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west mall bt21 - cover

Celebrate CNY At West Mall With Free BT21 Goodies, Themed Prosperity Bags & Cookie Workshops

West Mall CNY 2024 – BT21-themed activities & promos

It’s that time of the year again where malls get decked out in CNY decor as far as the eye can see. If you’ve always chalked it off as obiang, West Mall is here to challenge that notion. Their Spring Into Prosperity With BT21 activities and promos include BT21-themed goodies up for grabs, sporting adorable designs in chic colours.

For the uninitiated, BT21 is the brand collab between LINE Friends and K-Pop idol group, BTS Whether you want to give out angbaos that will be the most sought after in every house you visit, or are a BTS A.R.M.Y adding some prized merch to your collection, you know where to go.

Score BT21-themed CNY essentials like angbaos & prosperity bags

Receiving angbaos is obviously a joy. Who doesn’t love free money? But there’s an unspoken contest of who gives out red packets with the chio-est designs. And even if you’re not in a stage of life where you have to hand them out yet – lucky you – special angbaos are great fun to collect.

west mall bt21 - angbao

Whether or not you’re a BTS fan, these BT21 angbaos are too cute to resist. The pastel shades are very in trend, and we can’t get enough of how each of the characters are dressed in dragon costumes to signify the Year of the Dragon.

west mall bt21 - angbao 2

From 5th January to 24th February 2024 onwards, you can redeem an 8-piece set of BT21 red packets by spending $108 across a maximum of 2 same-day receipts. Each design is printed with different CNY greetings, like “万事如意” (“May everything go as you wish”) and “龙年大吉” (“Fortune in the Year of the Dragon”).

west mall bt21 - prosperity bags

You’ll need a handy little purse to stash all your angbaos in, and West Mall comes in clutch with their BT21 Prosperity Bags. They’re spacious enough to hold up to 6 oranges, making the perfect companion when you go house visiting. To get your hands on 1 of 7 designs, you’ll have to spend $208 across a maximum of 3 same-day receipts. 

west mall bt21 - merch

This also qualifies you to redeem 1 set of red packets. Plus, the bags contain special BT21 merch worth up to $125.

west mall bt21 - merch 2

The freebies within are a mystery, but some possibilities that you can expect include tees, caps, plushies, stationery, and even gadgets like humidifiers and wireless car chargers.

Note: Redemptions are applicable while stocks last. Double spending is required for selected stores. Do refer to the full terms and conditions on West Mall’s website.

BT21 photo ops, lion dance performances & roaming Cai Shen Ye

west mall bt21 - fair

What’s CNY prep without stocking up on decor and snacks for your guests? Swing by the Prosperity Fair at the L1 atrium – open from 11am-9pm on 5th January to 8th February – to purchase BT21-themed merch.

west mall bt21 - stalls
Fun fact: all the stall names have “龙” (dragon) in the name.

west mall bt21 - candies

Expect to see a vast array of festive munchies too, including unique choices like nougat in seasalt, passion fruit, and strawberry flavours, mango plums, sesame shortcake, and orange peel soft candies.

The snacks at your household this year are guaranteed to please the palates of both young and old. Plus, shoppers get to purchase an adorable BT21-themed container at $18 and stuff it to the brim with a mix-and-match medley of whatever snack they desire.

west mall bt21 - talent
There’ll be BT21-themed photo opps for you to post your CNY greetings in style.

Get into the CNY spirit by catching some free dragon and lion dance performances, set against the infectious beat of the dong dong qiang drums and cymbals. These will be taking place at West Mall’s L1 Atrium at 5pm on 16th February, and 12pm on 17th-18th February.

west mall bt21 - talent 2
Check out the zodiac fortune displays to see what 2024 has in store for your sign.

You’ll also get to catch 3 roaming Cai Shen Ye mascots in action on 27th-28th January, and 3rd-4th February. See the bubbly God of Fortunes making their rounds at 12pm and 5pm. Perhaps a picture and high-five with one of them will seal the deal of your riches this year.

Celebrate CNY BT21 style at West Mall

west mall bt21 - talent 3

For more activities to get you geared up for CNY, sign up for West Mall’s Cookie Crafting workshops. They’ll be held at B1 Atrium D – in front of Cold Storage – at 2pm on 27th- 28th January, and 3rd-4th February. All you have to do is redeem a workshop pass with 38 West Mall Rewards Points. 

west mall bt21 - app

What are West Mall Rewards Points, you ask? The West Mall Rewards app and loyalty programme lets you rack up points for expenditure within the mall, which you can use to redeem perks like mall vouchers, parking credits, and of course, member-exclusive events like this workshop. Hurry though, as each slot is limited to 15 pax.

With so many events lined up and promos up for grabs, the West is looking like a stellar choice to usher in the Year of the Dragon, complete with a BT21 spin.

Find out more about West Mall’s CNY events & promos

This post was brought to you by West Mall.
Photography by John Lim.

1 Bukit Batok Central,
Singapore 658713
05 Jan - 24 Feb 2024
10:00 am - 10:00 pm