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10 Hidden Farms in Singapore You Never Knew Existed

Farms in Singapore

If you long for something more than the dreary Singaporean cityscape, you’ll enjoy taking in the fresh air at Singapore’s underrated countryside. Yes, we actually have one. It’s a little known fact that Singapore has numerous farms scattered around the island.

Most of them are around the Kranji area though, and recent emphasis on organic food has finally brought some of these farms back into the spotlight. As part of our #SG50 initiative, we decided to highlight this cool countryside part of our island.

If sunshine, cute animals and nature sound like your cup of tea, take a weekend off and check out some of these hidden farms.

1. The Animal Farm


b2ap3_thumbnail_the-animal-resort.jpgSource: –This actually looks really relaxing…. watch out for poop

The Animal Resort

Relive your kindergarten childhood with The Animal Resort! It’s a primary school oral description picture come to life with all kinds of adorable animals to view and play with. Feast your eyes on horses! Peacocks! And more! Seeds and feed are available for sale if you want to feed the animals, just don’t get your arm bitten off.

You can also learn basic pet grooming skills here and subject your own pet to your new found skills. Fun for the whole family!


Address: T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Science Centre Road
Getting There: Your best bet is to take a taxi from Yio Chu Kang or Serangoon MRT
Opening hours: 10am-6pm daily

2. The Goat Farm

source: Hay Daries

Hay Dairies

Hay Dairies is Singapore’s only surviving goat farm from her colonial days and now provides lovers of goat milk their local dose. With over 800 goats on the farm, the dairy produces milk that’s sold all over the island.

The farm used to rear pigs back in the day,  but the AVA offered them an alternative to raise goats during the reformation period in early Singapore.

Visitors to the Dairy can watch these adorable creatures up close and even participate in milking their very own bottle. Free entry for dudes wearing goatees and also everyone else.

Address: No. 3 Lim Chu Kang, Agrotech Park Lane 4, Singapore 718859
Getting There: Take the Kranji countryside express from Kranji MRT (Schedule) or take 975 opposite Choa Chu Kang MRT and alight at bus stop number 44531
Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday (9am-4pm viewing 9am-11am milking) b2ap3_thumbnail_0000_Hay-Dairies-1.jpgSource:

Goat milk? haha like got milk? Get it?!……..Ok I’ll stop

3. The Garden Farm

b2ap3_thumbnail_10152556_911734472186450_5648535729384816128_n.jpgYeah I checked you can’t grow “medicinal” herbs here

Edible Gardens

The best thing about Edible Gardens is that it’s not at some far flung corner of Singapore, but right near the heart of it. Edible Gardens started in Chinatown but proved a hit with the local community, expanding to several other locations near the city.

As a collaborative effort of various urban gardening and farming enthusiasts, Edible Gardens aims to take farming into the city for a greener and healthier lifestyle by teaching newcomers the basics of farming. You can try your hand at farming by plowing and planting your own crops when you visit any of them during their community sessions.

No screen tapping and annoying friend requests required.

b2ap3_thumbnail_10959519_1101857956507433_8266014214590811288_n.jpgSource: Edible “Garden City” Facebook page

Fill your box with love! Then kill it with negligence.

Getting there: community sessions rotate around various plots so check out the latest happenings here and join community sessions here.

4. The Fish Farm


ahhhh the singaporean sea, sweeping waves, passing ships, Malaysia and random plastic bags

Changi Fishery

The largest surviving kelong in Singapore, Changi fishery is located 15 minutes away from Changi Sailing Club by boat so you can pretend to be a bad ass pirate. The kelong houses a plethora of fish and even lobsters. While fishing for your own dinner isn’t allowed, you can help yourself to some of the freshest seafood you’ll find in Singapore. At a steep discount.

Rosemary Lau is the owner here. She used to work in an office but gave up those comforts and her life savings to open the farm so she could have her very own quality seafood. Visits and transportation need to be arranged with the fishery via email before hand.


Source: Changi Fishery

Getting There: Take a boat from Changi Sailing Club.

5. The Crocodile Farm

Source: YouTube

Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm

Yes, there’s actually a farm that rears crocodiles in Singapore.

Aside from the fact that they look cool and badass, crocodiles fetch a hefty price for their skin and meat in various parts of the world. This farm is said to house 13,000 crocs at any one time! But no worries – they’re kept safe in their enclosures and are mostly docile in nature.

Entry to the farm is extremely restricted but you can gain entry if you sign up with Uncle William’s Crocodile Farmtrail.

6. The Farm For Hipsters

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8606.JPGSource: Squat & Grow Facebook page

The Growell Pop Up

If going to an actual farm is too mainstream for you hipsters out there, The Growell Pop Up is a cool spot on Rowell Road where classes are held for all things agriculture. From growing your own home remedies to your next flower crown for Laneway, Growell has your hipster needs covered.

For details on their events visit their Facebook page.

Address: 107 Rowell Road
Getting There: From Little India MRT station, walk to Serangoon Road and take 23, 64, 65,66 , 67,  131, 139, 147, 857 and alight one stop later.

7. The Celebrity Farm

Bollywood Veggies

One of the best things about this farm are the passionate people that run it. Ivy Singh and her husband Lim Ho Seng run the farm as a passion project to inspire sustainable farming in Singapore. All the produce is organically grown so health nuts should love it here.

Come and join a tour led by the farm hands and learn some interesting facts about your favourite foods and how they are grown, and even how to save the planet by choosing the right food. After the tour, stop by the cafe and try out some dishes made with ingredients from the area.

The farm can also schedule cooking classes if you email them in advance. Be sure to buy Ivy a drink if you see her and be prepared for one of the most memorable conversations you’ll have! For more information, check out the write-up we did when we visited this place a while ago.

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road
Getting There: Take the Kranji countryside express from Kranji MRT (Schedule)
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Friday 9.30am-6.30am Saturday & Sunday 8am-6.30pm

8. The Frog Farm


Jurong Frog Farm

Hop on down to Jurong Frog Farm for a frogtastic fun time! “But Nick, they’re just frogs! Why would I wanna go see frogs?” Well I’m glad you asked that question dear reader. Frog legs are lean and delicious and make for a good snack. Also, according to Disney movies and fairy tales (totally reliable sources of info) kissing random frogs could free members of royalty from curses so you can try your luck.

Last but not least, the farm has their very own frog choir! No it’s not just a bunch of frogs lip synching the One Direction album but a performance using the sound male frogs make as they try to attract females. Sounds absolutely ribbeting!

Address: 56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6
Getting There: Take the Kranji countryside express from Kranji MRT (Schedule) or 975 opposite Choa Chu Kang MRT and stop at Lane 5 before walking into Lane 6
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday (By appointment) Saturday & Sunday (9am-5.30pm)

9. The Butterfly Farm


Oh’ Farms

On the surface, Oh’ Farms offers the standard farm tour most other farms in Singapore provide, but what’s cool here is that they also rear their very own butterflies! This farm uses the butterflies to pollinate their flowers and to promote a natural ecosystem.

If you like, you can even buy a butterfly starter kit and raise your own butterfly.

Address: 14A Bah Soon Pah Road
Getting There: Take 980 or 167 from Sembawang interchange alight at Dieppe Barracks it’s right across the road.
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am-5pm

10. The Farm With A Bit Of Everything

b2ap3_thumbnail_slide51.jpgSource: Farmart Centre

Farmart Centre

One last farm for the animal lovers. Farmart is also situated in the Chua Chu Kang area. The farm has an extensive tour programmes that bring you around to feed and pet the animals. You can also pick tours to visit neighbouring farms like Hay Dairies and Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm.

The farm also has a retail section where you can get some fresh and cheap ingredients from nearby farms. If you have exotic tastes, you will also be able to find rabbit, quail and crocodile parts here.

Address: 67 Sungei Tengah Road
Getting There: The farm has a shuttle service that picks you up opposite Lot 1 mall (Schedule)
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday (10am-10pm) Friday & Saturday (10am-12am)


So there you have it, our list of countryside sites to explore. Singapore may be turning #SG50 this year but She never seems to run of things to surprise us with!

So pack a bag, some mosquito repellent, a banjo, your green thumb, and a nice little picnic basket and head down for some country style fun! I’ll see ya there!

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