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If your office pantry is full of unhealthy snacks and you can’t help but reach for them, it might be time to take matters into your own hands. But there’s no need to do grocery runs during your lunch break every week because there are plenty of healthy snack delivery options in Singapore. Some even deliver to your door free of charge, with no minimum spend. 


1. Box Green – nutritionist-approved, with nut-free options


healthy snack deliveries singapore boxgreenImage credit: @boxgreenco

Mindlessly snacking on a packet of unhealthy crisps while watching TV will be a thing of the past with Box Green’s portion controlled, nutritionist-approved snacks. A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription box ($19.90) lets you pick up to 6 snacks – you’ll get about 2 bags of each and a total of 12 bags of snacks per box.

healthy snack deliveries singapore boxgreenImage credit: @boxgreenco

Choose from a selection of nut-free options like Quinoa Cocoa Cookie or Acai Berry Granola and crunchy snacks like Shiitake Mushroom Chips or Apple Crisps. They’ve also categorised their snacks based on nutrition and dietary preferences like vegan, paleo and gluten-free.

If you prefer not to sign up for a subscription box, you can always order a la carte from as low as $2.90. Delivery is free of charge for subscription boxes, but delivery for ala carte orders are chargeable at $3.90.

Delivery fee: Free for subscription boxes, $3.90 for ala carte orders.


2. Renew Snacks – unique nut flavours like sweet sambal and briyani


healthy snack deliveries singapore renewImage credit: Renew Singapore

Renew offers a weekly or fortnightly subscription box at $49.90 for 6 boxes containing 4 packets (30g each) of randomised nut-based snacks. Alternatively, customise your own snack packs (300g) and choose your own flavours and ingredients at $22.90

healthy snack deliveries singapore renewMatcha sliced almonds with choc drops and macadamias
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Choose from a wide variety of flavoured nuts at $7.90 per 100g, like Sweet Sambal, Hainanese and Briyani. Of course, they also have regular nuts like almonds and cashews. You can purchase their nut butter in flavours like Lavender Pistachio and White Earl Gray Cashew. You’ll be pleased to know that there aren’t any delivery charges or minimum order.

Delivery fee: Free


3. Oatberry – gluten-free granola


healthy snack deliveries singapore oatberryImage credit: Oatberry

Oatberry offers gluten-free granola that’s freshly baked every week with no additives, refined sugars or preservatives for guilt-free snacking. Sign up for The Breakfast Club, a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription priced from $15/month which you can change or cancel anytime. Alternatively, you can also make an ala carte purchase for $16.90 at no delivery charge or minimum order. 

healthy snack deliveries singapore oatberryImage credit: The Oatberry

Choose from flavours like Double Chocolate, Maple Pecan and Cinnamon Apple, which are perfect to have for breakfast or as an on-the-go snack. Most of the ingredients used are also certified organic.

Delivery fee: Free


4. Snack Guru – halal beef jerky that’s paleo-friendly


healthy snack deliveries singapore thesnackguruImage credit: @thesnackguru

Those who swear by the Paleo diet will want to check out Snack Guru – all their snacks are void of refined sugars, white flour, preservatives or additives. You can choose to purchase their boxes or simply buy whichever snacks you like. Boxes like Nutcracker ($45) are filled with vegan-friendly snacks like Kale chips, organic matcha nougat and organic cacao nibs coconut cookies. 

healthy snack deliveries singapore thesnackguruImage credit: Snack Guru

Not to be missed is their Halal range of Beef Jerky ($7.90) in flavours like Chilli and Honey. A vegetarian option, Mushroom Jerky is also available. Alternatively, try their Zucchini Bread or their Ultimate Breakfast Cookie ($4.95) made of oats, almonds, flaxseeds and honey. There’s a delivery fee of $10 for orders below $100, but certain items like Beef Jerky can be collected free of charge at specific locations. 

Delivery fee:$10 for orders below $100 


5. Made Real – nutty low GI snacks


healthy snack deliveries singapore MADE REALImage credit: @maderealsg

Made Real offers a whole range of nutty vegan snacks with a low glycemic index (GI). Food with low GI is more slowly digested which can help you manage your hunger. Options include Fruit Cake (almonds, raisins, cranberries) as well as Crunchies (almonds, cacao nibs, pretzels), both priced at $5/pack. Each snack comes in 50g resealable packs, and you’ll enjoy free shipping if you spend at least $20.  

They offer discounted prices on their snacks regularly so stay tuned for such offers on their website.

Delivery fee: $6 for orders below $20.


6. Snack First – gluten-free snack packs with no artificial additives


healthy snack deliveries singapore snack firstImage credit: @snack.first

A house full of picky eaters will find something they like from Snack First, which offers a variety of nuts, dried fruits, granola crackers, cookies and biscuits with no artificial ingredients. Interesting items include Satay Sunkissed Cashews and Cheesy Cashews which come packed full of flavour but with none of the guilt.

healthy snack deliveries singapore snack firstImage credit: @snack.first

They also have gluten-free options like Chocolate Granola and a wide range of cookies like Almond cookies, Cashew Cookies and Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. The best part? There’s no delivery charge or minimum order. 

Delivery fee: Free


7. The Edible Co – halal-certified, dairy-free snacks


healthy snack deliveries singapore the edible coCocoa granola
Image credit: @themlkco

The Edible Co offers halal-certified snacks like granola, biscuits and nuts with no preservatives, refined sugar or dairy. You can choose to prepay for 3-months worth of snacks from $65/month. Their Just Granola ($195) 3-month plan will include monthly deliveries of 6 granola packets (250g) of your choice in flavours such as Coconut Gula Melaka and Honey Chia Pepitas

You can also opt to postpone your delivery if you’re heading abroad or for other reasons. 

healthy snack deliveries singapore the edible coImage credit: @theedibleco

Other snack options available include Salted Gula Melaka Almonds ($6.50) and Coconut Biscuits ($8.90). You can also purchase snacks for your little kiddos, like Biscuits for Little Hands ($8.90) which come in adorable teddy bear shapes. Delivery is free with a minimum order of $60, otherwise, a fee of $8 is applicable. 

healthy snack deliveries singapore the edible coBiscuits for little hands 
Image credit: The Edible Co

Delivery fee: $8 for orders below $60. 


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Skip the chips and stock your kitchen with healthy snacks for guilt-free indulgence. With so many flavours to choose from, you’ll never get bored of these snacks.