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Activpass Lets You Book Last-Min Fitness Classes & Spa Treatments At Up To 90% Off

Fitness, beauty, and wellness deals on the Activpass app


Activpass cover image - float hiit

In most cases, doing things last minute will get you in trouble. But there is an app that actually rewards you for it – heads up, last-minute chiongsters!

Activpass is an app that compiles fitness classes and wellness treatments from all over Singapore for you to browse through and book – all without membership fees.

But here’s the best part: while many things purchased at the eleventh hour go at jacked up prices, this app constantly offers last minute deals at up to 90% off


Fitness activities on Activpass


If you’re the fitspo sort, the usual running and swimming can get boring after a while. To spice up your workout seshs, tap on the “Fitness” category on the app.

There are pages of exercises sessions available from gym access to pilates as well as bootcamps. Here are just some of the many classes you can attend:


1. U Bound by Equip Fitness – trampoline cardio


Floatfit HIIT by Skyline Aqua core workout

For those looking for a fun workout, book a session of U Bound at Bukit Timah Plaza. On top of bouncing on a springy trampoline, you’d also be working out to a curated playlist of the latest EDM hits – the perfect combination for an all-time high.

U Bound by Equip Fitness trampoline

While the hour-long workout should feel tiring beyond words, it surprisingly doesn’t. The instructor switches the movements, from simple bounces to high knees, in short intervals to keep your mind preoccupied.

Other than U Bound, there are a whole bunch of other things you can book here as well such as zumba, suspension training and personal training.


2. Oomph! It Workout by Oomph! Fitness – intensive, all rounded workout


U Bound by Equip Fitness trampoline

Oomph! Fitness Gym
Image credit: Activpass 

For those who are gunning for a Captain America-level body, try the 1h Oomph! It Workout at Oomph! Fitness, where all major muscle groups will be tested in various movements such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. 


3. Ladies MMA Fitness by Juggernaut Studios – martial arts with your girlfriends


U Bound by Equip Fitness trampoline

Ladies MMA Fitness class.
Image credit: @juggernautstudios

Ladies, if you are looking for a different kind of hangout spot with your girlfriends, there are also a bunch of ladies-only classes from callisthenics (gymnastics) to mixed martial arts at Juggernaut Studios.


4. Floatfit HIIT by Skyline Aqua – cardio on water


Floatfit HIIT by Skyline Aqua

For those looking for a good round of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to make way for your next buffet meal, check out Floatfit HIIT at ParkRoyal on Beach Road. Unlike your usual indoor HIIT, you’d be doing this one on a float on the hotel’s rooftop pool!

It trains strength, cardio and balance all at once in a muscle-gripping 30-minute long session. The workout consists of several rounds of exercises including squats, mountain climbers and yoga poses that gradually increase in difficulty.


If you feel the need to freshen-up in the middle of the sweaty workout, simply lean a little to the side to splash into cool pool waters – that is if you haven’t accidentally fallen in already!

The entire exercise is low-impact because the float cushions all your movements, reducing the risk of any injury. Plus the beautiful CBD skyline in the backdrop makes for a good distraction when all you feel is #ded in the most satisfying way possible.




Beauty treatments for both ladies and gents on Activpass


U Bound by Equip Fitness trampoline

Prive’s Bacne Peel
Image credit: Activpass 

Facials, makeup services and even hair removals – ladies are spoilt for choice with the beauty treatments listed on Activpass. A popular treatment on the app is the Essential Facetherapy by Prive Aesthetics, a customised facial that includes cleansing, light extraction and a mask.

Gentlemen, you’re not forgotten. There are treatments like Gentlemen’s Facial by POSH Wellness that are specially designed to suit your skin.


Wellness treatments on Activpass


Tuina fusion massage at Queen Ginya Beauty Spa

Tuina fusion massage at Queen Ginya Beauty Spa.
Image credit: Activpass

After the tough 9-6 grind, give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day with Activpass’ wellness treatments.

There’s a wide variety of sessions available from soothing massages for the tired body and soul to Traditional Chinese Medicine for any ailments you might have. 

If you are in desperate need of some me-time, try out the recommended 3-in-1 massage from Heart Springs Spa and Gua Sha Facial by Queen Ginya

P.s. Young mommies, there are also pre and post-natal treatments for you!


Get last minute deals with Activpass


We all have 2018 new year resolutions to better ourselves. But months in, when the tough gets going, it’s easy to forget all about them. For an easy way to inspire yourself to do more with any gaps of free time, download the Activpass App.

Tuina fusion massage at Queen Ginya Beauty Spa

Image credit: Activpass 

With a wide variety of fitness, beauty and wellness sessions for you to try out, you’ll get to dip your toes in a whole range of activities you might not even know existed – all while improving your lifestyle. Plus, you’d get to easily browse through the app to find the activity that suits you best at that point in time.

activpass app discount

Image credit: Activpass 

Regardless of whether you have irregular work hours or irregular spurts of motivation, Activpass caters to all your last minute demands – and gives them to you at discounted prices! So, no more fighting for a spot at a specific gym or struggling to find an appointment for your tired looking skin.

Psst, here’s an extra perk for DBS/POSB cardmembers – you can get 20% off all regular services and classes!

Activpass is available on App Store and Google Play.


Find out more about Activpass here!


This post was brought to you by Activpass in collaboration with DBS.