8 Facts That'll Make Singaporeans Happier After Experiencing The Rest Of The World

traffic jams in Singapore
SG #winning     Cover photo adapted from source and source . Studying overseas since I was 15 has allowed me to encounter people of all nationalities and cultures. When I tell some of them that I live in Singapore, their eyes light up and they’ll gush about what a...
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10 Valentine's Day Dinner Deals In Singapore That Won't Deplete Your Angpao Money

  Affordable romantic dinners   Source: @danandesthersg February has arrived and love is in the air. For those with a resident bae by your side, Valentine’s Day is full of expectations for both parties. Doesn’t matter if you’re that hipster couple who frowns upon the holiday - we all secretly...
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Guide To Lucky Plaza - Best Food & Shops As Recommended By My Helper

lucky plaza cover
Beyond the surface of Lucky Plaza   Drive down the stretch of Orchard Road on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll find the outside of Lucky Plaza teeming with local Filipinos congregating at the front. You’ll also see numerous money changers and auntie -spirited 3 for $10 perfume deals. But alas,...
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8 Reunion Dinner Restaurants For CNY 2017 With Special Discounts For POSB/DBS Holders aka Everyone

Major savings for CNY reunion dinners!   CNY is just around the corner and we all know what that means - unceasing house visits with good $$ gains, pig-out sessions and HUGE family reunion dinners. But the latter also means dishing out the dollas for a decent 4-course meal and...
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11 Discounted But Thoughtful Gifts For Your Secret Santee This Christmas

nike promotion
Secret Santa on a budget   The holidays have arrived and you’re armed with a rolling list of Secret Santees to fulfil present-buying duties for. But buying that special Xmas gift for your Secret Santa isn’t always easy, let alone cheap. But fret not, for we have sussed out 11...
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9 Most Beautiful Public Toilets You Can Find In Singapore

beautiful public toilet mt faber
Singapore's classiest toilets   "Why do you never hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the P is silent!" There are times in life when one needs to spend an eternity in the toilet. These are times when the thought of taking that #2 in a public toilet makes...
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This Festival Will Be The Most Provocative Thing Singapore Has Seen In A Long Time

akulah bimbo sakti
Baring it all   Source: TUCKY/Cake Theatrical Productions We’ve been touted as the best city in Asia to live in, and flourished on the global stage with one of the most advanced economies. Yet, we’re still known for playing it too safe and being averse to taboos of any degree....
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City Square Mall's Outdoor Park Turns Into A Mini-Wonderland This 2016 Christmas

city square mall christmas
Be jolly at City Square Mall   Source The weeks leading to Christmas feel different compared to the rest of the year in Singapore. We might not have a white Christmas, but the country definitely slows down - school's out, the weather gets chillier, and everyone starts planning their vacations. ...
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10 Places In Perth & Around That'll Make You Visit A $139 Ticket Away

A Western Australian Adventure   When we think of Australia, several famous landmarks come to mind. It can be the iconic Sydney Opera House, the spectacular Great Barrier Reef or even party city, Bondi Beach. But we hear little about Western Australia or its capital city, Perth.  This can come...
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9 Cheap Thrills Of Everyday Life That Singaporeans Inwardly Celebrate

Cheap thrills for the win   Source Remember that sudden burst of elation you felt when you went up to pay for a full-priced item, and found out it was 50% off? We all live for the occasional cheap thrill. That rush of excitement when things go your way when...
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