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8 Batam Resorts From $30/Night That Still Cost Less Than Staycays After Ferry Rides

Affordable Batam resorts in 2022

Most of us flock to hotels in Singapore for a staycay when seeking a short getaway. But let’s face it – while those hotels may provide the comfort of being away from home, nothing beats the feeling of being completely outside the city.

Instead of splurging on a trip to Bali, treat yourself to a staycation at one of Batam’s resorts, with affordable two-way ferry rides from $80. Where better to spend a quick vacation without breaking the bank, and escape the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore?

So, from taking part in watersports to enjoying a massage, there are lots to indulge in at these beautiful and affordable Batam resorts.

1. Batam View Beach Resort ($80/night) – Interactive animal corner

batam view beach resort
Image credit: @mhdtaufik18

Immerse yourself in nature with a stay at Batam View Beach Resort from $80/night. You can get a peek into a farmer’s life at their Organic Farm and Spice & Herbs Garden, and if you’re lucky, the farmers may even let you try your hand at it. There’s also a pets corner for you to make friends with some cute animals, ranging from household pets to more exotic ones like bats and iguanas!

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Kayaking through a mangrove
Image credit: Batam View

While many other resorts offer kayaking as a sport along the beach, Batam View Beach Resort shakes it up a little – you can instead kayak through a mangrove where you’ll be fully immersed in flora and fauna.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Image credit: Batam View

Rates: From $80/night
Free wifi: In all rooms and public areas

Book a stay at Batam View Beach Resort.

Address: Jalan Hang Lekir, Nongsa, Batam Island, Indonesia
Contact: +65 6288 8138 | Batam View Beach Resort website

2. Nongsa Point Marina & Resort ($101/night) – Sentosa Cove vibes

nongsa point
Image credit: @cobainsanasini

If you’ve ever wanted to know how it feels like to live along Sentosa Cove, even just for one day, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort is probably the closest you’ll get to experiencing that.

nongsa point yacht
Image credit: @gusti_santriani

Boasting a marina right outside, this resort will make you feel like you’re living the high life, especially as you enjoy a drink at their beachside bar. No doubt that there will be various water-based activities for you to try here, such as fishing and canoeing.

nongsa point room
Deluxe Garden-View Room
Image credit: Nongsa Point Marina

If you’re coming from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, you will be glad to know that the resort is only a few minutes’ drive away – so you definitely won’t get lost in a foreign land.

Rates: From $101
Free Wifi: Only in public areas

Book a stay at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort.

Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu Nongsa Kepulauan Riau, Batam Island
Contact: +62 778 761 333 | Nongsa Point Marina & Resort website

3. Turi Beach Resort ($88/night) – Over 20 activities to do

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Image credit: @jing_fish_jing

Shoutout to all thrill-seekers: Turi Beach Resort may just be the adventure paradise of your dreams. From just $88/night, you can take part in a whole series of activities in one place when you stay here.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Image credit: @ikhsandfc 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Turi Beach Resort has everything – they offer over 15 different activities, from diving and fly boarding, to hiking and golfing. If your energy hasn’t all been worn off by the adrenaline-pumping activities by the end of the day, there’s also a nightclub and bar to hype your nights up with.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Deluxe room with 2 single beds
Image credit: Turi Beach

Rates: From $88/night
Free wifi: Only in public areas

Book a stay at Turi Beach Resort.

Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu, 29465 Nongsa, Indonesia
Contact: +62 778 761 080 | Turi Beach Resort website

4. Montigo Resorts Nongsa ($265/night) – Private 3-storey villa & pool

montigo resort pool

Mention Batam and Montigo Resorts would be one of the first to come to mind. While a one-night stay in one of their private villas might start at $265, you’re getting privacy, sweeping sunset views, and your own infinity pool to boot.

montigo resort room

Travellers can choose from a stay in their cosy one-bedroom villas or have a socially-distanced ball in their premium five-bedroom villas.

montigo resort nongsa kayaking

There are also a bunch of activities you and your crew can get up to. From watersports to ATV riding and even virtual reality games, you’ll be able to do more than just laze in the sun at this minimalistic resort.

Check out what we got up to during our stay at Montigo Resorts.

Rates: From $265/night
Free wifi: In all rooms and public areas

Book a stay at Montigo Resorts Nongsa.

Address: Jalan Hang Lekir, Nongsa Batam, Indonesia
Contact: +62 778 776 8888 | Montigo Resorts Nongsa website

5. KTM Resort Batam ($49/night) – Balinese beachfront huts

ktm resort batam
Image credit: @ntlcsmna

Bali has become synonymous with island vacations. But while flights from Singapore are cheap, large chain resorts may rack up a hefty price. At about $49/night, the cosy Balinese-styled KTM Resort Batam is a great no-frills alternative.

ktm resort room
Deluxe Villa 1 full bed
Image credit: KTM Resort

Rooms are on stilt huts that line the beach, guaranteeing visitors a great view. Plus, the interior of each room is fully furnished with wood, for an authentic Bali touch.

banana boat sea sports
Image credit: @anusankh

To add some excitement to your stay, play a game of paintball with your friends, or book a jet-ski and go island hopping in Riau Islands. And if you’re one who’s looking for relaxation, you can chill in their jacuzzis or destress at their spa.

If you’re looking for retail therapy, Batam Centre Mall and Nagoya Hill shopping malls are nearby too, where you can take advantage of the spending power of your Singapore dollar. 

Rates: From $51/night
Free wifi: In all rooms and public areas

Book a stay at KTM Resort Batam.

Address: Jalan Kolonel Soegiono Tanjung Pinggir, 29432 Sekupang, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 778 323700

6. Woda Villa & Spa ($76/night) – Overwater villas with private pools

woda villa & spa
Image credit: @wodavillaspa

When it comes to overwater bungalows, most of us envision a hefty price tag plus a flight halfway across the world. Turns out, you can book an overwater suite at Woda Villa and Spa, starting from an affordable $76/night.

woda villa & spa
Signature Villa Room
Image credit: @wodavillaspa

While these bungalows are above a kelong instead of the ocean, you’ll still get to enjoy a private pool when you book their Signature Villa Room.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Image credit: @wodavillaspa

The villas are a 5-10 minutes walk to Golden City, an entertainment site where you’re able to go-kart, play paintball and hop on the flying fox. And if you’re looking for some really good and cheap seafood, dine on a kelong at 993 Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant, which is just around the corner.

Rates: From $76/night
Free wifi: Only in public areas

Book a stay at Woda Villa & Spa.

Address: Jalan Bengkong Laut, Batu Ampar, Batam Island, Indonesia, 29433
Contact: +62 778 4088606 | Woda Villa website

7. Harris Resort Barelang Batam ($66/night) – Affordable family rooms

harris resort barelang
Image credit: @harris_barelang

Shoutout to all parents who want to travel with the kiddos while on a budget: Harris Resort Batam Barelang offers family rooms starting from just $66/night. Yep, each room can fit a family of four so long as your kids are under the age of 11.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Large Double Room
Image credit: Barelang Batam

Plus, there’s a never-ending list of facilities for the children while you’re here –  such as water sports for the older kids, and a kids club decked with games for the younger ones. Even if you’re not travelling as a family, you can still rewind and recharge at both their spa and poolside bar.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Image credit: @harris_barelang

Rates: From $50/night
Free wifi: In all rooms and public areas

Book a stay at Harris Resort Batam Barelang.

Address: Trans Barelang Street, Tembesi, Marina City, Batam Island, Indonesia, 29439
Contact: +62 778 4091111 | Harris Resort Barelang Batam website

8. Holiday Inn Resort Batam ($77/night) – Hammam spa and arcade

holiday inn resort batam
Image credit: @travelliciouz

Foodies will be glad to know that Holiday Inn Resort Batam has not just one, but four restaurant options. So if you think a resorts stay means eating the same thing everyday, this place lets you choose between Japanese, Chinese, Thai and international cuisine.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Image credit: @shawn_thesheepppp

The choice of food isn’t the only impressive thing about this resort: They have an endless list of wellness facilities for you to unwind with, such as a hammam and massage parlour. And kids and adults alike are sure to have a blast with water slides, karaoke, and an arcade.

batam resorts beachfront near singapore
Studio room with 1 double bed
Image credit: Holiday Inn Resort Batam 

Rates: From $77/night
Free wifi: In all rooms and public areas

Book a stay at Holiday Inn Resort Batam.

Address: Waterfront City Batam, 29422 Sekupang, Indonesia
Contact: +62 778 381333 | Holiday Inn Resort Batam Website

Have a Batam getaway in an affordable resort

Even after adding up the cost of the ferry ride and a night’s stay at one of these resorts, it’s still cheaper to chill in a Batam resort than to have a staycay in Singapore. You can also get a spa treatment from the many spa packages available. If you are looking for breathtaking views of the island, you can choose your resort that comes with a private beach.

So pack your travel essentials, suitcases and book your Batam ferry rides for your adventurous Batam weekend getaway – You’re now able to embark on the weekend escapade you’ve been dreaming of.

Psst…here’s a list of more things to do Batam below, beyond just lepak-ing at a resort.

Cover image adapted from: @ktmresort, @edysaputra_rafa, @septianesa, @gnits
Originally published on 24th June 2019. Last updated by Andrew Hoon on 28th February 2023.
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