About Lit Up 2014



Self-professed followers of the local indie scene: if you haven’t already been gingerly waiting for this year’s edition of Lit Up – and shame on you if that is the case – this is a friendly reminder for you to show up at Aliwal Arts Centre this weekend and be a part of an indie arts fest, one you definitely won’t want to miss. 

This support and celebration of local artists across disciplines should also be considered a blaring announcement for people who complain that our little island isn’t cool or edgy enough. Currently in its sixth year, Lit Up 2014 will feature artists that traverse genres to bring you a variety of performances.


What to expect when you walk the equator


Guest mime troupe from Bali

This isn’t just for the cool kids though, this arts fest promises to make art accessible to the masses. That means, even if spoken word isn’t your thing, fret not! There’s still a bunch of other stuff you can check out this weekend.

I’ve been dying to attend a poetry slam and you’re like me, you’d be well pleased to hear that Word Forward, the organisers behind Lit Up had started Poetry Slam in Singapore 10 years ago and still continue to host it monthly. 

Fungki Munkees – a 9-piece band with a 5-piece horn section!  

Come to Lit Up to see how ideas of temporality are communicated through various art forms. If you get lost in the pantomime, come back for music performances by local bands such as Fungki Munkees and Seyra. If puppetry doesn’t entice you all that much, check out the improv comedy – there’s even a workshop! You’re bound to understand something


Get tickets


For more information of the fest’s schedule and happenings, go here. Get your tickets – priced between $12 and $25 – here! 

Also, check out Zalora’s festival microsite here

Lit Up 2014 is happening at Aliwal Arts Centre: 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918