Free online gym classes

free online workout classes
Online gym classes in Singapore
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Since the start of Singapore’s circuit breaker period, only essential services have been allowed to operate. Sadly, gyms haven’t been included in the list. While the government has given the green light for you to run outdoors, you may be missing your weekly yoga, boxing or  HIIT classes. 

You don’t have to forego your daily fitness routine though, because these gyms are offering free online classes for you to follow. 

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1. Evolve MMA

evolve mma classes
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Ranked as one of the top martial arts organisations in Asia, Evolve MMA has a range of classes such as Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts and boxing.

During this period, they are streaming live workouts with their World Champion instructors on Facebook and Youtube, 7 days a week. The workouts will be tailored for those who’re exercising at home. Under the guidance from some of the best trainers, you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals of these martial art forms – perfect if you’re looking to take up a new training regimen.


2. BoOm

boom class
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Focusing on boxing and functional training, the fast-paced workouts at BoOm have grown to be a favourite among those working in the CBD. To have a taste of their highly sought after classes, you can stream their live workouts on their IGTV

boom workouts
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Their signature 45-minute BoOmBox workouts are a mix of boxing and cardio exercises that will raise your heart rate. While you’re at it, change things up with their BoOmCamp circuit workouts that make use of either your body weight or light weights to sculpt those muscles.


3. Box Office Fitness

box office fitness gym
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For more high-intensity workouts, Box Office Fitness is offering their boxing-inspired workouts on their IGTV for you to follow at home. 

The workouts range from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ones to strength workouts that you can do with dumbbells, water bottles or even your furkid.

box office fitness class
A bottle of detergent works as a handy weight
Image credit: Box Office Fitness

Most of the workouts are also about 30 minutes long, making it a perfect lunchtime pick-me-up.


4. Pure Yoga

pure yoga classesImage credit: @pureyogasingapore

If you miss blissin’ out to yoga flows, Pure Yoga has got you covered. Follow their Instagram for updates on when there’s a class that’s live streaming. There are about 5 live streams a day. The earliest starts at 7.30AM and the last one is at 7PM, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits your schedule. 

There’s also a wide variety of yoga flows for you to choose from like Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Check out the schedule here.


5. Pure Fitness

pure fitness classImage credit: @purefitnesssingapore

Under the same parent company as Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness holds barre, TRX, dance and weighted classes. Similarly, they have about 5 live streams a day on their Instagram you can check out.

Each workout ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour and no one workout will be the same. Target your core, abs, butt and thighs with their live pilates, Latin dance and cardio workouts. 


6. True Fitness

true fitnessGrab your SO or sibling and get plankin’
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It pays to add variety into your workouts so that you can work on different parts of your body. Plus, it reduces the chance of you getting bored of your routine. At True Fitness, there are aerobic, dance, yoga and spin classes that you can now catch on their IGTV.                                                                                           

These workouts don’t require any equipment, which means you can get down to it whenever you’re feeling a little restless at home.


7. Iron Fitness Singapore

iron fitness sg
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One of the perks of working out at the gym is having access to a wide range of weights. At home, DIY your own weights by placing books into a backpack – you’ll be able to switch up how heavy you need them to be. 

Once you have a good setup going, follow any of the workouts by Iron Fitness Singapore on their IGTV. This crossfit gym will amp up your usual squats and lunges as well as show you exercises you can do with your makeshift weights. 


8. Refuel Gym Academy

refuel workoutsImage credit: @refuelgymacademy

If you need to get rid of some pent-up frustration from being at home all day, Refuel Gym Academy is bringing their boxing and muay thai classes online. 

Join their live weekly IG workouts that cover boxing and muay thai techniques as well as challenging conditioning workouts that will leave you sore for days.


9. Barry’s

barry's home classesImage adapted from: @barrys

Hailing from Australia, Barry’s is a studio that’s popular worldwide which Singaporeans can access in the comfort of their homes. They specialise in strength and cardio interval workouts that will help burn that pesky fat. 

barry's workoutsA selection of home workouts on Barry’s IGTV
Image adapted from: @barrys

On their IGTV, they have a Barry’s At Home series where the workouts range from 15-30 minutes with most requiring no equipment at all. So there’s literally no excuse for you not to workout at home.


Online gym classes for free workouts at home

It’s easy to put off exercising during this Circuit Breaker when we’re staying at home for an entire month. To keep our minds and bodies active, we should aim to move for about 30 minutes a day. 

From HIIT and bodyweight exercises to yoga and dance classes, these gyms will have your back and keep you in tip-top shape. 

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