Best gaming chairs in Singapore

Aside from a top-notch gaming PC, no gaming setup is complete without a comfy gaming chair for intense Valorant or Minecraft marathons. They’ve recently exploded in popularity, and there’s now a multitude of brands to choose from. We chatted up the top local Twitch streamers to narrow down the best gaming chairs in Singapore.

Modelled after racing car seats, these plush perches offer a striking, sporty design on top of keeping you in a comfy posture for long gaming sessions – just like ergonomic office chairs. With features like adjustable lumbar supports, armrests to reduce shoulder aches, and even built-in back massagers, here are the best gaming chairs in Singapore for that competitive edge:

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1. APOL – affordable, comfortable and breathable

The Apol gaming chair
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Gaming chairs are often associated with exorbitant price tags, and APOL is a local company that’s bucking that trend. Their sporty lineup of three gaming chair options caters to a range of shapes and sizes – ranging from the petite-perfect Sphinx, the more moderate Kraken and the roomier Behemoth

We checked in with Zumi, a Twitch streamer with 23.5K followers famed for her Runescape casts. It’s an old-school multiplayer title that demands “grinding” for hours to advance and rake in in-game cash. Runescape marathons are made much more bearable for Zumi with the APOL Sphinx. 

Twitch streamer Zumi on the Apol Sphinx, one of the best budget options for gaming chairs in Singapore
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Days where I play for 12 hours straight is when my APOL Sphinx really shines through,” Zumi says. “I’ve never felt any aches after long gaming sessions, and the material is breathable – so no ‘gamer sweats’ for me.

Price: $428
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2. Razer Iskur – built-in adjustable back support

Razer Iskur
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Razer might be best known for their powerful laptops and gaming accessories, but when it comes to gaming chairs, they’re the new kids on the block with the Razer Iskur ($749). Instantly recognisable with its black-and-neon-green trim, this premium gaming chair costs much more than the competition – but is premium and sturdy, designed to support up to 136KG.

Streaming as mizchiefmagik, Leah Shannon loves how spacious and robust her Razer Iskur is, and for the ample back support it provides.

Unlike many other brands that simply provide foam pillows for back support, the Razer Iskur has a built-in cushion that you can adjust to your preference,” Leah says. “Simply pull a lever, and it springs up and follows the curve of your spine.” 

Twitch streamer Mizchiefmagik on the Razer Iskur
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But for someone who spends hours at my desk, I especially appreciate the ample space the chair has. I can even sit cross-legged without bumping my knees on the armrests!

Price: $749
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3. Predator X OSIM uThrone – with built-in massage chair function

Predator x OSIM uThrone is one of the most innovative gaming chairs in Singapore as it combines a massage chair
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Upgrading your chair might help to alleviate backaches, but the Predator X OSIM uThrone will take it to the next level by combining OSIM’s extra-shiok massage experience with a trendy gaming chair design. With Singaporeans upgrading their WFH setups, it’s little wonder that the uThrone has been flying off the shelves over the past few months.

Victoria Cheng, who streams at akaChubbyNinja, is one of the satisfied owners of this new unique gaming chair. Like most Singaporeans, Victoria faces some space constraints at home – so the uThrone comes in handy by doing double duty as both a comfy gaming chair and a compact massage chair.

The uThrone is especially beneficial for people who want an Osim massage chair but don’t have space for it,” Victoria notes. “Not only is it compact, but it’s also quite portable and easy to move around the house – and costs just a fraction of a full-sized massage chair.

Twitch streamer Victoria Cheng on the Predator x OSIM uThrone gaming chair
Image credit: @victoriacheng

The massage function can be slightly distracting during games or tasks that require high concentration, so it’s best saved for breaks. I usually use it while watching videos or playing more chill games on my console.” 

Price: $899
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4. Royale Ergonomics – material options and custom embossing

Royale Ergonomics
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Another Singaporean company making waves in this space is Royale Ergonomics. They offer gaming chairs in a wide range of materials and colours, and include the option to customise your setup with names or even logos.

With her Royale Ergonomics Faux Leather, Sher Ren, who streams on Twitch as sherrng, particularly enjoys the comfort she gets during long periods of gaming of 5-8 hours a day.

The base of the chair is very wide, and I can cross my legs while gaming,” Sher Ren says. “I’m also happy to support local as Royale is a home-grown brand and is manufactured in Singapore.

Sherrng on the Royale Ergonomics Faux Leather, one of the most popular mid-range gaming chairs in Singapore
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The chairs feel like they belong in a high-end sports car and you can get them in a variety of colours and stitching. You can even add names and logos to customise your own setup!” 

Price: $499
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5. ErgoEdge ErgoTune Supreme – adjustable and cool

Ergotune Ergoedge Supreme is one of the most comfortable and breathable gaming chairs in singapore that's good for your posture
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Say gaming chairs and you might think flashy colours and extra-padded cushions, but Ergotune is another home-grown company that’s switching things up. 

With its bold colours and sleek design, the Ergotune Supreme won’t look out of place in your most kitted-out gaming setup. And especially in hot and humid Singapore, its breathable mesh material can keep you cooler.

Twitch streamer Samuel “Sequinox” Chan, who has competed professionally across titles like Hearthstone, Dota Underlords and Drodo Auto Chess, raves about its comfort and its adjustability. 

Twitch streamer and professional esports player Samuel "Sequinox" Chan
Samuel Chan at the World Esports Games

Image credit: @samuelsequinox

It’s highly customisable and even after five months, I still find myself making small tweaks and adjustments. The main difference that I’ve felt so far between this chair and your typical gaming chair is the fact that it is made of mesh, so it is more cooling to sit in it – a huge plus point as I don’t have my aircon switched on 24/7

Price: $599
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6. Secretlab Omega 2020 Softweave – easy-to-maintain fabric

SecretLab Omega 2020 Softweave is one of the latest and most popular gaming chairs in Singapore
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Gaming chairs largely feature synthetic leather linings, but for those looking for an airier and more durable alternative, the Secretlab Omega 2020 Softweave uses a breathable fabric lining that also avoids any risks of the “leather” cracking or peeling.

Herself using the Secretlab Omega 2020 in Charcoal Blue Softweave, streamer Deborah Sim, who goes by Wolfsbanee, is a huge fan of this fabric material.

Wolfsabnee_ on the SecretLab Omega 2020 Softweave
An ex-professional gamer and an esports host at Yahoo Singapore , Deborah now streams regularly as a Twitch Partner
Image credit: @wolfsbanee_

For me, personally, I have always loved fabric chairs as they are more cooling and easier to maintain,” Deborah says. “Secretlab chairs also have the best designs, and are my top recommendation for anyone – even for non-gamers looking for a chair to work from home.

Price: $529
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7. Herman Miller Aeron – robust ergonomic chair

Herman Miller Aeron will look out of place from other gaming chairs but is very comfortable
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Known for their sleek icons like the Eames armchair, legendary furniture maker Herman Miller is most renowned for their Aeron task chair. Trading plush PU cushions for breathable mesh and bold design for an understated silhouette, the Aeron doesn’t scream “gaming chair” but is one of the most highly-rated chairs you can get when it comes to comfort.

Don of sukasblood has owned his Aeron for three years now, and despite spending most of his day on the chair, he thoroughly enjoys his time on the Fully Loaded Aeron Remastered. After a back injury, ergonomics has been a top priority and the Herman Miller Aeron fit the bill. He’s also opted for the Atlas Mesh Headrest add-on to lean back during long hours of streaming.

Twitch streamer Sukasblood
Sukasblood in one of his Twitch streams
Image credit: Twitchmetrics

With the Aeron Remastered, I can sit for hours on end without feeling sore and tired,” Don says. “What’s more, I love that the breathable mesh ensures that my back and thighs don’t get sweaty.

I also love it for its robustness and reliability – there’s no wobble or creaking at all, even after three years of constant use. It might be pricey, but $1,800 is a reasonable price to pay to avoid back problems in the future.

Price: From $1,989
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Enjoy the comfort of the best gaming chairs in Singapore

Dishing out equal parts comfort and aesthetics, gaming chairs are your best bet to beat aches and pains caused by DOTA marathons and relentless WFH sessions alike. With these reviews and recommendations for the best gaming chairs in Singapore, you’ll be poised to snag the model that will see you through your toughest battles: in-game or IRL.

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