Unique angbaos for CNY 2021

The upcoming CNY once again warrants a trip down to the bank to withdraw new crisp notes and prepping your angbao stash. Spread the joy this year and step up your red packet game by getting your hands on these nine unique angbaos that’ll earn you brownie points.

From holographic packets to plantable ones, they’ll surely impress and even serve as a conversation-starter during awkward gatherings with distant relatives.

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1. Holographic packets – Instagrammable aesthetic

holographic ang bao
Image credit: Shopee

Throwback to secondary school days where holographic everything including nails, bags and apparel were the in thing. Bring the trend back with these holographic packets that are nothing less than eye-catching and IG-worthy.

An extremely versatile piece, this packet can be bought in bulk and repurposed on other occasions aside from CNY like weddings and baby showers. But be sure to give generously – your recipient will definitely not forget who it’s from!

Price: From $5.90/3pcs
Get the Holographic packets

2. 3D tiffin packets – removable “lid”

Image credit: Shopee

If you’ve got young nieces and nephews, you’ll know how fiddly they can get with their hands. Keep them occupied with the 3D tiffin packet that has a removable “lid” that’ll reveal the cute cartoon animals inside.

Decked in traditional huat colours of red and gold, this design will be popular among the adults as well – definitely ah ma-approved.

Price: $5.70/4pcs
Get the 3D tiffin packets

3. Naiise Bao Ga Liao set – for various occasions

Bao Ga Liao set
Image credit: Naiise

Not your typical red packets, the Naiise Bao Ga Liao set literally bao ga liao for every occasion with a uniquely Singaporean twist. Featuring eight designs, the set consists of uniquely-designed packets for Hari Raya, baby showers and even funerals – the all-encompassing set for lazy bums who refuse to continuously purchase packets.

But if you’re looking for a more CNY-centric set, they have other designs with more huat colours and Chinese greetings to oxpiciously ring in the lunar new year. 

Price: $16.80/20pcs
Get the Naiise Bao Ga Liao set

4. Left-handesign BĪJ envelops – plantable packets

Image credit: Left-handesign

It’s always a good time during the festive season, until you realise how many red packets are wasted each year. Environmentally-conscious individuals will delight in the Left-handesign BĪJ envelops that can be planted for you to harvest tomato and basil.

Handmade with seed paper, these angbao packets contain embedded with seeds that can be grown into herbs, so you repurpose the leftover packets after your bai nians. The envelopes also don’t dial down on aesthetics – they feature intricate designs inspired by florals and peranakan lanterns for true CNY feels.

Price: $12/4pcs
Get the Left-handesign BĪJ envelops

5. Demon Slayer packets – based on a popular anime film

Demon Slayer packets
Image credit: Shopee

With the recent hype surrounding the anime film Demon Slayer made as a sequel to the popular anime series, you can trust that these Demon Slayer packets will be a crowd-favourite among the kids – available in five designs featuring the film’s different characters.

It’s best you hide your red packets well though, the kids may be clambering over these coveted envelopes faster than you can say gong xi fa cai.

Price: $0.26/1pc
Get the Demon Slayer packets

6. Hope For Animals SG – 20% of proceeds will go to animal shelters

Hope For Animals SG
Image credit: @hopeforanimalssg

CNY to us may be all about indulging in countless steamboat meals and trying our luck at ban luck, but the animals in the shelters are still longing for a home even during the festivities. Do your part by purchasing one of the Hope For Animals SG packets – not only are the designs super adorable, but 20% of proceeds will be donated to these animal shelters too.

Whether you’re a fan of pugs or have a soft spot for corgis, you’ll delight in the many designs of these angbaos that showcase various dog breeds.

Price: $2/1pc
Get the Hope for animals SG red packets

7. Writteninstead – chic ox design

ox red packets
Image credit: @writteninstead

Since it’s the year of the ox, we definitely had to include a design that paid tribute to the Chinese zodiac. With a bright, young aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes, these angpaos come with a little blank scroll on the back for you to jot down the names of your relatives or write some well wishes for your elders.

And to keep your fresh, crisp notes intact, each angbao comes with a protective sleeve so you won’t have to worry about them getting dogeared in your bag.

Price: $10/3pcs
Get the Writteninstead red packets

8. Oak Joy – name customisation available

oak joy packetsImage credit: @oak_joy

Newlyweds who’ll be giving out their first batch of angbaos this year can opt for these artful red packets from Oak Joy, accented with brush strokes and calligraphy that add modish flair to the otherwise conventional red packets.

They even offer name customisation at an additional $2 to make your first angbao together all the more monumental and thoughtful. It also prevents you from accidentally giving a stranger an $80 red packet that’s meant for your parents.

Price: $8/8pcs
Get the Oak Joy red packets

9. The Paper Bunny – aesthetic English typography

The Paper Bunny 2021 Red packets
Image credit: The Paper Bunny

Jiak kantangs who struggle with Chinese and fall back on the usual CNY blessings like gong xi fa cai and shen ti jian kang while giving out your angbaos can rely on The Paper Bunny’s red packets as a breath of fresh air. They feature blessings in English that you can refer to when your mind’s drawing a blank.

It also helps that words are printed in simple yet stylish letterings that contrast well against the CNY-apt periwinkle and tangerine shades giving it a pretty minimalist look.

Price: $5/8pcs
Get The Paper Bunny red packets.

BONUS: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre – talking ox in five dialects

SCCC red packetsImage credit: SCCC

Speaking of unique angbaos, it’s not every day that you’ll get to see a talking red packet- and yes, you read that right. Simply scan the QR code on the back of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) red packet and pan your phone to the animated ox on the front to witness it come to life in 3D.

Scroll through the different languages to hear the ox verbalise CNY greetings in five different dialects – a great way to teach the younger ones some useful phrases when they receive angbaos from the relatives.

All you’ve got to do is to participate in one of SCCC’s events from now till 28th March 2021 and keep a lookout for the giveaway details on their  Facebook, Instagram and Wechat to participate.

Price: Free, check their website for details.

Unique angbaos to give out this CNY

Though it burns a little hole in your pocket every year, the smiles on your relative’s faces make it worthwhile – especially the ecstatic young un’s who you’ve caught secretly prying open their red packets in the corner. And it’s already a great feeling to be receiving money, you can double the happiness by giving out an aesthetic angbao that your recipients are bound to love and possibly reuse in the future.

So whether you want to be awarded as best auntie or uncle, or simply want to impress your in-laws, these nine unique angbaos will definitely make you and your partner stand out from the crowd.

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Image adapted from: Shopee, @oak_joy and Left-handesign