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Youtube Dance Workouts

13 Easy YouTube Dance Workouts For Cardio That’re Actually Fun

Easy YouTube dance workouts

Some people get a high from it, but for the most part, cardio ain’t fun. Like eating vegetables, it’s good for you but more often than not, you’ll find yourself going through the process begrudgingly. For all those who simply can’t bring themselves to run, cycle or swim, here are 13 easy YouTube dance workouts that’ll make cardio feel less gruelling and more entertaining.

Plus, all these can be done at home, so you can avoid gym crowds.

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1. Disney movie soundtracks HIIT – 20 mins

 Video credit: That Disney Girl

Working out to Disney hits is something we never knew we wanted, but probably need in our cardio-averse lives. Feel empowered as you pump your arms and bounce to familiar Disney hits such as Hasta La Vista from Camp Rock and Zero To Hero from Hercules. 

We know it takes Herculean effort to get started, but once you’re up on your feet and sweating to this video, the hardest part will be over!

2. Full-body burn TikTok dance – 15 mins

Video credit: MadFit

Anyone who’s tried MadFit’s workout videos will know that they definitely burn. For all Gen Z peeps who can’t get enough of TikTok, try her dance cardio workout which features a mashup of popular TikTok songs like Savage, Say So and Roxanne. With lots of squats involved, you’ll be getting a toned booty as a cherry on top of that cardio burn.

3. 90s music dance party – 15 mins

Video credit: MadFit

It doesn’t matter how old you are – you’re probably no stranger to the evergreen hits from the 90s like Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears. These songs have been a part of many of our karaoke playlists and now, you can add them to your workout routine too, with Madfit’s ‘90s music dance party.

While the songs may be old, they’re still gold – especially when they keep you distracted through the trying moves of this video. That’s right, expect to sweat lots as you work your muscles through this routine’s many arm swings and leg pulses. 

4. Boy band cardio – 20 mins

Video credit: emkfit

Say bye bye bye to unwanted fats with this boy band cardio workout with emkfit, featuring the Backstreet Boys, One Direction and The Jonas Brothers. You’ll definitely recognise these smokin’ songs that we’ve all gone crazy for at some point. True fans might even have all their lyrics memorised!

With this, even the laziest of us will have our fitness level going in One Direction – and that’s up.

5. High School Musical fitness workout  – 15 mins

Video credit: Erika Collins Fitness

If you grew up with High School Musical, this fitness workout by Erika Collins Fitness will bring back the movie’s familiar upbeat tunes like What Time Is It and Bop To The Top. The steps here are slightly more technical than the rest but even beginners should get the hang of it by the second or third session. 

For those thinking of trying this, stop procrastinating, get up and roll out your exercise mats – it’s now or never.

6. Footloose leg workout – 3 mins

Video credit: Never Stop Dancing

Quickly get those sausage legs ready for your next beach day with Never Stop Dancing’s Footloose workout. Although only 3 minutes long, the many bouncing leg movements synced to the groovy beats will get your heart pumping in no time.

Need something stronger? Try doing this 3-4 repetitions per session to really sweat it out and get those calves and thighs toned up.

7. BTS cardio dance – 15 mins

Video credit: Sunny Funny Fitness

Burn off all the extra calories you’ve been collecting over Circuit Breaker with this BTS cardio dance by Sunny Funny Fitness. Army or not, the upbeat workout is an addictive one, thanks to its curation of BTS songs and constantly changing moves that keeps things from getting boring. 

8. Belly-fat reduction with upbeat Zumba – 22 mins

Video credit: Zumba Class

Specially choreographed to target that tum, Zumba Class’ belly-fat reduction cardio works your core to the beats of electrifying house music. Your waist area will take the brunt of the aches throughout the entire 22-minute-long video but your arms and shoulders will not be spared too. 

You’re sure to feel the burn real quick with this aerobic dance, proof that the exercise is working and you’re on your way to bringing those 6-pack abs out of hiding.

9. HIIT hip hop to 2000s music – 20 mins

Video credit: emkfit

Get transported to an R&B club with the hip hop and rap tracks in this 2000s cardio workout. Songs here include Crank That by Souja Boy and Low by Flo Rida – which clubber siaos might recognise as the irresistible hits that always got everyone vibing on the dance floor.

Since you’ll be at home, there’s no need to worry about what others think. Go all out and unleash your inner swagger jagger. With the extra grooves in your steps, you’ll also be burning extra calories, making the workout all the more effective.

10. Kpop cardio bop – 10 mins

Video credit: Emi Wong

Featuring hits like Mic Drop and Boombayah, Emi Wong’s Kpop cardio will get fans of the genre sweating through the video in seemingly no time at all. The sick beats are coupled with guided moves for each new step so even absolute beginners won’t feel lost. Well, we expected nothing less from the queen of YouTube workouts!

11. “Me Too” by Megan Trainor dance  – 3 mins

Video credit: Fitness Marshall

It’s all about body positivity and feeling confident with the Me Too dance workout by Fitness Marshall. Overflowing with energy and sass, this 3-minute workout is one of the best videos you can start your day with. 

Mix and match this video with one of the many other songs featured on the channel – like Cheap Thrills and Side to Side – for a longer cardio session.

12. “Happy dance” upbeat cardio burn – 15 mins

Video credit: Pamela Reif

This 15-minute happy dance workout is essentially the cardio version of the Mood Booster playlist on Spotify. Curated by YouTube workout guru Pamela Reif, you’ll be huffing – happily, might we add – to positive tunes from Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You and David Guetta’s Hey Mama, sure to keep you pumped from start to finish.

13. Cha-cha cardio to Latin Music – 30 mins

Video credit: POPSUGAR Fitness

Those feeling a little unmotivated with life, spice things up with a little salsa and cha-cha that’s bound to lift your spirits. Despite having easy steps, this 30-minute-long Latin dance session is one of the most intensive on the list. But as they say, there’s nothing quite like a good workout to refuel the endorphins – or “happy chemicals” – in your body.

Dance workout videos for cardio at home

Before reuniting with all your friends, try these videos that’ll take up as little as 3 minutes out of your day, to quickly get back in shape. Cardio doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or painful – if the Circuit Breaker has taught us anything, it’s that there are fun alternatives to the conventional exercises you can take on.

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Cover image adapted from (L-R):@thefitnessmarshall, BANGTANTV
Originally published on 14th July 2021. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 5th July 2021.