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February has arrived and love is in the air. For those with a resident bae by your side, Valentine’s Day is full of expectations for both parties. Doesn’t matter if you’re that hipster couple who frowns upon the holiday – we all secretly love it. But this may also mean spending a truckload on a romantic meal to complete the whole experience.

Beating the V-Day crowd is hard but the worst part is having to part with your ‘hard-earned’ ang pao money when it comes to settling the bill. When you’re stuck in a dilemma between pleasing bae and saving money, a solution is always welcome. So fret not, for we’re here to offer it with 10 eateries that offer massive discounts this February with your DBS/POSB card: 


1. Arteastiq


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For those curious about its unique name, Arteastiq is a portmanteau (fancy term for word rojak) of art and tea. Mainly because this boutique house is insta-famous for their gourmet high tea sets and art jam studio for those wanting to put their creativity to work.

Source: @arteastiq

If you and your significant other are the artsy fartsy kind, then indulge in their Valentine’s Day menu with a full 15% off whilst painting introspective Picasso portraits of each other to bring home. After all, love is an art that consistently needs perfecting. 

Website: Arteastiq
The Deal:

  • 15% off Valentine’s Day Menu
  • Offer is valid for dine-in only
  • Valid till 14 Feb 2017

2. Museo


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A sister restaurant of Arteastiq, Museo retains a similar artistic oomph with its dining-in-a-cup concept. Yes you read that correctly. Almost all of Museo’s dishes come served in delicate glass jars that’ll make for the perfect Insta-shot.

Clink your champagne glasses against the backdrop of Sentosa Cove’s stunning sea view that might almost trick you into thinking you’re on a tropical vacay. While Museo’s perks might have you  fearing the state of your wallet post-bill, simply use your DBS/POSB card to be entitled to 15% off their Valentine’s Day Menu.

Now you can enjoy that golden sunset without the added worry.

Website: Museo
The Deal:

  • 15% off Valentine’s Day Menu
  • Offer is valid for dine-in only
  • Valid on 14 Feb 2017

3. Toby’s the Dessert Asylum


Toby’s Platter ($33.90) fries seasoned with a tasty curry spice, sandwiched between a side of bacon wrapped chicken, pork ribs, spicy chicken buffalo bites and taco wings.

Don’t be fooled, Toby’s Dessert Asylum is more than just a one-stop shop for the best desserts in town. Labelled as a hidden gem of the East, Toby’s aims to provide hipsters with cafe nosh that isn’t your typical salted egg yolk fare at wallet-friendly prices. Perfect if you want to impress bae without having to dig too deep into your ang pao reserves.

Round your mains off  with their signature thick toast – The Great Wall that’ll leave both of you groaning in ecstasy at the scrumptious grub. For the month of February, DBS/POSB cardmembers enjoy additional savings with 10% off or tuck into their 4-course set menu for $69 per couple. You’ll truly get your money’s worth here. 

Website: Toby’s Dessert Asylum
The Deal:

  • 10% off for DBS/POSB Card members
  • $69 per couple for 4-course set menu
  • Valid till 28 Feb 2017

4. Nassim Hill


Source: @nassimhillbakery

Pseudo taitais, rejoice! Nassim Hill is offering a 3-course Tender Loving Care (TLC) Set Dinner just in time for Valentine’s Day just for DBS/POSB cardmembers. If Nassim Hill has always been your ultimate go-to for the best brunches with your girlfriends, consider a romantic dinner as well with your +1. The dreamy ambience of the bistro nestled in the outskirts of Orchard Road won’t hurt.


Spoil yourselves with modern favourites such as their Pork Chop with Caramelised Onions garnished with their homemade romesco sauce or their Pappardelle Meat Ragu Pasta bathed in red wine-stewed oxtail. If you’re both Downtown junkies looking for a quiet respite, then Nassim Hill is the place for it.

Website: Nassim Hill Valentine’s Day Menu
The Deal:

  • 3-course Set Dinner – $88+ exclusively for DBS/POSB Cardholders
  • 2 complimentary glasses of house pour red/white
  • Valid till 28 Feb 2017

5. Dallas


Source: @yeowsteven

True to its name, Dallas serves up generously-proportioned American food with an atas twist. By atas, I mean dining high up in Suntec City’s Sky Garden amongst Dallas’ impressive selection of fine wines from all over the world. Take your date to a legit whole new world with an unbeatable view of the city’s skyline with a meal at Dallas and get 5% off their Valentine’s Day Menu while you’re at it.


Meat lovers will be drawn to the menu’s 15 hour slow-cooked Prime Rib Steak that even the cowboys in Dallas won’t be able to get over. And even when the V-Day celebrations are over, you can still retain the romantic city vibes with 1-for-1 mains until 30th June with your DBS/POSB card. The perfect romantic meal at the perfect price. 

Website: Dallas Valentine’s Day 2017
The Deal:

  • 1-for-1 main course & 10% off total bill – Valid till 30 Jun 2017
  • 5% off Valentine’s Day Menu – Valid on 14 Feb 2017 

6. The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill



Pelicans have long been symbols of warm hospitality to voyagers who’ve just returned home, and the ambience and food at The Pelican aim to mimic just that. This V-Day, enjoy a taste of the freshest seafood right smack next to the Singapore River.


Make your dinner special with their Valentine’s signature, the decadent New England Truffle Lobster Pie dusted with chili cheese corn and sauteed mushrooms. Until 28th February, you can order any of their V-Day specials and receive a half-dozen FREE oysters worth $30

Proceed to wash down these flavourful babies of the sea with a glass of chilled wine as you take in the sights and sounds of our island’s bustling river. 

Website: The Pelican
The Deal:

  • Order a Valentine’s Day Special & receive a complimentary ½ dozen oysters (worth $30) by quoting “DBS Valentine’s Day” prior to ordering
  • Valid till 28 Feb 2017

7. High Society



The name of this restaurant already alludes to so much – think fancy china plates and elegant music playing in the background. High Society prides itself in specially curated music playlists from their own archives, so both of y’all can bask in the cultured life together. So if the only acceptable meal to your girlfriend is a 5-course one, then High Society is perfect place to bring her out for a dinner that’s fit for royalty. 

But you can do this sans the hefty price tag. This win-win situation comprises of a 3-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner for just $88++ (down from it’s usual price of $128++) that’s bound to make her feel like a Queen, and you like the best boyfriend ever. 

And whenever you’re next deserving of it, return for their renowned high tea treat yo selves.

Website: High Society
The Deal:

  • 3-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner at S$88++ (U.P. S$128++)
  • Valid on 13 & 14 Feb 2017

8. Rosso Vino


Source: @rossovinosg

I am obsessed with pasta, and I’m pretty sure 90% of the population is too. If you and your partner tick the ‘Italian Food Junkie’ box then a trip down to Rosso Vino is absolutely imperative this Valentine’s Day.

Dig into all-time favourites such as Spaghetti Carbonara and legit Tiramisu piped with decadent Italian mascarpone cheese. And with the 15% off your total bill for the month of February, you can both eat enough to transport yourselves to Rome’s piazzas. Buon appetito!

Website: Rosso Vino
The Deal:

  • 15% off total bill
  • Valid till 30 Apr 2017 

9. NOX – Dine in the Dark



We’ve seen this fad all over our Facebook news feeds or watched the Buzzfeed clips of it – dining in the dark. And if the both of you are always up for a new experience, a dinner at NOX would be just that. Experts say that eating in complete darkness enhances our senses to provide for a more intense taste-gasm. 

At NOX, diners are also guided and served by the visually impaired who are there to offer guidance to those who may not be used to the whole experience. It may be the blind leading the blind, but definitely on to a memorable meal. In addition, NOX is treating you to a free bottle of sparkling wine for 4 diners or more, if you’re more of a welcoming couple always up for double or triple dates.

Website: Nox Valentine’s Day
The Deal:

  • A free bottle of sparkling wine to 4 diners or more (to be enjoyed in NOX’s lounge area after dinner)
  • Valid till 31 Dec 2017

10. The Marmalade Pantry


Source: @themarmaladepantry

If you’ve got an Instagram girlfriend or boyfriend on hand, then a Valentine’s dinner at The Marmalade Pantry will be sure to do your insta-feeds justice. Just imagine – their oozy, creamy Marmalade Mac and Cheese or the Caramelized Pear Bread Pudding adorning your news feeds. ‘Nuff said.

Founded in 1999, The Marmalade Pantry is basically the pioneer of modern cafe nosh. So why dine at some overhyped hipster eatery 290,374km from the mainland when you can go back to where it all started? And now with 10% off the Valentine’s Day 3-course dinner menu thanks to your DBS/POSB credit or debit card, you have no excuse not to.

Website: The Marmalade Pantry
The Deal:

  • 10% discount off The Marmalade Pantry’s Valentine’s Day 3-course dinner menu from 6pm to 10.30pm
  • Valid from 10 – 14 Feb 2017

Celebrating the love for cheap


Whether you’re a content single pringle or thinking of tying the knot with your long-time lover, these Valentine’s Day promotions are sure to satiate both your wallet and appetite as long as you own a trusty DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card, the world is your oyster.

Relationships are a rollercoaster, full of the highs and the lows but let this V-Day be an all-time high with an intimate meal for you and your loved one to share. After all, a way to your lover’s heart is always through his or her stomach.

Find out more about these Valentine’s Day deals here!

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