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Circuit breaker essential services

*Update: As of 21st April 2020, the Circuit Breaker will be extended until 1st June 2020, with more workplace closures, that affect some of the below businesses. Read more here.

The Circuit Breaker has begun and most stores islandwide have closed their shutters for the month. Government-considered essentials, however, have thankfully remained open, so none of us has to start our own urban farm pronto.

But while everyone already knows about hawker centres and supermarkets, there are several unexpected businesses in the mix of “essentials” as well.  From Don Don Donki to bubble tea chains, here are 9 stores that will stay open during the Circuit Breaker, that you might not have known about beforehand.

Do take note that leaving home during this period is not recommended, so only head down to these stores if you have to, or use their delivery alternative if available.

For things to do this month, check out:

1. Watsons & Guardian

guardian singapore circuit breaker essential services

Carrying everything from pharmaceutical care to make up for your Zoom meetings, Watsons and Guardian will remain open, albeit with crowd control measures in place. Both businesses also have an online shopping site that offer delivery, which is a recommended alternative. Find them here: Watsons, Guardian.

Updated opening hours can be found here: Watsons, Guardian

2. Cheers & 7-11


7-11 will remain open for basic pantry necessities like milk and bread, perfect for those too lazy or too worried about the coronavirus to head to a supermarket. If you’re stopping by, don’t miss out on their affordable and surprisingly delectable microwaveable meals.

Cheers remains open as well – but this convenience store chain just got all the more convenient with its newly launched home delivery option, via FoodPanda. Spend a minimum of $15 to get $6 off your first 2 Pandamart orders!

3. Bubble tea stores

LiHo circuit breaker

For Singaporean millennials, bubble tea is like water: we need it to survive. So thank goodness BBT stores in Singapore, including LiHo, CHICHA San Chen and Koi will remain open*, as do most F&B stores.

Drinking in-store is not allowed, so order your beverage as a takeaway if you’re passing by, or better yet, remotely through delivery platforms like Grab. Check out our list of food delivery promos in April to save on your orders.

*Specific outlets might be closed. Refer to their Facebook pages to find out more.

4. Opticians


Should your spectacles snap or crack during this month, you won’t be left blind as a bat. Owndays, Capital Optical and Spectacle Hut, along with many neighbourhood opticians, will remain open for fellow myopic Singaporeans to sort their glasses and contact lenses needs.

Updated opening hours can be found here: Owndays, Capital Optical, Spectacle Hut

5. Phoon Huat 

Phoon Huat
Image credit:
Gluten Free Singapore

All of Phoon Huats 15 stores islandwide are still open, so home bakers, don’t stow your whisks and lades to the back of the cupboard just yet. Their baking supplies range from flour to food colouring and cakes mixes to whipped cream. If you’re planning to attempt the trending souffle pancake or other baking endeavours, know that the resources to do so are very much still available!

Alternatively, order online here.

6. Pet Lovers Centre

Pet Lovers Centre

Humans need our essentials and so do our pets. Pet stores like Pet Lovers Centre will still be there for you to restock on pet feed, treats and grooming supplies. While their retail section is open as per usual, pet boarding and grooming will not be available until further notice. 

But hey, a little overgrown fur never hurt any pup.

7. Marks & Spencer (foodhall only)

Marks & Spencer
Image credit:
clarachong96, via Carousell

Marks and Spencer’s chocolate chip cookies and gummies are the absolute bomb – once you start on them, you really can’t stop. So for those who need a constant supply of yummy work or study snacks, their food hall remains open for you to purchase their quality British treats. Other snacks you can get there include cereal, shortbread and berry puffs.

Updated opening hours can be found here.

8. Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki

The well-loved Don Don Donki is technically considered a supermarket and thus remains open – hooray! Although there are additional safety measures in place, like limits to the number of customers in-store, fans still have access to their sumptuous bento sets, unique Kit Kats and Japanese beverages.

Don Don Donki bento boxes

Read more about the best products to buy at Don Don Donki.

9. Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yan Sang

For those who prefer to keep their health in check the alternative way, traditional Chinese medicine clinics like Eu Yan Sang remain open. While their consultation and herbal prescription services are still available at certain outlets, procedures like cupping and acupuncture have been put on hold until further notice. 

Alternatively, do a consultation online on their telemedicine site.

Circuit Breaker in Singapore

Aside from these 9 listed, other services that remain open include car rental, laundry services, bicycle shops, and hardware stores. So there’s no need to worry about the lack of services available during this one month. That being said, try to avoid heading out as much as possible, and don’t forget to put on your mask and practice proper hygiene.

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