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It’s that time of the month again – the weather is getting too cray to handle and your annual leave is close to expiring. You need to get out of here, stat. Thankfully, booking a ticket out of Singapore is much easier now compared to 10 years ago, and many of us use travel search engines like Skyscanner to quickly compare prices between airlines and online travel agents to get the best deals.

But Skyscanner isn’t just any other travel search engine out there – the site is equipped with crazy hack-worthy features that unlocks ways of booking your next holiday that you’d never expect. From notifying you when the price to your dream destination drops below your budget to allowing you to compare flight prices to anywhere for you to pick a perfect destination, here are the travel hacks you never knew Skyscanner had:

1. Use the ‘everywhere’ feature if you don’t know where to spend that long weekend

skyscanner everywhere feature wanderlust

Okay, you’ve decided that you’ll trade that next boring long weekend for a legit vacation overseas. You’ve even fixed the date with your travel buddies to avoid the peak season pricing. But now you’re at a crossroads – go on a sweet retreat close to home or head off to an exotic location far away?

Skyscanner allows you to pick literally anywhere in the world as a destination to suss out the most affordable and accessible locations with your dates across the World Wide Web. Simply type in ‘Everywhere’ on the search bar and voila, you have an unlimited list of destinations to pick from.

skuyscanner everywhere feature

It’s sort of like Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ option, except that you really get to travel to these locations!

2. Use ‘Cheapest Month’ to plan the best dates to fly

Source: @jarradseng

You’ve been stalking the #EiffelTower tag on your Instagram feed for the longest time and you’re dying to go, but tickets to Europe aren’t cheap change. And so you turn to the traditional yet painful ‘trial and error’ booking method for the most cost-effective option. You’re essentially putting together a list of combinations to see which one fits the maximum budget – and that process can take ages.

skyscanner cheapest monthWith the ‘Cheapest Month’ search tool, expedite the process and get information on the best months to fly on airlines from around the world. All you’ll have to do is click on Departure Date, click on “Whole Month”, and you’ll find the “Cheapest Month” option there.

skyscanner cheapest month chart

You can even get a detailed overview of the prices available on a month by month chart!

3. Or use ‘cheapest day of the month’ for a getaway NOW

skyscanner hacks discount

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and it’s just about time for you to clear your leave. You’re thinking of heading to that spring festival in Tokyo to celebrate the beginnings of cherry blossom season. Alas, this also means extra steep prices for whole month itself as “great minds think alike” and hordes of tourists flock to see the exact same thing.

Fret not, for the ‘cheapest day of the month’ feature is a great color coded guide for those urgently needing a getaway – and fast. In the visual calendar provided, the green prices basically denote an immediate ‘GO’ in my books.

4. Get notified whenever the price drops to within your budget

skyscanner price alerts discountSource: Skyscanner 

The most important thing that can change in your travel itinerary are the flight prices, period. These numbers fluctuate unpredictably and can be cause for great distress. Especially when you camp online till 2am for airline promotions or live with #regret when you realize you’ve just missed an amazing deal.

By setting up a price alert with Skyscanner, you’ll be immediately notified via email when the price of your dream vacation tickets drop or rise. This feature ups your vacationing skillz by keeping you informed on the best time to book your tickets. So don’t wait till it’s too late.

5. Know the best time to book tickets according to 3 years of data

best time to book flights skyscanner

Scroll through the internet and you’ll be able to find tons of online resources various travel hacks for the naive wanderluster. Some include using incognito mode or booking your trip on the 2nd Thursday of the month. But that’s like using old wives’ remedies to treat an illness when solid medical expertise exists in the form of doctors.

Skyscanner has compiled a list of the best times to book your tickets for each country. And here’s the kicker: this list is based on solid data compiled over the last 3 year’ airfares!

Check it out here.

We hear Skyscanner will be refreshing their data in January 2017, so check back then to find out when to book your holidays for 2017!

Globetrotting for cheap with Skyscanner

globetrotting world
Source: @syerowoo

With these 5 wallet-saving hacks in hand, fly away to your next destination, child. If you always thought of Skyscanner as merely another online travel search engine, now you know you’ve simply been using it wrong.

And if you’re always super busy, you can check out the best deals on the go by downloading Skyscanner’s mobile app. This baby not only includes flight searches but also features the best hotels in town if you’re looking for a worthy crib and shiok deals for car hires.

Booking that insta-worthy trip will never be the same again with the tools we’ve equipped you with. Long gone are the days when planning your travel itinerary was a chore to do, instead think of this as online shopping for the best deals splayed in front of you. Don’t say we bojio.

This post is brought to you by Skyscanner.

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