Disney Tsum Tsum collectibles from Magnolia 


Think breakfast. One of the first things that comes to mind is probably cereal and milk, or maybe yoghurt and some granola that Mum has left for you on the table. Whatever it is, there’s a good chance Magnolia products have been part of our breakfast routine at some point in our lives. 

Good news for brekkie lovers – from 1st May 2018, you’ll get limited edition Disney Tsum Tsum merchandise with a purchase of Magnolia’s products.


Disney Tsum Tsum cup


Exclusive disney Tsum Tsum Merchandise

Redeem a limited edition Disney Tsum Tsum Tsum cup with any purchase of 2x1L Magnolia Pasteurised Milk or 2x800ml Yoghurt Smoothie that comes in strawberry, mixed berries, mango and even yuzu flavours. There’s 4 designs – Mickey and friends, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen and Lion King, so be sure to collect them all!


Disney Tsum Tsum cardholder


magnolia x disney tsum tsum cardholder

Great news – your morning commute just got cheerier with the limited edition Disney Tsum Tsum Tsum cardholder, which you can use to store your Ezlink card. You get one with every 6 x 250ml Magnolia UHT milk multipack, and like the many flavours of milk such as chocolate, strawberry and full cream to choose from, there are 4 different cardholders to collect as well! 


Perk up your mornings with Magnolia 


free disney merch from magnolia

So the next time your family takes a trip to the grocery store, head over to the dairy section and look out for the cute Disney Tsum Tsum printed on Magnolia’s packaging. Redemption is available from 1 May 2018 at major supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, while stocks last! 

Find out more about F&N Magnolia X Disney Tsum Tsum here!

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