Strawberry pocky and bubble tea. Dreams of getting a cupcake tattoo someday.

Royal Mail Bar - Cocktails Cheaper Than Postage Rates?

About The Royal Mail Bar   Last year, we brought you more dining reviews and savvy guides to local restaurants and bars than I can count with my fingers and toes combined. I don’t know about you but I probably searched for ‘Cheap Bars in Singapore’ more frequently than I...
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More Than Just Another Nightspot - The Men That Keep kyō Buzzing

About kyō   Cecil Street on a Saturday afternoon is quieter than you’d imagine. The quiet before the storm, a tourist would be forgiven for thinking that nothing interesting could happen here on a weekend. They couldn’t be more wrong. kyō is situated on 133 Cecil Street, its wooden entrance...
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10 Things You Never Knew About Toast Box

About Toast Box   The first Toast Box I remember seeing was the one located in the basement of Wisma Atria. At that time I thought it was just another cafe trying to sell traditional kopi in Orchard Road. Many years later they’re still there, and today they have 65...
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Hairy Crab Season Is Upon Us!

It’s that time of the year again - it’s time for hairy crabs! Each year crab lovers wait gingerly for the arrival of fall. For October means they get to devour these hairy little things. I’m a big fan of crabs and I don’t really care how it’s prepared, as...
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First Look: Having Häagen-Dazs In The Dark at NOX

New Flavour launched at NOX What’s a better way to introduce an familiar taste to your customers? Blend it into a milkshake and make people guess what they’re drinking, is how. This was the prelude to the launch of the Classic Milk flavor by Häagen -Dazs held at NOX: Dine...
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The Secret Recipe That Sold Over 100 Million BreadTalk Flosss Buns

It's Flosss, not floss   I recently got the opportunity to observe just how the amazing Flosss buns from BreadTalk (yes it’s spelt with three S’s) were made. BreadTalk was recently awarded Top 1 in the Bakery category under Influential Brands, and we just had to find out the mystery...
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Lit Up 2014: Theatre, Satire, Community And More

About Lit Up 2014   It was three days of dramatic performances, comedy, some tears, and a whole lot of friendship in this tiny community. This year’s theme was all about “walking the equator”, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant until I was drowning in confessional poetry, deprecatory...
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I Was Gong Cha Girl For A Day. Here are 10 Things I Learnt.

Gong Cha Girl For A Day   “WE WANT FREE BUBBLE TEA!” was the only response I got when I told the people around me I was going to be behind the counter of Gong Cha for a day. Yeah my friends pretty much have a one-track mind when it...
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Frozen by Pangdemonium Opens 23 October. No, not that Frozen.

About Pangdemonium's Frozen I searched for “Frozen” on Google and on page eight of the search results I still end up with “Frozen - Netflix”. It’s exasperating, and really makes one wonder if people ever search for anything outside of the movie. I attempted again with “Frozen the play” and...
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Lit Up 2014 - The Arts Fest of the Year

About Lit Up 2014   Self-professed followers of the local indie scene: if you haven’t already been gingerly waiting for this year’s edition of Lit Up - and shame on you if that is the case - this is a friendly reminder for you to show up at Aliwal Arts...
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