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8 Bedside Tables In Singapore From $19.90 That’ll Match Your Bedroom Aesthetic & Space Available

Bedside tables in Singapore

We rely on the unassuming bedside table more than we realise. After all, it’s home to the essentials we need before and after our beauty sleep: spectacles, a pitcher of water, phone charging cable, etc. Which is why investing in one that will not just last, but also fit in with our home’s theme, is important.

Whether you want to channel a Scandi-style or retro vibes, there’s bound to be one that will suit your space to a T. Check out these 8 bedside tables in Singapore, sorted according to aesthetics.

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1. Rustic – Spot Bedside Table from Castlery

bedside-tables-singapore - spot bedside table castleryImage credit: Castlery

Woody accents and warm tones – the combination for any rustic-themed home. To complete this look for your bedroom, the Spot Bedside Table from Castlery will do the trick. 

It might look understated and simple at first glance, but the beauty is in its details – each wood piece used in the manufacturing process is unique so no two woodgrain tones and surface texture are the same. With brushes of both light and dark wood strokes, it’ll complement white and darker-toned walls as well.

bedside-tables-singapore - wood drawer castleryImage credit: Castlery

On top of the easy-glide pull-out drawer, parents can also have ease of mind since the corners are cleverly curved so that they won’t randomly jab into your shin.

Dimensions: W56CM x D45CM x H55CM
Price: $269 (U.P. $299)
Get the Spot Bedside Table from Castlery

2. Scandinavian – MYA Fabric Side Table by Urban Mood

bedside-tables-singapore - mya fabric side table urban moodImage credit: Urban Mood

Bedside tables don’t have to stick to the conventional squarish look all the time – try a rounded one instead, such as the MYA Fabric Side Table from Urban Mood. 

Klutz like yours truly will be thankful for the curved edges preventing any accidental bumps and bruises, but that’s not the only cool feature. Instead of a bottom drawer, this comes with a basket to store all your barang barang. You can even convert it into a makeshift bed for your fur kid!

There are two colour combinations to pick from: White and Gold, or Walnut and Black.

Dimensions: L38.7CM x H55.8CM
Price: $90
Get the MYA Fabric Side Table from Urban Mood.

3. Pastel scheme – Agnus Side Table from FortyTwo

bedside-tables-singapore - agnus side table fortytwo
Image credit: FortyTwo

Pastel walls are a favourite among many homeowners, but finding furniture to match isn’t always an easy process. For a pop of subtle colour in your space, go for this Agnus Side Table from FortyTwo

The drawer can hold up to 3KG, while the table top supports up to 12KG so you can place heavier items like a lamp, laptop and bottled water without worry. 

Dimensions: W42CM x D35CM x H53.50CM
Price: $48.90 (U.P. $88.90)
Get the Agnus Side Table from FortyTwo.

4. Minimalist – GLADOM Tray Table from IKEA

bedside-tables-singapore - gladom tray table ikeaImage credit: IKEA

If you don’t want your bedside table to be the main visual draw of the bedroom, you might be better off with a clean, minimalistic one. An affordable option? None other than IKEA’s GLADOM Tray Table, that costs just $19.90.

bedside-tables-singapore - ikea tray tableImage credit: IKEA

Not only will it make for a fuss-free bedside companion, it’s also lightweight at just 3.5KG so you can bring it out to the living room when you have guests over. To further impress as the hostess with the mostest, you can lift off the table top to use it as a makeshift serving tray for snacks and drinks.

This tray table also comes in an array of colours besides white, including black, green and blue.

Dimensions: L45CM x H53CM
Price: $19.90
Get the GLADOM Tray Table from IKEA.

5. Industrial – BRIDGET Bedside Table from Urban Mood

bedside-tables-singapore - bridget side table urban mood
Image credit: Urban Mood

Besides concrete flooring and exposed lighting, another staple of industrial-themed homes is the inclusion of rustic furniture. The BRIDGET Modern Industrial Bedside Table from Urban Mood is exactly what you’re looking for to fit this aesthetic.

Finished with high-gloss iron surfaces and a mesh wire cabinet at the front, this bedside table will come in handy to store late-night hobby items like your books or Nintendo Switch. 

Dimensions: W35CM x D45CM x H65CM
Price: $260
Get the BRIDGET Modern Industrial Bedside Table from Urban Mood. 

6. Quirky – Macaron Side Table from Born In Colour

bedside-tables-singapore - macaron side table born in colourImage credit: Born In Colour

If you have a penchant for all things cute and quirky, perhaps Born In Colour’s Macaron Square Side Cabinet will be right up your alley. The cabinet might be pint-sized and not able to store a lot of items, but you’d forgive it just for its adorable expressionless “face”, which doubles as the door.

bedside-tables-singapore - born in colour tableImage credit: Born In Colour

Even if you outgrow your liking for the boxed storage space, you can hand it down to the kids bedroom eventually. 

Dimensions: W47CM x D35.8CM x H47CM
Price: $299
Get the Macaron Square Side Cabinet from Born In Colour.

7. Retro – CUBIC Accent Side Table from Urban Mood

bedside-tables-singapore - cubic accent side table urban moodImage credit: Urban Mood

Move over, sleek, modern bedside tables. Encapsulating nostalgia in a piece of furniture, the CUBIC Accent Side Table from Urban Mood will transport your room’s vibe back to the 60’s where Andy Warhol-influenced pop art reigned supreme. The table is shaped like an old school television, where you can place your essentials within its compartment or on top of its surface.

Only downside? It doesn’t feature a drawer or a door, meaning dust particles will inevitably collect overtime and wipe downs will be more frequent than you realise. 

Besides red, you can pick from other bright, retro colours like green, pink and yellow.

Dimensions: W23.5CM x D40.5CM x H28CM
Price: $290
Get the CUBIC Accent Side Table from Urban Mood

8. Modern luxe – Lotte Gold Nesting Side Table from Finn Avenue

bedside-tables-singapore - lotte nesting side table finn avenueImage credit: Finn Avenue

Most of us are far from ever having lavish homes like Kim Kardashian, but at the very least, we can add statement pieces to our bedroom to play pretend. Take the Lotte Gold Nesting Side Tables from Finn Avenue for example. They’re embossed with gold finishes, mirrored surfaces and come in three sizes – all at an affordable range between $159 to $209.

With accents of gold leaf patterns, the design is stuff of tai tais’ dreams. Even if you opt to get all three sizes, you can also slot them underneath each other for more walking room. 

Dimensions: W26CM x D39.5CM x H48CM (Small) | W29.5CM x D46CM x H57.5CM (Medium) | W35CM x D48CM x H65CM (Large)
Price: $159 (Small), $189 (Medium), $209 (Large)
Get the Lotte Gold Nesting Side Table from Finn Avenue.

Finding a suitable bedside table in Singapore

A bedside table might not be at the top of your priorities to rack your brains over when decorating your home, but investing in one that will accompany your other room features seamlessly is still important for the long haul. 

From basic, minimalistic ones to gold-plated luxe designs fit for royalty, you’re bound to find one that fits your aesthetic needs. 

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Cover image adapted from: Urban Mood