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Mr DIY Singapore

23 Best Things To Buy At Mr DIY Singapore – Cheap But Good Accessories, Homeware & Stationery

Mr DIY Singapore

Back in its home country, Mr DIY Malaysia has quite the cult following. Not only do Malaysians know that it’s a go-to for cheap yet quality knick-knacks, savvy Singaporean shoppers are known to swing by on trips across the causeway as well. So, you can imagine how stoked we were when the first Mr DIY Singapore outlet opened its doors in 2018.

They now have 11 outlets and, if you’ve yet to swing by one of the stores ‘cause you think they only sell DIY goods, you’d be sorely mistaken. It’s a bit of a misnomer, but Mr DIY actually carries products across every category under the sun. To help you sift through the aisles of endless products, we’ve shortlisted the 23 best things to buy at Mr DIY Singapore.

Note: Items may vary across outlets, prices are accurate at the time of writing.

– Lifestyle essentials –

1. Bottles & tumblers with XXL capacity

Water Bottles Mr DIY

It’s a lot easier to stay hydrated when your bottle sports pretty designs like gradients and pastel motifs, or come in unique geometric shapes. There are entire shelves stocked with bottles and tumblers of all capacities, from dainty 300ml ones that can fit into your handbag to gigantic 3.8l bottles that’ll save you from repeated trips to the water cooler.

Price: $1.80-$23.90

2. Yoga mats

Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is a staple if you’re looking to get active and stay in shape. Besides yoga, they’re also great for some stability during home workout routines.

Basic ones can be found at sports stores for about ten bucks, but boutique options can cost upwards of $60. Here, you’ll find decent quality mats from $7.50, great for beginner yogis who don’t want to commit to atas mats.

Price: $7.50-$21.50

– Fashion and accessories –

3. Claw clips

Trendy Claw Clips

In a classic case of retro fashion trends coming back in style, it’s now considered stylish and not auntie to kiap your hair. A good-looking claw clip is essential though, and you can take your pick from not just different styles here, but a wide range of textures as well. We’re talking matte, speckled, metallic, faux wood, and even frosted designs for a “jelly” effect.

Price: $0.90-$2.30

4. Pandora bracelet dupes

Fake Pandora Bracelet Dupe

Pandora charm bracelets are the quintessential accessory for elegant ladies. With these Pandora bracelet dupes that cost 1/10th of the price, you can save major moolah and not have to worry about sustaining damage to your “jewellery” if you’re prone to klutzy moments.

Price: $1.60-$2.10

5. Tote bags & lunch carriers

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a fuss-free receptacle when we’re heading to work or school, the supermarket, or just being out and about in general. Mr DIY has an impressive array of choices, from plain canvas totes and laser-cut leather bags to more elaborate designs with multiple compartments and even adjustable straps, so you can carry it as both a shoulder and sling bag.

Insulated Lunch Carrier Bag

They’ve also got a bunch of compact lunch carriers so you can tote your dabao-ed lunch around sans plastic bag, with the pricier pieces containing an insulated interior to keep your food nice and warm.

Price: $1.10-$15.50 for tote bags, $2.30-$11.60 for lunch carriers.

6. Trendy slides & comfy bedroom slippers

Slides, fake Birkenstocks

We may be criticised for looking a bit lupsup, but especially in Singapore’s sweltering hot weather, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of some good ol’ slippers. Browse through multiple shelves of slippers for men, women, and children, with trendy options like slides and even Birkenstock-inspired designs.

Fluffy Bedroom Slippers

If you’re looking for a new pair of bedroom slippers or comfy footwear to slip into at the office, check out their range of fluffy slippers that are cosy to wear and a delight to see.

Price: $3.10-$13.30 for outdoor slippers, $2.70-$11.50 for home slippers.

7. Backpacks & school bags

Mr DIY Backpacks School Bags

Stash your barang-barang in these spacious backpacks and school bags. While they may not be the most industry-grade in terms of quality and durability, have a look and feel and you’ll see that they’d get the job done and are pretty sturdy. Plus, their selection of designs and sizes is not too shabby at all.

Price: $6.90-$23.20

8. Wallets & purses

Wallets & Purses Mr DIY

Wallets and purses are a common essential for folks to splurge on. If you prioritise having a no-frills receptacle to store your cards and cash over flexing branded goods, there are plenty of designs available at Mr DIY. There are both men’s and women’s styles, so you can choose from sizes ranging from compact coin pouches to spacious long wallets.

Price: $3.30-$11.50

– Tech accessories –

9. Phone cases

Cute Phone Cases

Although there’s a myriad of phone cases available, keep in mind that they’re more decorative in nature – so don’t expect protection akin to heavy-duty phone cases.

Mr DIY Phone Cases

Designs range from plain colours and simple motifs to elaborate graphics. There are also cases with built-in features, like card holders, a pop-out ring that enables ergonomic holding and doubles as a phone stand, and a sliding camera panel to shield your lens from dust.

Tip: Although the standard designs are priced from the $1.10 mark, sift through the shelves and you might find clearance pieces for as low as $0.40.

Price: $1.10-$7.90

10. Wired earpieces with carry case

Wired Earpiece With Carry Case

Similarly, there are choices aplenty for these basic wired earpieces with carry case sets. They’re handy to keep on hand for when you need to plug into your phone or computer, and the carry case is great for keeping tangly mishaps at bay. 

Choose from cutesy and floral designs to Hypebeast-y faux Supreme logos. Meanwhile, the higher-priced models are on the less decorative side, but come equipped with mics and built-in controls.

Price: $2.90-$11.50

– Stationery –

11. Notebooks for bullet journaling

Pretty Notebooks

Staying motivated to study, journal, or just planning your life to success is undeniably easier with a pretty notebook

Hardcover Notebooks

With prices as low as $0.80 for a thinner soft-bound notebook and $5 onwards for thick hardcover ones, the quality, as well as the designs are comparable with that of legit stationery shops.

Price: $0.80-$10.90

12. Aesthetic files

Cute Plastic Files

Nothing gives off the impression of a scrub quite like producing crumpled-up papers, whether that be important documents or day-to-day printouts you’re bringing from one place to another. To keep them crisp and professional-looking, invest in one of these aesthetic files. They range from single sleeves to spacious folders which can hold stacks at a time.

Price: $0.60-$3.10

– Homeware –

13. Rugs & floor mats

Mr DIY Rugs & Floor Mats

You might think that rugs and floor mats just do the job of cushioning the ground or cleaning your feet respectively, but a well-designed one can transform your living spaces from drab to chic. 

Cute Animal Rugs

Mr DIY has super cheap basic mats including the traditional woven fabric kind you might remember your Ah Ma having, as well as plush rugs with cute animal designs.

Price: $1.30-$11.50

14. Minimalist crockery

Pretty Ceramic Plates

Whether you’re a new homeowner stocking up on basic kitchenware or want to invest in some aesthetic pieces for when guests come over, atas crockery can be a killer for the wallet especially if you’re purchasing multiple pieces of everything.

Feel free to splash your cash here, with minimalist crockery available at pocket-friendly prices. There are also melamine and ceramic options, so you can prep for various uses and occasions.

Price: $0.60-$3.80

15. Artificial potted plants & succulents

Artificial Potted Plants

For those who want to beautify their homes with plants but have no green thumb to speak of, try out these artificial potted plants and succulents in place of a proper DIY home garden. Sizes range from petite ones that will spruce up your desk, to larger ones with different coloured blooms.

Price: $1.80-$6.90

16. Wall mirrors & decorative statement pieces

Decorative Statement Mirrors Mr DIY

When it comes to quick tips to beautifying one’s home, adding some wall mirrors and decorative statement pieces can level-up the aesthetics without taking up space. Plus, you can’t deny how snazzy a mirror selfie or #fitcheck video looks when you snap it through a chio mirror.

You can mix and match smaller 10cm wall mirror panels to customise your own piece of reflective art, or purchase one of their decorative pieces that come in a range of shapes and sizes. Even the large pieces are capped at around 30 bucks, which is a fraction of how much boutique furniture stores are charging.  

Price: $3.70-$33

– Children’s items –

17. Cuddly plushies

Cute Plush Toys

Kid or not, we could all benefit from snuggling up to some cuddly plushies from time to time. One of the most eye-catching sections in every Mr DIY outlet, the floor-to-ceiling display of plush toys will have you spoilt for choice. Prices are tied more to the designs than the sizes, with popular designs being BBT, alpacas, and avocados.

Price: $3.10-$33

18. DIY slime kits

Mr DIY Slime Kits

Although the craze may not be at its peak anymore, slime is very much still a thing among Singaporean youth – and even some grownups. To customise your own sensory toy and play a part in exactly how it looks, purchase a DIY slime kit or two. There are special variants that sound intriguing even to non-slime fanatics, like glitter, crystal, and cosmic.

Price: $2.30-$4.10

19. Baby socks

Cute Baby Socks

There are very few things as cute and squeal-worthy as a baby’s tiny toes and feeties, and cute baby socks amplify that adorability. Of course, there’s always the concern of spending lots of cash on baby clothing that your bundle of joy will just outgrow in a matter of months, so it’s best to buy them at low prices – which Mr DIY offers.

Price: $1.70-$2.90

20. Kids serving plates & cutlery sets

Children's Serving Plates & Cutlery Sets

Parents know how challenging mealtimes can get for their little ones. To make the affair more exciting and engaging for your toddler – and get them to increase their confidence in self-feeding – serve their food on these assorted kids serving plates and cutlery sets. They come in shapes like animals and vehicles such as cars, helicopters and excavators.

Price: $1.20-$2.10

21. Beach toys & water guns

Beach Toys & Water Guns Mr DIY

Free water playgrounds are an excellent way for the family to beat the heat without actually going to a water park. Make the most of your outing with some beach toys and water guns to keep the kiddos entertained.

$1.10 can get you a small bucket and spade set or a mini water gun, with the bigger and more decked-out sets costing more, but still well under the price of major toy stores.

Price: $1.10-$12.50

22. Figurines & cooking sets

Mr DIY Toys - Figurines & Cars

If you’re all too familiar with your kid pleading for a new present every time you visit a toy store with them, take heart that the same ritual at Mr DIY won’t set you back that badly.

Cooking Toy Sets

The shelves of figurines and cooking sets are moderately priced, with cars, superhero and animal figurines costing under 10 bucks each. We also spotted multi-piece masak-masak sets from just $1.90.

Price: $2.10-$8.90 for figurines, $1.90-$12.90 for cooking sets.

23. Kids play tents

Mr DIY Kids Play Tent

For a “staycation” on a budget, let your children spend the night in a kids play tent and they’re likely to be chuffed all the same. These spacious play areas fold up into a compact carry case for easy storage, and take minutes to set up with the help of an adult.

Available in assorted designs including princess and wizard tents, they’re a great way for young ones to experience some adventure without heading too far from home.

Price: $33

Best things to buy from Mr DIY Singapore

Mr DIY Kinex Outlet

Apart from the name, Mr DIY’s smiley hammer mascot does little to combat the hardware store misconception. They do indeed carry your standard repair and home improvement gear, so that can be part of your shopping list as you go through this list of best things to buy.

Now that you know how chock-full of treasure finds the chain store is, gear up for a shopping spree that will do negligible damage to your bank account but will have you clocking hundreds of steps throughout the aisles. Nothing like a cardio sesh and retail therapy all at the same time!

Find a Mr DIY Singapore outlet near you

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Photography by Tasha Sun.