HeadRock VR at Sentosa, Singapore

If you’re looking for a fun new experience that taps into the latest state of the art technology, HeadRock VR is the place to go. The newest kid on the block at Resorts World Sentosa, this Virtual Reality theme park – Singapore’s first – will be opening on 17th November 2018.

Designed with all ages and levels of thrill-seeking in mind, HeadRock VR has 11 different digital attractions to try. This includes competitive video games with a VR twist and a fully immersive horror room guaranteed to have you screaming till you’re hoarse.

Read on for the low-down on each of the attractions!

HeadRock VR – Singapore’s first virtual reality theme park

To ease you into the multi-sensory world of VR, HeadRock VR is split into 3 different zones.

Green Zone – casual VR games for beginners

Robin Hood

An archery game that projects a VR target on the wall. Rope your buddy in to see who can rack up the most bullseyes.

VR Room

Step into the VR Room for some basic games to get the hangout of the motion controls, and how the digital headset fits on your face. Choose from fencing, baseball, or classic arcade shooter-style games.

Zombie Busters

A cutesy cartoon game suitable for kids, Zombie Busters will have you using a gun to defeat zombies amidst an apocalypse. Careful! They’ll charge at you from all directions.

Blue Zone – VR rides and games with higher levels of thrill and difficulty

Storm Blizzard

Any respite from Singapore’s sweltering heat is always welcome. Step into the enclosed Storm Blizzard area to experience low temperatures and harsh winds, as the VR ride takes you through a dog sled course through snowy mountain terrain.

Jump Jump

You know that roller coaster feeling when your heart drops and it feels like you’re floating in zero gravity? There’ll be plenty of that in Jump Jump, a jungle-themed VR attraction full of shock-drops and sudden jolts when you least expect it.

Flying Dive

Not many of us will ever get to visit an active volcano in real life, much less feel the paralysing fear of falling into lava. Dangling you over the bubbling volcano pit, the Flying Dive harness devilishly teases to send you plummeting down below.

Beat Saber

If you’re a sucker for rhythm synchronisation games like Tap Tap Revenge or Dance Dance Revolution, Beat Saber kicks the old-school premise up a notch. Use the hand-held controls as sabers to zap and slice blocks as they fly at you. For added difficulty, you’ll also have to crouch and dodge to the side to avoid giant walls threatening to crush you like a bug.

Orange Zone – Unique VR experiences you can’t find anywhere else

Extreme Train

Nowhere else would you be able to ride on a decaying roller coaster track where hoards of dinosaurs are stampeding at you. Journey through a bat cave and feel your heart skip a beat as pterodactyls breathe fire in yo face. Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the course, for cameos of familiar local sights like the Merlion and Supertrees from Gardens By The Bay.

Horror Room

Strap on the VR headset and climb aboard the “Hell Rider” to become the main character of a horror film. Choose between escaping from a haunted house deep in the Amazon forest, or battling a squad of vengeful witches and zombie. Warning, you will leave the room absolutely shook.



Conquer your fear of heights with this hyper-realistic VR adventure game where you ride an elevator straight into the peak of a skyscraper. Shoot at throngs of robot enemies and emerge victorious after you tread carefully across the very thin bridge in the middle of the sky and defuse a bomb.

Confession: My legs turned to jelly looking down from a virtual height of about 100+ storeys.

Jungle Rafting


Water rides are fun. Getting drenched and walking around with cold, dripping clothes afterwards? Not so much. The Jungle Rafting ride gives you all the thrills and spills without any actual splashes. For the final touch to add to the realism, a crew is on standby to give you occasional spritzes of water.

HeadRock VR at RWS

If you’re looking for a fun new experience that taps into the latest, state of the art VR technology, HeadRock VR is the place to go. Unlike most VR attractions that only have one or two different simulations, HeadRock VR has 11 and most of them are rides you’ll want to take over and over again.

The best part of VR is that you get to experience adrenaline-surging activities that would otherwise only exist as a daydream. Climbing skyscrapers and zooming on rollercoasters past dinosaurs? The crisp high-definition displays from the VR headsets make it seem like you’re actually there.

Admission prices and packages

Mix and match your favourite attractions according to the colour zones.

$35 for Big 3 package: 1 attraction in Green Zone, 1 attraction in Blue Zone, 1 attraction in Orange Zone
$50 for Big 5 package: 1 attraction in Green Zone, 2 attractions in Blue Zone, 2 attractions in Orange Zone
$65 for Big 7 package: 2 attractions in Green Zone, 2 attractions in Blue Zone, 3 attractions in Orange Zone

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HeadRock VR has a minimum age requirement of 6 years old.

Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-38/39, Singapore 098138. Next to Trick Eye Museum.
Opening hours: 10AM – 8PM daily. Last admission at 7PM.
Telephone: 6963 4609



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Photography by Yeo Yuan Ning.