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halal online groceries
Have halal groceries delivered to your doorstep
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Ramadan’s around the corner, and things are going to be slightly different this year. With the Circuit Breaker in place, annual Raya bazaars will cease to operate. On the bright side, we can still celebrate this occasion with family while staying at home. 

What’s even better is that you have the option to shop for halal food without having to step outside your house. If you’re looking to prep ahead for your meals this Ramadan, here are 9 online halal grocers for you to order delivery from. 

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1. Adam Halal – steak and poultry bundles

halal steak
Image credit: @adamhalal.sg

If you love meat, you’ll want to get them in bundles. Adam Halal has 3 different bundles that have 4-8 types of beef, chicken, and lamb cuts that come in 1kg-2kg packs. For those who are looking for a good amount of meat for a feast, there’s the Daily Essentials pack, where you can get 8 varieties of meat for $149.90.

Other than bundles, purchase their different cuts separately if you have a smaller family to feed. You can get fresh whole chicken legs for just $3 and seasoned lamb biryani cuts for $32, to name a few. Order over $100 worth of groceries and you’ll get free delivery too.

Shop at Adam Halal here.

2. Nikmart Halal Frozen – wide variety of frozen food and pre-made pastes

bazaar food
Nikmart has an array of bazaar-worthy kuih you can prepare at home
Image credit: Nikmart

Nikmart Halal Frozen is one of the known 100% online halal grocers we have on our sunny island. Its name is a wordplay on the Malay word “nikmat” which means “blessings”. It’s well-known for carrying frozen foods like popcorn chicken and curry puffs – great for easy sahur (pre-dawn meal) prep.

Asyura Paste
They have a wide selection of pastes from Asyura, like soto and salted egg pastes.
Image credit: Asyura Paste

They also have pre-made frozen pastes for beginners to have a go at whipping up your favourite Malay dishes such as mee soto and sambal goreng. Score free delivery online when you spend a minimum of $39.90 worth of halal groceries with the promo code “DEL39”.

Shop at Nikmart here.

3. The Meatery – shabu-shabu-worthy meat

halal yakiniku
You can also get their marbled yakiniku cuts to grill at home
Image credit: @themeaterysg

The Meatery carries a selection of prime halal beef from Australia, New Zealand, and even Argentina. The cheapest cut you can get here starts from $11 for a steak so it’s relatively affordable.

If you’re a hotpot fan but have limited options out there, you can still make your own extravagant halal hotpot at home. You can get 400g of Wagyu MS 9+ Brisket shabu-shabu for just $32. It’s a steal, considering MS 9+ means the meat comes with a ton of decadent marbling.

shabu shabu
You can have this shabu-shabu set-up on your dinner table at home
Image credit: @shabu_shaburi

You can also create homemade beef stock for your shabu-shabu by boiling Australian Beef Bones ($8.50/kg). Quote “GIMMEMYMEAT” at checkout to enjoy 10% off your first order with them. On top of that, score free delivery for orders over $132.

Shop at The Meatery here.

4. Suzy Ameer Online – condiments and confectionary

Suzy Ameer Online is famous for being the go-to online supermarket for halal groceries. They are stocked with different condiments such as sambals and soy sauces. That’s not all – they have desserts that can be delivered too. Think kuih suji, cream puffs, eclairs, and a ton of swiss rolls.

halal pre-made pastes
Convenient cooking pastes can be found here
Image credit: Suzy Ameer Online

Snag free delivery on your halal groceries from their site for orders over $150. They also deliver islandwide except for Sentosa Island, and there must be a minimum order of $50 to order from the e-supermarket.

Shop at Suzy Ameer Online here.

5. The Meat Up – halal dry-aged meat

vacuum-sealed halal steak
Your cuts are vacuum-sealed before they’re sent for delivery
Image credit: @matteferdy

Dry-aged meat is famous for being more tender and robust in flavour, compared to normal cuts. The Meat Up serves up halal dry-aged meat for Muslims who appreciate a good cut of beef. They offer a wide array of dry-aged Black Angus beef cuts like ribeye, porterhouse, prime ribs, and briskets.

halal wine and beer

Image credit: The Meat Up

If you’re looking for a non-haram drink to pair your meats with, get one from their selection of halal wine and beer. All delivery orders have a minimum $5 fee, according to your postal code during checkout. If you want to waive the $5 off your order, self-pickup at the store in Tampines is always welcome.

Shop at The Meat Up here.

6. 7mall.shop – a wide variety of household items and fresh produce

fresh produce
Get your vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits sold at 7.mall.shop
Image credit: @7mall.shop

7mall.shop is another online supermarket that caters to the Muslim community. But what makes them unique is that they carry a ton of fresh produce you can have delivered to your home. 

This includes fruits like Korean pears and dragonfruit, and vegetables like onions and shallots. In addition, you can cop household items like glass cleaners and insect repellents if you’ve run out.

fresh seafood halal online delivery
There’s also fresh seafood for you to purchase on 7mall.shop
Image adapted from: @7mall.shop

To aid the elderly, the e-supermarket provides free delivery to the Silver Generation. On top of that, shoppers can enjoy free delivery with a minimum spend of $70

Shop at 7mall.shop here.

7. CS Foods – finger food and halal meats

finger food halal online delivery
Image adapted from CS Foods & CS Foods

If you’re the type who prefers snacks over meals during sahur, CS Foods has got you covered. They have a bunch of them, ranging from $2.40 sausages to crinkle-cut fries that are only $7/2.5kg. You can also get calamari ($15.40/kg) and popcorn chicken ($13.50/kg) if you’re planning a feast at home.

On top of that, they have a range of halal meats, ranging from cuts of beef, lamb and chicken, plus frozen seafood too.

seafood, and halal meat and poultry online delivery
Image credit: CSFoods

Their website has a 10% off promo if you checkout your cart with the code “NOPANIC”. The good thing about CS Foods is that there’s no minimum quantity required for delivery and it’s only $5.99 for deliveries below $60. If you’re planning for a feast, delivery is free if your order is above $60.

Shop at CS Foods here.

8. SBYMeat.com – meat package promotions

satay online halal delivery
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Those who’ve been craving late-night suppers can actually have pre-made satay at home with SBYMeat. With 50 sticks going for $18, the satay can be easily prepared at home alongside your usual dishes. 

If you want more variety for your buck, SBYMeat has 3 meat packages of different kinds of meat that include beef rendang, lamb shanks, and stickless satay. These packages are priced from $99.

beef striploin
1kg Beef striploin ($19.50)
Image credit: SBY Meat

Alternatively, you can get individual cuts as well to suit your meal plans for the week. Orders above $90 have free delivery.

Shop at SBYMeat here.

9. Toko Warisan Halal Frozen Food – instant food for quick meals

roti prata
No need to miss your regular mamak stall sessions – just heat up some roti prata and you’re good to go
Image credit: @jimmyfooddiary

Toko Warisan has been well-known as every Malay wedding’s berkat (gift exchange between the bride and groom) supplier. They also birthed Toko Warisan Halal Frozen Food. This online supermarket has a plethora of instant food like instant prata and frozen mini-pizzas for those who tend to wake up later for their pre-dawn meals.

You’ll be able to get free delivery for orders $80 and above, great for a nice food stock up. There’s also a minimum order of $50 so do be sure that you have everything you want in the cart.

Shop Toko Warisan Halal Frozen Food here.

Online delivery services for halal groceries during Ramadan

Heading to the supermarkets for grocery shopping to prep for the upcoming fasting month might prove challenging given our recent circumstances with the Circuit Breaker. But that doesn’t mean prepping for Ramadan needs to be any tougher.  

You can cook up a feast for the fam knowing that you’ve got these halal supermarkets to choose from. 

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