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Lessons in the morning, extra classes in the afternoon, CCAs after, and assignments through the night. That’s a routine most of us students are all too familiar with and it can get overwhelming. Time management is key, but somehow many of us find ourselves procrastinating by watching Tik Tok videos, scrolling through Instagram or laughing at memes. 

Every second is precious when you’re schedule is jam-packed with activities so distractions are a no-no. Here are some free mobile applications that can help you focus better on your studies while making sure you’re on task for everything else due for the day.

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1. Habitica: Gamify your tasks – gain XP to battle a boss with every task completed

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Habitica: Gamify your tasks is an app that’ll help you find the fun in boring tasks. Designed to mimic adventure games, the app allows users to advance levels, unlock special items and skills, and battle bosses in idle mode only after you check off the to-do list you’ve set for the day. The level of damage you inflict on your opponents depends on the types of tasks you complete.

free productivity apps - habitica
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If you fail to keep up with your daily goals, your character will lose health points and eventually die. In order to get yourself back in the game, you’ll downgrade a level, lose an attribute point, all of your gold points and a piece of equipment. But if you do manage to stick to the plan you’ve set for yourself, you’ll find yourself climbing up the levels and reigning champion – of productivity. 

Available on iOS and Google Play.

2. White Noise Generator – create your own mix of soothing sounds

free productivity apps - white noise generator

The people around you may be talking too loudly for you to stay focused while you chase that A+. This is where White Noise Generator can help to set the right mood to maximise your productivity. 

In this app, you’ll get to create the ideal combination of background sounds that’ll help you sharpen your focus. Choose from the sound of raindrops, thunderstorms, fire cracking or the whistling of wind amongst many other options. You can set a timer to keep track of your time.

Available on Google Play.

3. Study Bunny: Focus Timer – clock in your hours to rear a virtual bunny

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Keep track of your study sessions in Study Bunny: Focus Timer. The plot twist here: you’ll have a bunny to take care of and he’ll only live a luxurious life if you clock in those study hours. Treat your pet to some food items ice cream or accessories like shades when you meet your goals.

free productivity apps - study bunny
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It’s a pretty flexible app, allowing you to choose the duration of time to dedicate to your study sesh and hit the pause button for a quick recharge before flipping the books again. Best part: you won’t feel alone when your study bunny drops you some motivational quotes.

free productivity apps - study bunny flash card

This app, unlike others, does not restrict your phone usage so you can still access your dictionary or ask Google for help when you’re stuck. There are also in-app flash cards and to-do lists to complement your studies. 

Available on Google Play.

4. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep – train your mindfulness and feel less stressed

free productivity apps - headspace

In the colourful, quirky interface of Headspace, you’ll train your mindfulness to ensure that your productivity will remain unaffected by fluctuating stress levels. This app provides 10-minute sessions with calming sounds and motivational advice based on the category you’ve selected. 

Courses you can opt for includes managing stress and anxiety, and guiding work and productivity. For times of high stress, this app will come in handy to keep yourself composed and maintain your productivity.

Available on iOS and Google Play.

5. Focus Booster – work more effectively in 25-min intervals

free productivity apps - focus booster

Keep yourself on the ball with Focusbooster. Using the pomodoro time management technique, this app makes sure you get things done efficiently in short periods of time while taking frequent breaks in between bursts to refocus.

To put it simply, you’ll have a timer attached to every task you include in your to-do list and you’ll learn how to squeeze in more achievements each day. With the graphs provided, you’ll get to keep track of your own progress and learn how to improve your productivity. 

Available on iOS and Google Play.

6. Fabulous: Self-care – turn each day into a mini journey

free productivity apps - fabulous self care

Fabulous takes the simple checklist to the next level with journeys for each user to complete. The app will first ask you a few simple questions such as your exercising and meditating habits to personalise a “journey” that’ll give you a healthy new routine and increased productivity. 

For example, if you’re recommended a Morning Ritual journey, your first task is to drink a glass of water upon waking up. It’s simple but it’s also something we all tend to take for granted. In the Celebrating Healthy Eating journey, the app will help you lose weight through clean eating, and drop reminders on what alternatives you can go for instead of junk food. 

With these small reminders, you’ll find yourself with a chain of new habits to keep yourself grounded against other stresses. Complement your experience with the library of meditation and exercise routines available to keep your focus in check. 

Available on iOS and Google Play.

7. Smart Power Nap – accurate nap timer

free productivity apps - smart power nap

Many of us have felt that sting in the eyes when we’ve been up for too long but we still stubbornly push on to avoid facing the wrath of our teachers the next morning. Instead of slowing yourself down with your tired eyes and brain, let Smart Power Nap keep track of your power nap so that you can refocus for the next block of study session. 

In this app, users will be given a 26 to 28 minute nap. The best part is, the counter only starts when you’re actually asleep and not when you’re trying to fall asleep. How this works is if you’re still awake, you’ll tap the screen when the app checks up on you through a voice command. But if you don’t respond, the app will begin the timer.

With your rest being monitored, you’ll no longer take “accidental” 3-hour naps.

Available on Google Play.

8. Forest: Stay focused – plant a real tree

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Beat your social media addiction with Forest: Stay focused, which requires you to blacklist the distracting apps and sites that you access way too often. To begin, you’ll first plant a virtual seed and for every 20 minutes you manage to ignore your phone, the seed will grow into a shrub. As more time passes, this same plant will grow into a bigger tree. Set various deadlines for yourself and watch a virtual forest burgeon on your screen.

free productivity apps - forest stay focused
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Best part about this app is that when you earn enough credits, you’ll also get to spend it on planting a real tree with Trees for the Future. You’ll be helping with food security and eliminating deforestation in areas such as Cameroon, Kenya, and Uganda.

free productivity apps - trees for the future
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While you’re hard at work, you can also try their ambient sound feature to set a calm mood for you to plough through the stress. Take note though, if you fail to meet the time you’ve set for yourself, expect a “stop phubbing” notification and be tormented by the dead tree on your virtual land. 

Available on iOS and Google Play.

9. Exam Countdown – exact overview of exam schedule

free productivity apps - exam countdown

Keep track of your exam dates with Exam Countdown. With this app, you’ll know the exact number of days left for your revision, down to the last second. You can even set reminders and add notes to each exam you mark on your calendar. Its simple design allows you to get a quick overview of your deadlines at one glance and you can choose your own colours and icons to for an easy visual reference. 

Available on iOS and Google Play.

Free productivity apps

Most of us are guilty of mindlessly scrolling through our phones either to fill up our idle time or take a break from daunting tasks. Instead of spending pockets of time being unproductive, try these apps to keep up with your long list of deadlines while still being at the top of your game after a long day of school.