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It’s an open secret that Singapore’s education system is ridiculously difficult. From killer PSLE Mathematics questions like ‘When is Cheryl’s birthday?’, to commonsensical ones about the weight of 8 $1 coins, gripes about the system and the stress it brings have been around for the longest time.

Given these tough demands, it’s no surprise that chasing the coveted PSLE A* grade is an uphill task. Students can mug the entire Ten Year Series 10 times over, but still not perform up to expectations.  

This national exam might be a difficult game for most to ace, but not for students from The Learning Lab. Here’s how they do it:


1. Students are motivated by more than numbers and grades


While memorising pages of Chinese model compositions and fact sheets are tried and tested methods of upping your grades, this kind of regurgitation doesn’t work well for everyone. The key to really getting a child interested in ‘school’ and ‘studying’ is all about making it exciting.

That’s why learning about iconic figures like Jay Chou and Tesla founder, Elon Musk, is all part of the curriculum at The Learning Lab. Students also get to create their own circuit boards and periscopes to better understand mind-boggling concepts. 

With the centre’s main focus not on grades but the learning process, teachers found that household names and hands-on activities worked better to intrinsically motivate students and nurture a genuine love for learning in them.


2. The tutors are the closest mentors you’ll get to school teachers



Like school teachers, the tutors at The Learning Lab take extra time to go through questions students don’t understand, but their duties don’t end there. More than teaching, they go the extra mile to invest time in getting to know each and every one of their students both in and out of the classroom.

In fact, a teacher once called a student’s parents to learn more about his passions and dreams, so that she could better care for him and tailor lessons to his needs. It’s not easy to find such caring teachers in just about any run-of-the-mill tuition centre. Read more real life testimonials from parents here!

Fun fact: Being a qualified tutor at The Learning Lab requires you to have >100 hours of training.


3. Students pick up soft skills that most of us only learn much later in school


Students learning about the 2016 US Presidential Election

In today’s world, book smarts aren’t enough. What the 21st century kid needs to survive – and rise above the rest – is a mix of hard and soft skills. Instead of restricting their students to what’s in their textbooks, students are exposed to current affairs and real world events in class to improve their critical thinking abilities. 

So expect to have them reading about Jack Ma’s success story over the standard English comprehension/cloze passages. Individual presentations of their findings also help to push the kids out of their comfort zone and help them develop valuable public speaking and communication skills.


4. A structured curriculum aligned with the MOE syllabus



Each subject has its own dedicated curriculum team, armed with resources to make sure learning is always aligned with the MOE syllabus. They’re also aware most students find reading wordy school textbooks a chore, that’s why they’ve condensed difficult topics and created a whole arsenal of resources – from concept notes and infographics to mind maps and exam guide tips – under their belt for students to use.

Composition and comprehension workshops held by the tutors also aim to up students’ game in these areas as part of the core curriculum.

BONUS: Post-exam treats will see students learning about various aspects of the arts in English and Chinese lessons, like poetry and Chinese calligraphy!


5. Mugging is made easier with tutors who get MOE’s trends


You’re not a true blue Singaporean student if you’ve never attempted to spot topic at least once. But with limited knowledge and a large amount of guessing, students often end up studying the wrong things.

Well, this won’t happen to students at The Learning Lab. With years of tuition experience under their belt, teachers are well-versed in identifying some of the trickiest PSLE questions. For each subject, the tutors sieve out key topics that schools place emphasis on and have made more than just a few appearances in the exams over the past decade to help their students avoid pitfalls.

By the end of it all, even the most complex comprehension passages and problem sums will faze students no more.


Ace PSLE with The Learning Lab


It never feels good to encounter a kaypoh auntie who loves to compare her son’s grades to yours – especially when you can’t one up her. 

But should you send your children to The Learning Lab, you’re likely to win back some of these bragging rights. With the genuine love for learning cultivated in them, they’ll be on a surefire path to success and nailing that PSLE score.

With over half of their students achieving a T-score of >250 for the PSLE, and 9 out of every 10 students scoring an A*/A for all subjects, their track record speaks for itself.

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