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Many of us are subconscious hoarders and it’s only during celebratory seasons like Christmas, when the prospect of having guests over for dinner, compels us to tidy up our homes. This is when long forgotten things pop-up, like old gadgets that we’ve long retired – from Nokia 3310s to primitive versions of the iPhone. 

If you’re ready to let your tech items go, don’t just throw them in the trash – get them traded-in or recycled with Newstead and receive cash vouchers! Here’s what you need to know about Newstead’s Gift Your Tech initiative.  


When and where to trade


Newstead Marina Square

From now till 27 Jan ‘17, gather the old tech items cluttering up your home – PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones – and trade them in at these 12 participating Newstead outlets:

Newstead Outlets

Newstead’s tech guys will conduct a thorough evaluation and if your stuff’s still in resalable condition, you’ll be given cash vouchers equivalent to the trade-in value. The vouchers are valid for a year from its date of issue, and the best part is that they can be combined and used together in one receipt! 

If you’ve been wanting new gadgets or eyeing that savvy new tech product, now’s the time to treat yo-self

Newstead Cash Vouchers

*Cash vouchers are for illustration purposes only

For every trade-in received, Newstead’s donating 20% of the trade-in value to charity. In a bid to help local communities and empower disadvantaged children with learning disabilities, Newstead is aiming to raise $20,000 for their beneficiary TOUCH Community Services

Who would’ve thought your old and unwanted tech stuff, lying around in your house, would find new purpose in making a difference in someone’s life? 


Your hard disks will be completely wiped


Newstead Data Cleansing

We’ve heard stories of tech geniuses hacking into devices to retrieve confidential information even after factory resets are performed and some of you might be iffy about handing over your stuff to people you don’t know.

To give you peace of mind, Newstead’s sending the devices you’ll be trading-in or recycling for complete data cleansing. Partnering with PC Dreams, Newstead promises you that your personal information will never be compromised. It’s their way of raising awareness of the importance of data security. 


Recycling old tech gadgets saves the environment   


Newstead E-waste Recycling

Shattered screens. Faulty buttons. You might not think twice throwing your unsalvageable smartphone into the trash, but e-waste recycling goes a long way in protecting the environment. It limits land pollution, reduces the need for metal mining, and is integral to the conservation of natural resources. 

For items no longer in resalable condition, you’ll have the option of recycling them at Newstead through this campaign. Turn in your pre-loved computers, phones, keyboards, tablets so professionals can dismantle and extract the materials and turn them into new products. And for your recycling efforts, they’ll gift you a book of discount vouchers! 


Get these with your cash vouchers


If you haven’t done enough giving this Christmas, use your cash vouchers to buy tech gifts for yourself or your friends. 

JBL Earphones

Get a new pair of JBL Everest earphones – these babies come with cords to plug into your devices, but can also connect wirelessly via bluetooth. If tangled cords are the bane of your existence, end the year right with a pair of JBLs and end your issues with tangled cords once and for all.  

Bepop Drone 2

For those of you thinking of dabbling in some aerial photography, take home a Bepop Parrot Drone 2 ($899) 

Acer T232HL Touchscreen

Get Acer’s latest T232HL touchscreen monitor, to remind yourself of how you touched lives this Christmas with Newstead’s Gift You Tech initiative.

Quad High Definition Monitors

Otherwise, take your pick from Newstead’s wide selection of monitor screens and upgrade your basic LED/LCD screens to a Quad High Definition Screen and you’ll be watching movies at four times the standard 720p resolution. 


About Newstead  


Newstead is the mastermind behind some of big tech retail outlets in Singapore like Apple Premium Reseller nübox, lifestyle retail concept store Digital Style and Check out their five new stores at Marina Square Shopping Mall @ Ave 10 Digital Playground. You’re bound to find something you need within this 10,000 square feet. 

Don’t leave your tech lying around, trade them in instead and make a beeline for Newstead outlets islandwide to Gift Your Tech – it’s the best way to do charity and get Christmas gifts for your friends and family. 

Find out more about Newstead’s Gift Your Tech initiative here

This post was brought to you by Newstead.

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