About Clarke Quay


Clarke Quay is home to a world-famous night scene, with thousands of partygoers congregating at the hundreds of clubs and bars every night. However, partying is not cheap in Singapore. Buying a bottle of alcohol at a bar can set you back a good $200, while a pint of beer can cost you around $20.

It is common to see many people “pre-drinking” from bottles of hard liquor and beer bought from the nearby 7-11 or supermarkets, and even bottles brought from home. We decided to provide an alternative for you: The Ultimate Clarke Quay Happy Hour Guide.

A full list of bars and pubs get your drinks at better deals and cheaper prices. Many places offer good happy hour deals, but most also serve watered down drinks that makes you feel you’re paying $8 for a glass of juice or coke. These places will be ignored in our guide.

We spent the last few months exploring the bars in Clarke Quay to come up with the ultimate list of 12 places with affordable and good drinks well worth your money.


Clarke Quay Happy Hour Cheat Sheet

  • Before 6pm (sQue, Marrakesh, Wings Bar, Beer Market)
  • 6-7pm (The Pump Room, Highlander)
  • 7-8pm (Fern and Kiwi, Chupitos)
  • 8-9pm (Cuba Libre, Paulaner)
  • After 9pm (China One, sQue)

Important tip: Start Early!


1. Wings Bar



Wings Bar has gained its reputation from its different levels of spicy buffalo wings. However, they also serve pretty good drinks as well. 

They show you exactly how much alcohol you are getting by giving you the liberty of mixing your drinks yourself. Each order comes with a glass of ice and your alcohol choice, with a separate flask of mixer. I personally liked this because it shows how much alcohol you are consuming and also shows how generous they are as well.

Wings Bar works this way: the earlier you come, the cheaper your drinks. The cost of a drink after discount is roughly around $7-$10, depending on what and what time you order. Pretty decent!

Drinks Promotions: 

  • 50% off all draught beers, house pours and cocktails (Valid 5pm–6pm daily)
  • 25% off all draft beers, house pours and cocktails (Valid 6pm–7pm daily)

2. Beer Market (Highly Recommended)



Beer market is slightly different from the other places on this list. There isn’t really a happy hour price, and the prices of the beers actually follows a “stock market” style of demand and supply. 

Therefore, the only way to beat this is to go when there is a no crowd – right  in the afternoon! Beer prices can go to as low to $11 for a pint, which isn’t much for a drink with nice ambience and music. 

The catch at beer market is actually the happy hour deals for their bar snacks, which goes as low as $4 per snack! A must try here are the chicken wings. Chef Steven claims that his recipe goes way back to his grandmother, but it is without a doubt one of the best I’ve tried, ever.

Crispy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside, with a wide range of flavors to choose from, it is absolutely to die for. (Recently the 3 of us had 4 plates of wings, it was THAT GOOD!)  The other bar snacks, such as Luncheon Fries, Prawn Twisters and Sausages aren’t too shabby as well. The quality of food, drinks and ambience makes it well worth the money. A great place to chill over drinks and bar snacks with friends. You can read more about their food menu in our review.



3. Chupitos



Everyone’s favourite place for shots and pre-drinks. They have an extensive range of over 100 different kinds of shots to cater to all sorts of drinkers. From the light drinkers and the crazy tanks who require to consume something close to diesel to get substantially high, Chupitos has it all. 

The Chupitos happy hour is attractive with all house pour spirits, bottled beers and shooters are only $6nett, which is a good half price off as compared to most other places. Furthermore, enjoy their delicious Wagyu Beef Sliders at the same happy hour price! 

You can find out more about the shots at Chupitos in our review.

Food and Drink Promotions:

$6 nett for house pour spirits, bottled beers, shooters, Wagyu beef sliders (Valid 6:30pm to 9pm daily)


4. sQue


sQue is a casual dining bistro which mainly offers outdoor seating and specializes in Rotisserie and global cuisine. I highly recommend sQue as their drink deals are very reasonable, and I frequent this place very often. They are also conveniently located right above Clarke Quay MRT station, and directly across Clarke Quay itself. 


They have a wide range of over 250 brands of international beers. What I like about their happy hour is that it covers a variety of beers, ciders, wines and even spirits! Although their happy hour 1-for-1 deal may not be the most flexible, the prices are extremely reasonable and their long happy deals (opening till 11pm on weekends!!) make it super attractive for partygoers and pre-drinkers. 

$7.50 for a pint of San Miguel, you can’t really ask for more. 



5. Cuba Libre (Highly Recommended)



b2ap3_thumbnail_cuba.pngCredit: Cuba Libre

After a long day of work, Cuba Libre is the place to go for some delectable Mexican food and refreshing mojitos. Expect to see the odd man puffing away on his Cuban cigar and office workers bonding over some drinks. Cuba Libre usually gets crowded at night, and for good reason. 

The intense smell of meat, cheese and jalapenos on a sizzling hot plate will absolutely whet your appetite. The mouthwatering Fajitas come with a trio of dipping sauces of salsa, guacamole and sour cream. The catch about Cuba Libre, is that all main courses and Fajitas come at a 1 for 1 deal! 

b2ap3_thumbnail_704145_494711067215902_1076623645_o.jpgCredit: Cuba Libre

The drinks at Cuba Libre ALSO come with this same deal, with house pour spirits, beers and wine. The quality of drinks here are top notch. They are generous with their alcohol and the variety of cocktails are also extensive. One of the best places in Clarke Quay to enjoy great food and drinks at a reasonable and extremely affordable cost.


Credit: Cuba Libre

Expect to pay around $13 for food and $6 per drink per person. 

Food and Drink Promotions: 

1 for 1: Main Courses, house pour spirits, wine and beers  (Valid 6pm – 9pm daily)


6. Fern and Kiwi



Fern and Kiwi, as it’s name suggests, originates from New Zealand and aims to serve you the BEST New Zealand food that does not burn a hole in your pocket. I like dining at F&K as the staff and even the diners there are friendly! 

Although the food may be a tad pricey, the happy hour deals are more than reasonable. From Mondays to Wednesdays, their house pour prices start at $5 from 5pm, and increases by a dollar after every hour. That’s $5 for a drink! 

They also have other great deals on other days, but this is a place to go if you want a nice place to chill over some cheap drinks after work on a weekday. 



7. The Pump Room



The crowd and ambience at Pump Room is what really sells it for them. A typical night is a packed outside seating area with simple music inside, before a live band plays and it turns into a club soon after with most patrons hitting the dancefloor and having an amazing time. 

$10 nett for a pint of beer and $9 nett for house pour wine and spirits, you simply cannot say no to Pump Room. 

Drink Promotions: 

  • $13 nett for a pint of house brew beer 
  • $9 nett house pour spirits and wine 

Valid Wed-Sat & Eves/PH (5pm-8pm), Sun-Tues (5pm-9pm)


8. Paulaner



This traditional Bavarian restaurant serves one of the best beers in town. Originating all the way from Munich, Germany, the beers in Paulaner Brauhaus are brewed according to the 1516 Bavarian Purity Law. The food here is also exceptional, coming in ridiculously huge portions but still maintaining it’s authenticity and taste. 

The happy hour deal is attractive as it lasts till around 10pm daily, which makes it the the longest lasting happy hour around Clarke Quay! 


Drink Promotions: 

$8 nett for half a pint of beer, glass of wine or house pour spirits (Valid daily)


9. Marrakesh



You won’t miss Marrakesh, with the delightfully sweet smell of Shisha smoke lingering around and the mouth-watering Middle Eastern flavors that you can detect from about 10km away. 

Chill out with your friends over some Moroccan food, drinks and shisha, at not a very high cost. Sharing a platter would only cost you around $16 per person. Drinks are 1 for 1 daily from 5pm to 7pm, which equates to around $6 for a beer, house pour spirits or wine! 


Drink Promotions: 

$6 for a bottle of beer, glass of house wine or house pour spirits (Valid daily from 5pm-7pm)


10. Highlander 


Credit: Flickr

Located next to The Pump Room is Highlander Bar. I would say that Highlander Bar gives off a more atas vibe, and it is truly more expensive than all the other bars on this list. Highlander Bar originates from Scotland and specializes in Whiskey, with over 100 different kinds of Whiskies available in store. 

The happy hour deal is extremely reasonable as well, at just $8.50 for a full pint of beer! A real steal in my opinion. 

Drink Promotions: 

50% off beers, house pour wines and spirits (Valid Sun-Thurs, Till 9pm)


11. China One (Highly Recommended)


b2ap3_thumbnail_10014770_635277849887441_6504854891131672250_o.jpgCredit: China One

Still going strong? You won’t be left standing after this one. Enjoy 2 hours of FREE FLOW beers, wines and house pour spirits at just $28 to $38! For the heavy drinkers this is your haven, and you will be back for more and more every week.

Liquid Buffet (The Original, Since 2004)

  • 7pm – 10pm: $38 
  • 8pm – 12pm: $58 
  • 10pm – 12mn: $38
  • Upsize your Liquid Buffet for a price of $8 for larger glasses! 

Bottled Beers Promotion (Sun-Thurs)

  • $8 for one bottle of beer
  • Mix any 2 for $15
  • Mix any 3 for $21
  • Mix any 5 for $35




Although happy hour drinking still wouldn’t be as cheap as drinking at home or by the bridge, it is still a good way to save money should you wish to have a nice dinner with some friends or with a significant other. Drinking at a bar beats drinking at the bridge like a hobo, and gives you the experience and ambience you can’t get at home, any day.

So why not save some money while doing it?