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9 Most Beautiful Public Toilets You Can Find In Singapore

Singapore’s classiest toilets


“Why do you never hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the P is silent!”

There are times in life when one needs to spend an eternity in the toilet. These are times when the thought of taking that #2 in a public toilet makes you especially uncomfortable. From the lack of cubical sanitation to the risk of empty toilet rolls, we’ve all been there at some point.

Straining those butt muscles to minimise skin contact with a grimy, sticky toilet seat is an experience I never want to encounter IRL. But at least now you can learn about the nation’s 10 greatest toilets that’ll leave any rear happy and contented. You’re welcome.


1. Faber Peak Singapore


beautiful public toilet mt faber

The reigning king of public toilets across the land, Faber Peak Singapore is your best bet for the ultimate toilet experience. The kicker? THIS VIEW. This toilet is fully glass enclosed – except the cubicles, of course – and it gives you a panoramic view of the lush Mount Faber Hill. It even has its own name – ‘Peek-a-loo’!

beautiful public toilet sink

For those looking for some wildlife beyond just the flora and greenery, this toilet also contains a fish tank with real-life fish. After all, they’re probably here for the view as well.

beautiful public toilet mt faber fish

This toilet is illuminated by natural sunlight and colourful light orbs that give radiance to your hand-washing adventures.

Washing sinks are also kid-friendly, with the basins elevated at different heights. So as you wash those hands, gaze down below you at the lush splendour of Mount Faber Hill and take a mental photograph of Singapore at her finest.


2. Alexandra Hospital Zoo


beautiful public toilet alexandra hospital

A recipient of ‘Happy Toilet of the Year’ is Alexandra Hospital’s Outdoor Zoo Toilet. Drawing inspiration from the original Mandai Zoo toilet, this miniature one also features real wooden branch panels and stone-age washing basins.

beautiful public toilet alexandra hospital sink

But not to fear, this toilet doesn’t keep to its namesake when it comes to cleanliness. Found in an established hospital, hygiene levels are off the charts with multiple soap dispensers at every corner. To adhere to the outdoor theme, adorable googly-eyed potted plants and ferns line the outside of the toilets which inject life into the hospital.

beautiful public toilet alexandra hospital fern

Whoever said outdoor toilets were gross certainly hasn’t come across this one.


3. Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall


beautiful public toilet sun yat sen nanyang memorial hall

The vintage vibes of this toilet are obvious from the outside of the restroom. The Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall is a little gem in Balestier, constructed as a quaint pre-WWII colonial house. This heritage stop traces Chinese revolutionary activities in Singapore prior to the war.

Their toilets are a stark representation of the building’s charming exterior. The glass bell-shaped lamps dotting the inside and outside of the restroom are particularly notable from the onset. Illuminated by a faint amber glow, it feels as if the whole room is set in 1940s Shanghai.

beautiful public toilet sun yat sen nanyang memorial hall light

From the geometric hexagonal tiles to the translucent glass panels at the ceiling of the cubicles, this toilet exudes a rustic charm that most of us have only seen in the movies. If you’re keen to see more, visit the memorial for a closer look and you might just learn some history along the way. Entry for Singaporeans and PRs is free!

beautiful public toilet sun yat sen nanyang memorial hall seat

Check out the memorial’s webpage here!




beautiful public toilet chijmes

beautiful public toilet chijmes sink

Stepping into CHIJMES always feels like I’m going back in time to a classy colonial era. Its toilets have no less of that identity. The tiffany-blue box walls and Victorian door patterns add a subtle, posh touch to the restroom feel.

The gold paisley wallpaper ups the poshness a notch and feels as if you’re surrounded by splendour as you take that much-needed wee. After that, fix that bad hair as you gaze into ceramic framed mirrors that’ll make you feel like a queen.

beautiful public toilet chijmes doors


5. Fullerton Bay Hotel


beautiful public toilet fullerton

beautiful public toilet fullerton sink

The Fullerton Bay Hotel boasts one of the best well-kept toilets in Singapore and we had to include it. From diamond-esque cocoon light placements to silver plated wash basins, this public toilet screams luxury.

An international hotel right smack in the middle of the CBD, local flavour is injected with the placement of our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim orchids, as a warm welcome to guests.

beautiful public toilet fullerton toilet paper

The hotel’s rich historical background is depicted in portraits across and outside the restroom walls too. So atas.


6. Changi Airport


beautiful public toilet changi airport


Fun fact #1: Our humble little red dot’s airport has won ‘Best Airport in the World’ for 5 consecutive years, as of 2017! Fun fact #2: These qualities are also manifested in their toilets. When it comes to cleanliness and innovation, Changi Airport’s standards are at an all time high.

For the boys, admire that magnificent take-off along the runway as you take that last-minute wee. Then proceed to panic internally if that was your flight you’ve missed.

beautiful public toilet changi airport sink


It’s pretty clear to both tourists and locals alike that Singapore is known as the original Garden City of the world. But of course, this needs to be made more clear in toilet decor as well. In Terminal 3, expect your wall mirrors to be framed by fronds and ferns of all kinds as you prep your face for 12 hours of cold, dry air.


7. Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria


beautiful public toilet Japan food town wisma atria

A trip to Japan always means a clean and refreshed rear – their cutting edge toilet bidet systems will see to that. From changing the temperature of the seat to the water pressure of the bidet, this is truly a game changer in the field of toilets.

beautiful public toilet Japan food town wisma atria mirrors

These toilets have reached the public toilet shores of Singapore at the apt location of Wisma Atria’s Japan Food Town. These high-tech babies are ready to cater to your whim and fancy, at the press of a button.


8. Jurong Point Shopping Mall Toilet


beautiful public toilet jurong point shopping mall

This toilet in Jurong Point Shopping Mall was probably the cutest of the lot. This comes as no surprise as these are meant for kids – yup, we also ask why their toilets are chio-er than ours.

The huge flower mural enhances the whole vibe of the toilet by miles and its vibrant colours merely adds to its insta-worthiness.

beautiful public toilet jurong point shopping mall child toilet

This kid-friendly washroom also includes 2 potties in each cubicle, one for the child and the other for her parent. So yes, we can use the washroom on our own accord too. This efficiency is also displayed in the washing area where basins are adjusted to 2 heights.

beautiful public toilet jurong point shopping mall flower

Having just won ‘Best Shopping Centre Happy Toilet of the Year’  – yes, there are awards for these – you can have no doubts about this loo.


9. Forum Shopping Mall


beautiful public toilet forum shopping mall

When it comes to atas shopping malls in the Orchard area, we’ve seen it all at Paragon and ION. Enter Forum Shopping Mall. As the “kiddy hub” in the town area for young mothers, these toilets cater to both age groups.

beautiful public toilet forum shopping mall boudoir

The chic and modern boudoir is a godsend to all bad hair days and ratchet makeup disasters.

beautiful public toilet forum shopping mall mirror

As for the full length mirror, one can never have too many of those. This particular one in Forum is framed by an elegant silver pattern detail that complements the uptown theme of the washroom.

beautiful public toilet forum shopping mall nursing room

The real highlight of this one is the generously spacious nursing room. Not forgetting that SG’s taitais need a haven to change nappies, Forum’s nursing room is complete with plush sofa chairs and an individual washing basin for their convenience.


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beautiful public toilet sun yat sen nanyang memorial hall 2

There you have it, the pride and joy of Singapore’s public toilets. Those who insist on having their bowels only relieved at home, you have met your match. So if you get caught in a sticky situation, pray hard that you’ll be near one of these gorgeous toilets.


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