delivery Singapore
Image credit: @racheltham

The holy grail of hotpot chains, Hai Di Lao delivery is able to come by your house and transform your living room into a mini outlet. Between 30 minutes to two hours* of your ordering time, a team of staff members will arrive to set up the cooker and your chosen ingredients. There are four set meal options available, and you’ll be able to save up to $48 compared to ordering a la carte.

Find out more and order Hai Di Lao delivery

* Only for orders within 5KM the 313 branch. 24-hour advance notice needed for further locations.

2. Beauty In The Pot – provides equipment, crockery & table cover

Beauty In The Pot Hotpot Delivery Singapore
Image credit: @jadecwa_

Beauty In The Pot is lauded for its Superior Pork Broth hotpot base, and you can now savour that thicc collagen goodness right at home. The delivery menu offers set packages for three to four people priced from $68, but keep in mind that you should only be dining with family members as much as possible during this period of Covid-19.

The set packages have a balanced mix of meats, carbs and fresh veggies to up your immune health, but you’re free to top-up a la carte ingredients as desired. They’ll also provide a full set of crockery along with the steamboat pot and induction cooker, complete with a disposable table cover if you order their BITP Catering (from $238 for five people). So once you’re done with your feast, you can wrap everything for easy clean-up.

Find out more and order Beauty In The Pot here for sets for three to four or here for sets for five.

3. Hotpot Master – 6-course individual sets with vegetarian options

Hotpot Master Delivery Singapore
Image credit: @hotpot_master_delivery

It’s a modern day tragedy when you’re craving hotpot hardcore but have nobody to share a full-blown feast with. Hotpot Master comes to the rescue with sumptuous 6-course individual sets, including 100% vegetarian options. Being confined to your home becomes a lot easier when you can dine like royalty, solo.

They also deliver a la carte hotpot ingredients as well as set menus feeding up to 10 pax. Whether or not you purchase food items from them, they offer rental of portable gas stoves, induction cookers and mini induction cookers at $10 each. The one-time charge lets you keep it for three days, after which they’ll come back to collect it.

Find out more and order Hotpot Master here.

4. The Steamboat Specialist – a la carte ingredients from $2/packet

Steamboat Specialist Hotpot Delivery Singapore
Image adapted from: The Steamboat Specialist

Earning the title of The Steamboat Specialist, this establishment has been enabling Singaporeans to satisfy their hotpot cravings at home since the 80s. They offer the full range of hotpot must-haves, but their specialties are high-quality meat as well as premium Surimi-based products – meaning your favourite mock seafoods like crabsticks, fishcakes and so on.

For those who prefer having full reign of their ingredient selections, instead of paying for “filler” items in fixed packages, this is one of the few hotpot delivery providers operating on an a la carte ordering basis. There’s usually a $10 delivery charge for orders under $80, but from now till further notice, they are kindly waiving it as long as you hit $50 at checkout.

Find out more and order The Steamboat Specialist here.

5. Happy Pot Steamboat & Mookata – single sets from $18.90

Happypot Steamboat Mookata Hotpot Delivery Singapore
Image credit: Happypot

Truly offering the best of both worlds, Happy Pot Steamboat & Mookata provides the ingredients as well as cookware for both Chinese-style hotpot and Thai mookata BBQ. Apart from usual family-sized sets, they’ve also got Stay At Home Single Sets from just $18.90 to treat yourself to, even if you’re staying alone.

All their sets come with a disposable steamboat set up so you don’t have to liaise with the store to make arrangements for return of pots once you’re done.

Find out more and order Happy Pot Steamboat & Mookata here.

6. Mr Steamboat – mix and match ingredients for a flat rate

Mr Steamboat Hotpot Delivery Singapore
Image credit: Mr Steamboat Facebook

Mr Steamboat operates on a customised set meal system – pay a flat rate based on the number of pax you’re feeding, and mix and match your selected ingredients from various categories. They have packages suitable for four to six pax priced $168 onwards.

While they’ll send fresh hotpot ingredients to your home, rental of gas/induction cookers and the pot itself requires a top up of $35 and $20, respectively. Nevertheless, the prices of their ingredients are relatively competitive. We recommend hitting them up if you already own a hotpot set, but are lazy or unable to venture out to shop for a whole host of ingredients yourself.

Find out more and order Mr Steamboat here.

– Instant DIY Kits –

Note: Prices and stock availability on the respective online platforms are accurate at the time of writing, subject to change over time.

7. Hai Di Lao vegetarian hotpot with glass noodles – $16.20 for two from Qoo10

Hai Di Lao Self-Heating Hotpot Singapore

Even though it’s an instant food item, having the iconic Hai Di Lao branding must give it a certain standard. Keeping things simple with only two flavours available, each vegetarian self-heating hotpot kit is packed with vermicelli, lotus root, potato, black fungus, corn, kelp and bamboo shoots. 

Spice fiends will enjoy the red hot chilli soup base, while those who prefer to let the taste of the ingredients shine through will appreciate the tangy tomato broth. Preparation is simple: pour out the ingredients into the “hotpot bowl”, add the seasoning pack and 300ml of water (does not need to be hot), assemble the cooking layer and let the self-cooking heat sachet do its thing.

Find out more and buy Hai Di Lao Vegetarian Hotpot here.

8. Chongqing self-heating hotpot kit with 14 different flavours – $5.90 from Shopee

Chongqing Shopee Self-Heating Hotpot Singapore
Image credit: Shopee

Variety is the spice of life, and Chongqing brand’s self-heating hotpot kit comes with a whopping 14 different flavours to choose from. You could buy in bulk and sample a new flavour every day for two weeks straight!

Each flavour comes with base ingredients like lotus roots, potato slices, vermicelli noodles, chewy kelp and black fungus. You can then pick which main topping you want, including fishballs, chicken ham, sausage, beef cubes and even tripe.

Find out more and buy Chongqing hotpot kit here.

9. Big Dragon spicy self-heating hotpot – $25.10 for two from Ezbuy

Big Dragon Da Long Yi Self-Heating Hotpot Singapore
Image credit: Ezbuy

Containing all the common base ingredients – namely potato, black fungus, kelp, bamboo shoots and lotus roots – Big Dragon’s rendition of the self-heating hotpot comes with lashings of addictive Szechuan-style chilli oil. This DIY kit is the take-home version of Da Long Yi Hotpot Restaurant’s offerings. 

The franchise hailing from Chengdu has over 200 outlets around the world including US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore – so you know it’s the real deal. Be warned, though – the broth has garnered a high spice rating which may set your tongue ablaze. Good thing is, you can always adjust accordingly by adding less from the seasoning packet.

Find out more and buy Big Dragon hotpot here.

Hotpot at home – delivery options and DIY kits

While we stay home and keep our physical health in check, it’s also important to pepper each day with little joys so our mental health is well taken care of. 

Congregate with the rest of your household over a delicious hotpot feast, delivered safely to your doorstep. Slurping up some hearty broth, and indulging in some tantalising shabu shabu-style meats will undoubtedly make the hours pass faster while we await life to regain normality.

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Original article published on 19th July 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 14th July 2021.
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