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Aqua Sports In Singapore

6 Aqua Sports In Singapore That Let You Do Your Favourite Workouts On Water

Aqua sports in Singapore

With spinning, pole dancing, and yoga, trying out new fitness classes seems to be the in-thing to do. But many may not know that there are also a variety of aqua sports available in Singapore that often put a spin on your usual fitness routines.

Aqua sports are relatively new and are ideal for those with muscle strain or joint aches thanks to its non-impact exercises. But with the high resistance from the water, it still makes for an effective calorie-burning workout. Here’s a list for you to get started:

1. Aquaspin

Aqua Spin
Image credits: @aquaspin

Time to take your usual spin class into the water. Starting from $50/session, Aqua Spin offers spin classes at five different locations, including central places like Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, which sports a great rooftop pool view, and Conrad Suntec City which, like the rest, is easily accessible for those who live or work in the CBD area. 

Spin maniacs would be familiar with intensive studio workouts, but the added water resistance really takes it up a notch, leaving your muscles feeling that good, good burn. And let’s not forget the added bonus of the cooling waves to keep those sweaty pits at bay.

Sign up for classes at Aqua Spin.

2. Floatfit HIIT and Yoga

Float HIIT
If you need help ignoring the pain from the HIIT workout, turn around and admire the rooftop view.

If you’re no stranger to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), FloatHIIT adds a twist to the usual workouts. This 30-minute workout trains your strength, cardio, and balance, with its muscle-burning mountain climbers and squats – all while you balance on a board floating on water. Whether you’re fitspo or not, you’ll be sure to have fun as you try your best not to tip over. 

Prices start from $35/session and can be booked via Activpass. Located at Parkroyal on Beach Road, classes are held at a central location and with a beautiful background of the skyline to boot.

Sign up for classes at Skyline Aqua.

3. Aqua Pole Dance

AcquapoleImage credits: @acquapoleandfitness_sg

There’s no better way to get ready for hot girl summer than with Acquapole. With its focus on core and upper-body strength, those coveted toned abs and arms may be within closer reach than you thought. But don’t feel daunted if you’ve never tried pole dancing before as Acquapole is open to everyone, beginners and veterans alike. 

Starting from $80/class, Acquapole lessons put a fun twist on pole dancing with the water acting as both a form of support and resistance. This makes lifting yourself on the pole a sinch while still promising a gruelling full-body workout.

Sign up for classes at Acquapole and Fitness Singapore or Yvonne Swim School, which is conveniently located in Pasir Ris for those staying in the East.

4. Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba
Image credits: Singapore Sports Hub

If you’re like me and have absolutely no rhythm, Aqua Zumba (or Aqua Groove at Singapore Sports Hub), as opposed to normal Zumba, could be a game changer. It gives you the fun dance incorporated workout minus the making-a-fool-of-yourself bit with all the splashing waves to hide any uncoordinated movements. 

The incorporation of various dance styles – namely hip-hop, samba and salsa – makes for a much more enjoyable workout. While there are several places that offer Aqua Zumba, classes mostly start from $20/session at 1Fiesta and JRFitness

But if you’re more interested in packages, the latter also offers a class package starting from $70 for four credits while classes at Singapore Sports Hub are often sold in six-session bundles, with prices starting from $100. 

Sign up for classes at JRFitness, 1Fiesta, or Singapore Sports Hub.

5. Deepwater Aqua

Deepwater Aqua
Image credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Deepwater Aqua is ideal for those with joint issues as the workout places you at the deeper end of the pool suspended by a floatation device. This non-impact training is great for replacing cardio workouts that may otherwise be traumatising on your joints. 

By including the usual HIIT workouts like jumping jacks and side lunges but suspended in water to minimise impact, Deepwater Aqua creates a muscle-gripping 60-minute exercise.

At Singapore Sports Hub, $160 can get you eight sessions and it often comes paired with Aqua Fit for both a high- and low-intensity workout. This well-rounded exercise builds up your respiratory system with short-burst workouts while giving your muscles time to recover as you traverse across the length of the pool.

Sign up for classes at Singapore Sports Hub.

6. Aqua Drumming Workout

Aqua Drumming Workout
Image credits: Singapore Sports Hub

This rhythm combo workout gives you a truly novel experience and will have you feeling like a professional drummer with the toned biceps to match. With the provided sticks, it aims to lengthen your arms for greater resistance as you splash and drum your chicken wing arms away. 

But this workout doesn’t just tackle your upper body – it also works on core muscles, legs and balance. Like the rest of the workouts, both swimmers and non-swimmers are welcome, with prices for this starting at $180 for six sessions at Singapore Sports Hub. 

Sign up for classes at Singapore Sports Hub.

Bonus: HydroDash


While not exactly an aqua workout, HydroDash is here to let us Wipeout wannabes finally fulfill our obstacle course dreams. Plus, the fact that it’s Singapore’s very first floating aqua park should definitely be a reason for us to add it to our bucket lists. 

The sheer amount of balance and strength required to navigate through the many obstacles and floats are more than enough to leave you with muscle aches the next day. 

With four different zones to play on, HydroDash has courses in mind for everyone. If you’re coming with children, the first zone is exclusively for kids while the other zones have more intense obstacles, with one terrifyingly named The Cliff. 

Tickets: $18/hour (adults) | $13/hour (kids aged 5-6)

Note: Sentosa is currently running NDP 2021 promotions with 10% off tickets to HydroDash.

Get your tickets for Hydrodash here.

Try your hand at aqua sports classes

Whether you’re into spinning or yoga, Singapore has a good selection of aqua sports with something suitable for everyone. So, stay motivated in your fitness journey because there’s never short of new experiences for you to try.

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Cover images adapted from: @liang.jean, @acquapoleandfitness_sg, @aquaspin