Staycaytions in Singapore


Ahhh, staycations. Waking up to a place away from home. Waddling in unreasonably long bubble baths. Only having to worry about a lack of stamina to eat up the entire buffet spread. How’s that not the dream?

Alas, a night at a decent hotel can easily cost up to $300. Money is hard earned and shouldn’t be squandered like that, so here’re 15 alternative staycations for a weekend getaway. For friends visiting Singapore, they make quirky lodging recommendations too!


Unknown Gems


1. Shophouse Stay – Rabbit Carrot Gun



Price: $150-$195/night, depending on room type 

I believe this is the first restaurant in Singapore to offer lodging, living up to its slogan: “Eat. Drink. Sleep.” All 5 classes of rooms at Rabbit Carrot Gun has artsy-fartsy written all over it, combining funky decor with a homely ambience. Housed just above the diner in Joo Chiat, the rooms are thoughtfully soundproofed for an undisturbed shophouse stay.

Address: 49 East Coast Road, Singapore 428768
Tel: 6348 8568


2. Treehouse Villas at Changi



Price: Approximately $120/night for a 4D3N package

This place is only open for bookings by SAF personnel, but it’s too pretty to not be mentioned. The treehouse villa is an updated version of chalets that have seen better days, putting you in a holiday mood with its Balinese decor and impressive resort facilities and furnishings. How does anyone say no to this outdoor sunken bath?


Only SAF personnel can make bookings at these villas, so bug your friends for help!

3. Punggol Ranch



Price: $180 and $200/night for Deluxe and Family rooms respectively

Unbeknownst to many, Punggol Ranch offers more than horse riding. At the Gallop Stables, you can stay in one of these cutesy Gallop Wagons! It’s awfully secluded and it’ll be somewhat scary to venture out at night without a car – but that’s the beauty of it.

Address: 900 Punggol Rd – Track 24, Singapore 829168
6690 0900


4. D’Kranji Farm Resort



Price: $170 and $190/night for Standard and Superior Villa respectively.

Sitting in the ulu North of Singapore, D’Kranji Farm Resort is where you can enjoy the cheap thrill of having your own landed property for a couple of days. If you want to be close to nature without the little inconveniences, the rooms here aren’t shabby at all. Some of Singapore’s hidden farms lie in the vicinity, making it a tranquil retreat from humans and ERP gantries in the city.

Address: Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 
Tel: 6898 9228 


5. Vintage Inn



Price: $32 and $63/night for Single and Double Capsule respectively

Hostels have earned a sometimes shady reputation of being “just a place to stay”, but Vintage Inn is just one of the quirky boutique hostels that Singaporeans aren’t acquainted with. This compact and pretty space offers both single and twin capsules in the neighborhood of Little India.

Address: 60 Race Course Road, Singapore 518567
Tel: 6396 8751 


6. White Sails Yacht



If the regular staycation doesn’t interest you, a night out on a yacht should have you onboard. Keep your eyes peeled for the $399 promotions White Sails usually offer on deal-of-the-day websites. It’s slightly pricier than the average staycation but it’s worth every cent when your friends’ jaws drop when they see your posts on Instagram.



7. Sentosa Kampung Hut



Price: $89/night

Amongst all the fancy hotel options available at RWS, Costa Sands Kampung Hut is the only staycation on this touristy island that costs less than $100. Living up to its name, each hut is equipped with 2 bunk beds, power plugs and air conditioning – incredibly minimal yet relaxed. With barbecue pits and swimming pool, it’s an ideal and budget staycation idea for your group of friends.

Address: 30 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, 099537
Tel: 6275 1034 


8. The Residence



Price: From $222/night on travel sites. 

Centrally located in the city right beside the Padang, the Residence is a lodging property of Singapore Recreation Club. At possibly the most affordable staycation in the vicinity at approximately $200, expect to find more facilities than you will at a hotel – bowling, billiards, darts and a gorgeous indoor swimming pool with jacuzzis.

Address: B Connaught Drive, 179682
Tel: 6595 0555




My experiences with Airbnb overseas were one of a kind. I discovered that while hotels can pamper you with luxurious offerings, they can never match the personality offered by houses in the local heartlands and neighborhoods. Here are some of the most interesting ones in Singapore.

9. Photo Studio At One-North


Price: $180/night

This colonial-style residence sits amongst other art studios in Wessex Estate. Sporting a bare, industrial design, it’s divided into a living space and a functional studio for photo shoots. If you need a getaway to spark your artistic muse, this is it.


10. Soho Luxury Studio at Bugis


Price: $200/night

If staying in someone else’s apartment doesn’t tickle your fancy, many apartments on Airbnb are furnished in the style of hotels. This studio apartment along Liang Seah street, with its open concept bathroom and projector screen, is where you could stay indoors for a movie marathon all weekend long.



Get planning!


Update: The contest below is now over.

But y’know what’s better than budget? Free! And that can soon be a reality with the Singapore Invites contest, which lets you invite a friend over to Singapore without having to fork out a single cent for accommodation or airfares. You also get to win a staycation for yourself, that means spending more fun & quality time with your invited guest over a slumber party!

Be it a friend from school exchange or someone you met online, tell us about your dream experience in Singapore with him/her, and you may just get to fulfill the reunion, as this pair of BFFs did after one of them relocated from Japan:

Perhaps you’ve self-declared a day off to be a tourist in your own country, or maybe you wanna take some time off to get inspired. With this list, you can take a breather over one of the many long weekends ahead in 2016. And if you’ve an overseas friend in mind to share these experiences with, you need to fly him/her over pronto!

Maybe you’ve been meaning to let him try our national fruit for the first time, or reach a verdict on whether Boon Tong Kee or Tian Tian wins the chicken rice war. Submit before 6 December and you could be one of the 25 lucky winners!


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