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13 Homegrown Singaporean Snack Brands To #SupportLocal While Snacking

Singaporean snack brands

Whether you’re a live-to-eat or eat-to-live person, snacks are essential when it comes to studying, working or just anything in general. Some common snacks that we all have in our pantry would probably be nuts, biscuits, and chips from brands such as Calbee, Jill’s or Lays. But tbh, some of our favourites are from Singaporean snack brands because they have local flavours like mala or salted egg. 

Here’s a list to have on your radar, so that you can #SupportLocal while filling your stomach. 

1. – Freeze-dried fruits like durian

singaporean snack brands-plucked banana durian

Keeping fruits fresh and cool can be quite the challenge especially if you’re taking them with you on the go. Here’s where freeze-dried fruits come into the picture. They’re actual fruits that have gone through a drying process to have all their moisture removed while maintaining the fruit’s original nutrients and flavour. offers vegan, gluten-free freeze-dried fruit options such as Durian ($4.75), Banana ($4.00), and Strawberry ($4.00). There are also new flavours that include Apple ($4.00), Pineapple ($4.00) and Cranberries ($4.00)

singaporean snack brands-plucked strawberry

You no longer have to feel guilty about snacking 24/7 because these snacks have no added preservatives or sugar. Each packet has also been portion-controlled and contains about 60-100 calories – making great toppings for your granola or acai bowl.

If you’re looking for an alternative gift idea, there are also healthy gift boxes starting from $28.80 up for grabs. 

Available at: website – free delivery for orders over $20. 

2. Ooh – Mala chips from $2.80

singaporean snack brands-ooh mala
Image credit: @whatthefeasts via Instagram

Singaporeans love all things spicy and Ooh knows that. You’ve most likely seen their bestsellers – Ooh Mala Green Peas ($5.00), Ooh Mala Peanuts ($3.90), Ooh Mala Prawn Crackers ($3.50) – on supermarket shelves. They’re so addictive, you’d have devoured a whole pack before you even realise it. There’s also a MINI series ($2.80) of the above-mentioned snacks for those who are looking to just try first

To spice things up, Ooh has also launched exclusive flavours in the past such as the Ghost Pepper Mala Potato chips for Halloween.

Available at: Ooh’s website, FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. 

3. Irvins – Iconic salted egg chips

singaporean snack brands-irvins
Image credit: via Instagram 

Although the salted egg chips craze ended a while back, you know, I know, we all know that salted egg still holds a special place in our hearts. You can look to Irvins to fill your salted egg cravings with their selection of snacks – whether it’s Salted Egg Potato Chips ($5.90), Salted Egg Fish Skin ($5.20), or Salted Egg Salmon Skin ($5.60)

Irvins also has a Singapore-Themed Classic Box ($19.90), containing 4 different flavours – both the original and “hot boom spicy” edition of the fish skin and potato chips. Get the Irvins Party Pack ($9.60) – containing 30g packets of fish skin, potato chips, and salmon skin – if you’re playing host for the weekend. 

Available at: Irvin’s website and official outlets, FairPrice, Cold Storage, convenience stores and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. 

4. Mala Mala – Air fried chips with varied spice levels

singaporean snack brands-mala mala
Image adapted from: @lickscreenfortaste via Instagram, @lickscreenfortaste via Instagram

There are 2 types of people in the world – homies who eat chilli padi as a snack and those who start sniffing when eating their second scoop of laksa. To cater to different levels of spice tolerance, Mala Mala presents 3 different options – mild spicy, super spicy, and crazy spicy.

The chips at Mala Mala are made from premium spices and every chip is hand-cut. They’re also air-fried instead of deep-fried – which makes them a healthier option since less oil is used. Some of our recommendations would include their Mala Mala Fish Skin ($8.00) and Mala Mala Mushroom Chips ($9).

Available at: Mala Mala’s website – free delivery for orders over $20.

5. Renew – Nuts inspired by local dishes

singaporean snack brands-renew nuts
Image credit: Renew Singapore via Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered how your everyday local dishes would taste if they were a snack, you got your answer. Renew features a range of artisan snacks such as Briyani ($7.90), which are lightly baked cashews with spices and blackcurrants and Hainanese ($7.90), seasoned with ginger and various spices.

singaporean snack brands-renew nuts gift set
Image credit: Renew Singapore via Facebook

A care pack ($25) – consisting of 2 different packets of nuts and 2 portions of coconut water and organic tea – is also available if you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s caught a flu bug. There’s also a subscription box ($55) where you’ll receive 6 boxes of 4 snacks weekly or fortnightly – depending on your choice. 

Available at: Renew website – free delivery to all Singapore addresses, local courier is included for orders over $50. 

6. Uncle Saba – Vegan & gluten-free poppadoms

singaporean snack brands-uncle saba
Ready-to-eat poppadom.
Image credit: @binfluncer_ via Instagram

Presenting to you the first ready-to-eat poppadom lentil chip in a can. With Uncle Saba, you can now enjoy poppadom as a snack on the go. Uncle Saba’s poppadoms are halal-certified, cholesterol free, and do not contain trans-fat or MSG.   

It’s affordable and easily accessible – you can get your hands on one for $2.53 per can at FairPrice or in a bundle of 3 ($8.25). Bigger bundles are also available starting from $34.80 for 12 cans from their website. 

Available at: Uncle Saba’s website, FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Shiong, convenience stores and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

7. F.east – Chip flavours like rendang, egg prata & laksa

singaporean snack brands-f.east local flavours

Imagine your favourite plate of chicken rice asking you – would you love me if I were a packet of potato chips instead? Same energy as all those “would you love me if I were a worm?” questions. Well, you’ll really get to taste your favourite local dishes – beef rendang, egg prata with fish curry or laksa – as potato chips now with F.east

Available at: Selected supermarkets such as FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. 

8. Fupi – Curry & wasabi beancurd skin snacks

singaporean snack brands-fupi beancurd skin
Image adapted from: @mejtime via Instagram, @mejtime via Instagram 

Beancurd skin is a die-die must-have in every Singaporean’s hot pot session. Thanks to Fupi, you can now enjoy beancurd skin as a snack and even try it in various flavours. Whether you’re a Sichuan-based or tomato-based hotpot person, there are many bundles you can try such as the Sichuan Mala Beancurd Skin Crisps (from $5.20) and Hot Pot Tomato Beancurd Skin Crisps (from $5.20)

singaporean snack brands-fupi packets
Image credit: via Instagram

Fupi also offers skin sticks such as their Seaweed Wasabi Beancurd Skin Sticks (from $5.20) and Green Curry Beancurd Skin Sticks (from $5.20)

Available at: Fupi website, FairPrice, convenience stores and online marketplaces like Shopee. 

9. The Cookie Museum – Gift-ready cookies in pretty tins

singaporean snack brands-the cookie museum tin
Image credit: @thecookiemuseum via Instagram 

The Cookie Museum offers a wide range of locally-inspired cookies packed in aesthetic tins – the type where your parents would keep money or their sewing kits inside. It’s great if you’re looking for a nice gift that’s unique.

singaporean snack brands-the cookie museum cookies
Image credit: @thecookiemuseum via Instagram

Some of our favourites include their 24-piece Chilli Crab Cookies ($40) and Chicken Rice Cookies ($40), as well as the 32-piece Shrimp Laksa Cookies ($48)

Available at: The Cookie Museum’s website – free collection at Suntec City Mall #01-313. 

10. The Kettle Gourmet – Traditional & locally-inspired popcorn

singaporean snack brands-the kettle gourmet
Image adapted from: @mysweetlittletooth via Instagram, @mysweetlittletooth via Instagram

The Kettle Gourmet features a wide selection of gourmet popcorn flavours ranging from your all-time favourites such as Salted Caramel and Chocolate to locally inspired flavours such as Fish Head Curry, Nasi Lemak, and Chilli Crab. Opt for bundles of 8 packs for $40 or get a family pack at $15

If popcorn ain’t your thing, The Kettle Gourmet also sells Yumi Original Corn Sticks – inspired by a Japanese recipe. Get your hands on a bundle of 6 packets with 20 sticks each for $35

Available at: The Kettle Gourmet’s website, FairPrice, Cold Storage, and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

11. Dan’s Bites – Crispy brownies chips

singaporean snack brands-dans bites
Image adapted from: @vplabel via Instagram 

Dan’s Bites is for those who love brownies but also want some extra ASMR crunch crunch. It’s Singapore’s 1st brownie with a crisp and it offers a myriad of flavours such as White Brownies Crisps and Red Velvet Brownie Crisps ($11 for 2 80g packets). BBT lovers will be happy to know that they have Milk Tea Brownie Crisps ($11 for 2 80g packets).  

Available at: Dan’s Bites website – free delivery for orders $28 and above. FairPrice and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. 

12. The Golden Duck – Now has Korean cheesy BBQ potato ridges

singaporean snack brands-the golden duck
Image adapted from: via Instagram

Some might recognise The Golden Duck as one of the more notable and recognisable local snack brands we have here in Singapore and undoubtedly, they’re known for their salted egg flavoured snacks – a hit among us locals. 

singaporean snack brands-the golden duck snack with cat
Image adapted from: via Instagram

The Golden Duck has since expanded and now includes many other interesting flavours such as Korean Cheesy BBQ Potato Ridges ($7.80), Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura ($7.80), and Tom Yum Seaweed Tempura ($8.00) – which we believe are worth the try. 

Eco-friendly readers will be happy to know that the packaging at The Golden Duck is 100% recyclable. Recycled paper is used for packaging along with built-in handles to reduce the usage of additional bags.

Available at: The Golden Duck website – free delivery to any Singapore address for orders with a minimum spend of $20. Supermarkets such as FairPrice, Cold Storage and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

13. With Love, Gretel – Natural baked superfoods without additives

singaporean snack brands-with love gretel
Image credit: With Love, Gretel via Facebook

This is an announcement for all those looking for a not-so-boring healthy snack to munch on. With Love, Gretel ain’t just another bag of nuts. Their nuts are baked instead of roasted so that nutrients are kept intact. 

There is a selection of flavours for you to choose from so that you won’t get bored. Some recommended flavours include Himalayan Pink Salt ($3.30/50g), Truffle Salt ($3.30/50g), and Sriracha Ginger Honey ($3.30/50g)

Available at: With Love, Gretel – free delivery for orders above $20. Supermarkets such as FairPrice and online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. 

#SupportLocal with these Singaporean snack brands

The next time you’re at a supermarket or refilling your pantry, look out for these homegrown Singaporean snacks. In fact, a lot of them – like Irvins and Ooh – have become household brands. 

As the saying goes, food brings people together. Many of these snacks incorporate elements of our local culture – which is a good way to celebrate and promote our unique Singaporean culture and identity. 

For more food options here:

Cover image adapted from: @mejtime via Instagram, @thecookiemuseum via Instagram,  @whatthefeasts via Instagram