Free AirPods from the Apple Singapore Education Store

Every year, the Apple Singapore Education Store launches its Back to University promotion with ever-enticing deals. Previously, they’ve given away Beats headphones and gift cards, but this year we’re getting something far more exciting – free 2nd generation AirPods worth $239.

Students and educators around the country rejoice as you can snag these complimentary coveted wireless earphones with eligible purchases of an iPad or MacBook. 

Grab a new iPad or MacBook for school

Fun fact: Apple products in their Education Store are actually cheaper year-round compared to the regular prices. With savings of up to $290 on a MacBook and $150 on an iPad Air or Pro, the free AirPods are just a sweet cherry on top.

Lightweight yet powerful, it’s little wonder that Apple’s gadgets are so popular amongst students. The 13-inch MacBook Pro (from $1,749) is lighter than your average textbook but still has the high performance needed for editing, programming and gaming. 

Meanwhile, the sleek new iPad Pro (from $1,129) can replace all your bulky readings for all your subjects with one device. And when paired with an Apple Pencil, it even doubles as a seamless note-taking device. Beyond jotting down notes, it can even run demanding apps like Lightroom and Photoshop.

So if you’re already sold on getting a new computer or tablet, redeeming this sweet deal for free AirPods is a no-brainer. Any MacBook Air (from $1,299), MacBook Pro (from $1,749) or iMac ($1,528) purchase is eligible. Alternatively, the offer also works with an iPad Air (from $719) or iPad Pro (from $1,129).

Upgrade to AirPods Pro

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If you really want to go all-out on the latest earphones, you also have the option to upgrade to the AirPods Pro for an extra $140. This new model includes customisable, silicon-tipped buds for better noise cancellation and a tighter fit, making it ideal for active use as well. But if you’re sticking to the original, upgrading to a wireless charging case costs only $60 if you don’t want to deal with pesky cables.

Get your free AirPods before 29th September

free airpods

If you need some time to convince your parents or save up for a new device, you’re in luck as the offer runs all the way until 29th September 2020

The deal is applicable for students and employees in the terms and conditions listed here. Note that you may be asked to submit some sort of ID to verify your eligibility. 

With these free AirPods together with a MacBook or iPad in hand, you’ll definitely be ready to conquer the new semester.

Get your free AirPods from the Apple Singapore Education Store here


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