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hdb rooftop garden cover

11 Pretty HDB Rooftop Gardens In Singapore You Didn’t Know Existed In Our Heartlands

HDB rooftop gardens in Singapore

The humble heartlands are home to some of the best-kept secrets in Singapore, from low-key nature running trails to hidden rooftop gardens with a view. And for those of us living in HDBs, these gems of nature may even be right under our noses. 

To make sure we reached even the ulu-est of spots, we hopped into a car to suss out these 11 rooftop gardens in Singapore. We even discovered some only after scouring through Google Maps!

1. SkyVille @ Dawson – Highest garden on the 47th floor

hdb rooftop garden skyville @ dawson 1

The Southies of Singapore truly lucked out with SkyVille @ Dawson. As much as it serves condo realness, we can confirm that it’s most definitely an HDB.

hdb rooftop garden skyville @ dawson 2

It’s also got not one, not two, but five sky gardens, with the highest one perched waaay up on the 47th storey. Needless to say, the views from here aren’t for the acrophobic or faint of heart. 

hdb rooftop garden skyville @ dawson 3
The garden’s exterior reminded us of ancient Rome thanks to its concrete pillars, much like what you’d see at the National Gallery.  

Address: 86 Dawson Road, SkyVille @ Dawson, Singapore 141086
Visiting hours: 7AM-10PM, Daily

2. Punggol Bayview – Waterfront views

hdb rooftop garden punggol bayview 1

Anyone into the outdoors would be well-acquainted with Punggol by now, with its scenic nature spots like Coney Island, Lorong Halus and Punggol Waterway Park. Heck, even its HDB’s have waterfront views as well.

We erupted in a chorus of ooh’s and aah’s right as we got to Punggol Bayview’s rooftop garden, and all for good reason. 

hdb rooftop garden punggol bayview 2
Enjoy the breeze and unobstructed views of Punggol Reservoir and Pulau Punggol Timor

I must say, we’re pretty envious of residents who can soak in the views any time, any day they want.   

Address: 322A/B, 323C/D, Sumang Walk, Punggol Bayview, Singapore 822322

3. 54 Commonwealth – Urban jungle with “Japan” photo ops

hdb rooftop garden 54 commonwealth 1

Decked out in lush greenery is 54 Commonwealth’s garden, giving us some major urban jungle vibes. 

hdb rooftop garden 54 commonwealth 2

Commonwealth may be as far as Japan for some of us, so make your trip here worthwhile by snapping some “sakura” shots with the vibrant crepe myrtle plants. You’ll be able to find these pink blooms at the opposite corner of the HDB linkway.

hdb rooftop garden 54 commonwealth playground
The garden also has an interactive playground that features learning zones in English, Spanish, and French.

Address: 54 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 142054

4. Toa Payoh Central Horizon – Sky gardens across five blocks

hdb rooftop garden central horizon 1

Unless you’ve got the inside scoop as a Toa Payoh resident, chances are you’ve never heard of Central Horizon. Stretching across five blocks, its sky garden sits on the 12th storey and has a sprawling view of Toa Payoh Central all the way to Novena. 

hdb rooftop garden central horizon 2

With the hoard of food options the estate has to offer, the garden makes for a chill hangout spot to dabao your food over. Picnic date, anyone?

Address: 79A-79E Toa Payoh Central, Central Horizon, Singapore 311079

5. The Peak Toa Payoh – Community garden with local produce

hdb rooftop garden the peak
Set against the backdrop of high-rise HDBs, this green space is the epitome of a “garden in a city”.

Just when you thought we were done with Toa Payoh, it’s back with yet another garden at The Peak’s multi-storey car park (MSCP) that’s worth visiting while in the area. 

hdb rooftop garden the peak community garden
The residents here have an uber-cute community garden with plants like bitter gourd and papaya

The Peak is also bordered by foodie hotspots such as Creamier and Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Food Centre, so be sure to pop by for a meal once you’re done snapping your photos for the ‘gram. 

Address: 138 Lorong 1A Toa Payoh, Singapore 310138

6. Sengkang Coral Spring – Next to Seletar Mall

hdb rooftop garden coral spring

Sengkang’s younger sister Punggol might have been stealing the limelight as of late, but that doesn’t mean there’s little to see or do at the older estate. Just a stone’s throw from Fernvale LRT station is Coral Spring, with a rooftop garden located atop an unassuming MSCP nearby.

hdb rooftop garden coral spring exercise playground

Besides having a stretch at the fitness corner or bringing your pup here for a walk, you can also check out The Seletar Mall for food options if you’re feeling peckish. 

Address: 410 Fernvale Road, Coral Spring, Singapore 791410

7. 588 Ang Mo Kio – Family-friendly rooftop garden

hdb rooftop garden 588 amk mscp 1

Features like rooftop gardens might seem like a modern-day development in Singapore, making the one at Block 588 MSCP in the mature estate of Ang Mo Kio a rare sight. With its brightly-coloured playground for tots and a seniors’ fitness corner, the garden is great for family time for residents.

hdb rooftop garden 588 amk mscp 2

And good news if you live nearby – the garden is located right smack in AMK Central, making it a convenient meet-up location if your friends are scattered all over our sunny island. There’s no lack of eateries nearby either, like Magic Kitchen and $1.30 Dim Sum, which are just less than a 5-minute walk away. 

Address: 588 Ang Mo Kio Street 52, Park Central @ AMK, Singapore 560588

8. 785 Woodlands Rise – Quiet retreat in the north

hdb rooftop garden woodlands rise 1

If you’re one to savour solitude, 785 Woodlands Rise’s quaint garden is one place that’s definitely away from the hustle of the city. 

The estate is situated a tad deeper in the north, meaning you’ll get a pretty unique view of power plants in the distance while taking a stroll here – not something you’d typically see around Singapore. 

hdb rooftop garden woodlands rise 2

While it might be ulu, you can take the opportunity to check out some industrial area gems in the vicinity.

Address: 785 Woodlands Rise, Woodlands Pasture II, Singapore 730785

9. City Vue @ Henderson – Sky bridges and vibrant MSCP garden

hdb rooftop garden cityvue skybridge

With sky bridges on the 28th floor, it’s no wonder that City Vue @ Henderson is known as a prime location for catching NDP fireworks

hdb rooftop garden cityvue mscp

The rooftop itself features a hard court, playground, and pretty manicured gardens – a peaceful respite to come chill after a long day at work. 

hdb rooftop garden cityvue mscp playground
The playground also has a flying fox for some nostalgic fun

Note: The hard court is off-limits for the time being.

Address: 96 Henderson Road, City Vue @ Henderson, Singapore 150096

10. Kallang Trivista – Spot National Stadium and Kallang River

hdb rooftop garden kallang trivista 1

Just a stone’s throw away from Kallang MRT, Kallang Trivista has plenty to boast about. One end of the rooftop has views of the Kallang River, while the other side faces the National Stadium against Singapore’s skyline. Keep your eyes peeled for otters that may make an appearance by the river if you’re lucky!

hdb rooftop garden kallang trivista 2

The residents here also have their own community garden where they cultivate local vegetables and flora.

Address: 8 Upper Boon Keng Road, Kallang Trivista, Singapore 382008

11. 967 Pioneer – “Alfresco dining” next to popular NTU haunt

hdb rooftop garden pioneer 1

To those in the wild, wild, West, you’re not forgotten. Whether you’re a Westie or someone who has travelled from the other end of the island, Block 967’s MSCP rooftop is a chill spot to visit if you’re in the area. 

hdb rooftop garden pioneer 2

NTU students and alumni would be familiar with the kopitiam next door, a.k.a. “Extension”. With stone tables and chairs dotting the garden, you can get yourself a meal and head over to enjoy the breezy open-air space.

Address: Block 967 Multi-Storey Car Park, Pioneer Road North

Quiet rooftop gardens in Singapore

hdb rooftop garden skyville @ dawson mscp

Our island takes pride in being called a “Garden City”, and these rooftop gardens showcase just that. Most of these locations are fairly easy to get to by public transport, but those getting here by car will have no problems finding MSCPs nearby for parking. 

hdb rooftop garden tribecar
We decided to put our driving skills to the test by renting a ride from Tribecar to bring us around, which made for a fun and impromptu road trip. Check out our full guide to Tribecar.

If you’re visiting these gardens, do remember to be respectful towards the residents by cleaning up after yourselves and minding your volume during your late-night HTHTs.

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Photography by Clement Sim.