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Just Play Lah Gaming Cafe Expo MRT

This Gaming Cafe Right Under Expo MRT Has Over 50 Console, VR, Board & Card Games From $8/Hour

Just Play Lah gaming cafe

If you’re tired of the rinse-and-repeat formula of having a meal, maybe grabbing a BBT or dessert, and just shuffling around aimlessly till it’s time to go home, here’s a new idea for your next date or friend hangout: Just Play Lah is a gaming cafe conveniently situated at Basement 1 of Expo MRT station.

They have an extensive library of board, card, PC, and console games for Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Gaming sessions are priced at a modest $8/hour per pax on weekdays and $9/hour per pax on weekends, and a one-time top-up of $20 per booking grants you access to VR games that would otherwise be inaccessible without a full-fledged VR setup.

Popular couch party games like Overcooked, Mario Kart & FIFA

Just Play Lah Gaming Cafe - Couch Co-Op
Play in comfort on their cushy sofas and within a wide open space, instead of a cramped room.
Image credit: Just Play Lah

It’s always a hoot and half when you visit a friend’s house and they own a console, but that feeling of envy might not be enough to justify buying a Nintendo Switch or PS5 of your own.

At Just Play Lah, you can wrangle up some pals or your date to play popular couch party games whenever the urge arises. This way, occasional gamers won’t have to fight that pang of guilt of your console otherwise sitting there most of the time, collecting dust after you’ve spent hundreds on it.

Overcooked Co-Op Game
Couch co-ops like Overcooked and Moving Out will trigger chaos and hilarity.
Image credit: Ghost Town Games

FIFA Gaming Session
They carry FIFA 21, FIFA 22, and FIFA23 – perfect for the next boys’ night out.
Image adapted from: Just Play Lah

Super Smash Bros Game
Those with a competitive streak can challenge the squad to Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart.
Image credit: Bleacher Report

Action, horror, music & puzzle Virtual Reality (VR) games

With full-fledged VR theme parks like HeadRock VR, VR gaming is in a separate league altogether. After all, owning a complete VR gaming setup isn’t the most typical or financially sound investment one can make.

Oculus Rift VR Gaming
Just Play Lah uses Oculus Rift VR headsets and controllers.
Image credit: @justplaylah_sg

If you’d like to give popular VR games like Beat Saber or the teamwork-based, anxiety-inducing Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes a go, you can just top up an extra $20 per gaming session.

Virtual Reality Games
Choose from zombie apocalypse shooter games, wholesome puzzle adventure quests, and haunted house escape missions.
Image adapted: Steam, Joeylee976

PC console gaming with co-op & kid-friendly titles

They’ve got a slew of PC game titles to choose from, but you won’t be stuck behind a desk using only a tiny monitor, keyboard, and mouse setup to venture into the gaming universe.

PC Console Gaming - Just Play Lah
Image credit:
Just Play Lah

Immerse yourself fully and make use of gaming controllers at the PC console gaming stations, which are especially helpful when it comes to co-op games. As any serious gamer would know, constantly bumping elbows with your partner when sharing a keyboard can lead to heightened tensions, fast.

It Takes Two Co-Op Game
Image credit:

If you’re swinging by during a date, you have to play It Takes Two, a quest-based platform adventure that ranked high in our list of best online co-op games for couples. Besides the cute graphics and wide variety of challenges, the storyline will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy for bae.

Gaming With Kids
There are games suitable for young ones as well – including the Nickelodeon-themed All Star Brawl – perfect for some family bonding time.
Image credit: Just Play Lah

Classic board & card games plus unique new releases

Coup Card Game
Image credit:

To give your peepers a little break from all that screen time, take it old-school with some classic board and card games. There are some notorious friendship-destroyers like Monopoly Deal and Coup, as well as forgotten favourites like Clue which will have the squad engrossed for hours on end. 

Hojo Pojo Hotpot Card Game
Image credit:
Horrayh Studios

If you’d like to take some newer releases for a spin, they carry a cute and colourful card game borne from a Kickstarter project called Hojo Pojo. It’s themed after something many Singaporeans have a burning passion for: hotpot; and will likely seal the deal for the post-gaming supper of choice.

For those who have their own collection of board and card games and just need a cosy spot to hold game sessions, Just Play Lah welcomes all stranded gamers. In fact, they even have a promo where hosts who bring their own board and card games are entitled to 1 free drink.

Bring your own food & drinks or get 10% off BBT

Just Play Lah Gaming Cafe Drinks
They’ve got bottled bevvies for sale at $2 each.
Image credit: Just Play Lah

Speaking of drinks, nothing spoils the vibe of a fun outing like being told that outside food and drinks are a no-no. Over at Just Play Lah, guests are free to bring their own refreshments as they please. The owners simply ask that you clean up after yourself, so do be considerate in order not to spoil this perk for others.

Ba Wang Cha Ji
For those unfamiliar with this BBT chain from Yunnan, China, Ba Wang Cha Ji specialises in deep and aromatic brews – particularly the tie guan yin variety of oolong.
Image credit: @tangyeats

On top of that, you’ll also be able to snag a cool 10% off bubble tea from Ba Wang Cha Ji’s Changi City Point outlet, which is a short walk from Expo MRT station. All you have to do is produce your Just Play Lah receipt to show that you’ve purchased a gaming session that day.

Affordable gaming sessions at Just Play Lah

Just Play Lah Expo Gaming Cafe
Image credit:

The next time you’re craving some action beyond window shopping or catching a movie, hop on a train to the East side to find Just Play Lah. Expo MRT station happens to be an interchange between the East West Line and Downtown Line, so plus points for accessibility.

With a mix of over 50 PC, console, as well as board and card games, there’ll be options aplenty to suit the tastes of you and your date, family members, or friends. If it’s a group outing you’re organising, you’ll be pleased to know that the gaming cafe can accommodate up to 12 pax per booking.

Book a gaming session at Just Play Lah


Price: $8/hour per pax on weekdays, $9/hour per pax on weekends. $20 top-up per booking for VR games.
Address: 2 Expo Drive, #B1-01 Expo MRT Station, Singapore 485985
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12pm-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Note: Walk-ins available 1pm-7pm only.
Contact: 8756 5630 (Call & WhatsApp) | | Just Play Lah Website

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Cover image adapted from: @justplaylah_sg, One Board Family, Bleacher Report