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Last year, we brought you more dining reviews and savvy guides to local restaurants and bars than I can count with my fingers and toes combined. I don’t know about you but I probably searched for ‘Cheap Bars in Singapore’ more frequently than I should. My personal favorite was of course our 10 EPIC Bars Guide, but the Happy Hour Alcohol Trail came in as a close second.

Here’s a little humble addition to keep the flame of G.N.O (that’s Girls’ Night Out – possibly the only reason why we should all be out drinking anyway) burning because why do we still need to pay upmarket prices for fancy cocktails when more and more places are rolling out Happy Hour’s like it’s Happy Week?

The Royal Mail Bar hasn’t made it into any of the above-stated guides yet, so here’s why you should add it to your list.


$10 Specialty Cocktails


Need I say more? Party like you don’t have to go back to work the next day with $10 specialty cocktails (usually priced at $18) that are available on weekdays between five and eight pm.


I liked Lovestruck Ginny best, not just because it looked pretty and tasted like an expensive glass of watermelon juice but if you’re going to be exploiting Happy Hour for what it’s worth, it makes sense to start slow and start light. Also because it’s girly and you get a cute little wedge of watermelon.


And then, if you must, get an Old Fashioned Spice because at some point I guess it’s socially required of you to act a little bit tipsy. This strong mix of Bourbon, honey and cloves will send you on your way.


Creative Martinis


If it was up to me, these martinis I’m about to introduce would be included in the Happy Hour as well. Sadly though, it isn’t. But you can still get to enjoy these tasty treats at $18 a glass.


The Timeless English – and not just because it’s got a petal in there. Earl grey tea in a martini? I’d pay just to try it.


If you’re a sucker for Zouk’s sour plum shots, then you’d probably be like me and would gladly pay for the Plum Job. Sweet with only a tinge of sour, this thick blend of sour plum powder, vodka and sprite left me wanting more. Give me more!  


Royal Mail Bar has gone off the deep end with Apple of my Eye. Served with green apple slices and egg white, might this be the decaf version for martini fanatics trying to watch their weight?


There is clearly something for everybody. If I could pull off a Mean Girls reference here, then Apple of my Eye would be what Regina George sips in front of her friends, and Chocolate Dream over here would be that disgusting secret she hides from all her friends. It comes topped with two roasted marshmallows, because well, why not?


Actual bar food


Royal Mail Bar has very humbly stated “Bar Grub” on their menu, but I can assure you none of the stuff I’ve had the privilege of tasting were grubby, to say the least. And I absolutely have to share this with you, the truffle mayo dip is ah.may.zzing.


I might have scared off some of my companions when I ate the Sweet Potato Chips ($8) with the truffle mayo dip with semi obvious delirium. I had to ask for more. I can’t guarantee that the dip is available on request though, because it initially came with the Straight Cut Chips ($12), but try your luck (like I did).


I’m a sucker for shrimp paste anything. No really, if you’d drench a remote control in shrimp paste and deep fry it I might actually end up consuming it. But the Royal Mail Bar’s Shrimp Paste Chicken Drumlets ($14) made me a little bit sad with its lack of body in the marinade and the parts of chicken that was used. But I should also be rational about it. Not everyone can do shrimp paste chicken right.

The main highlight of the food selection has to be the Cubed Beef: Prime Roast 140g ($28). It indeed arrived in cubes, and while I can’t be sure if it weighed 140g, I can tell you it was very tasty. Tender and addictive, I almost couldn’t help but run upstairs to the Royal Mail Restaurant for their signature Roast Prime Rib to get more of what I was having.


Other less impressive dishes included the Garlic Bread ($8) – which, to be honest is a much more generous portion that what you normally get elsewhere. Sadly though, it is really difficult to eat it without crumbs falling all over the table and soiling your clothes – and BBQ Sweet & Spicy Meat Balls ($14). I do like my meatballs with jam, but the BBQ sauce tasted more experimental than delicious for me.


Cute Bartender



What, you needed an extra push in the right direction no?


The Royal Mail Bar Rejuvenated



After tasting so many cocktails in a span of two hours I’m thoroughly convinced that this bar really takes its re-conceptualisation seriously. With a total of 15 new creations of cocktails, 10 new whiskeys and a very well-intentioned line-up of daily promotions, they are indeed eager and set to please. Go on Mondays for $5 martinis, or $10/glass champagnes on Fridays, or go everyday after work for Happy Hour if that’s who you are. Just remember to get that truffle mayo dip when you’re there.

The Royal Mail Bar is located at: 2 Finlayson Green, Ascott Singapore Raffles Place.

This post was brought to you by The Royal Mail Bar.