AndSoForth Around the World in 80 Days theatrical dinner

Ask anyone if they’re itching to travel and you’d probably get a resounding yes. Here’s a piece of good news: AndSoForth, a local theatre company, is launching a whimsical “Around the World in 80 Days” theatrical dinner to satisfy your wanderlust. 

It’s a book analysis workshop on Jules Vernes’ classic literature novel, but don’t be mistaken – you won’t be listening to a lecture and taking notes. Instead, you’ll be taken on a multi-sensory adventure to several key locations covered in the book, including London, Shenzhen, Japan and New York.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

Immersive dining experience featuring 5 cuisines

Andsoforth theatrical dinner past dishesExamples of what was served in AndSoForth’s past dining experiences, but your 5-course meal will be a surprise.
Image credit: @andsoforth

To experience the main protagonist Philieas Fogg’s journey around the world, you’ll be treated to a specially-curated 5-course meal featuring 5 different cuisines, such as a traditional French stew while you “sail” along the Suez Canal. The dishes that will be served will not be disclosed for the surprise element on the actual day. 

Eight themed rooms and hands-on activities

Andsoforth Around the world in 80 days - tracking junglesImage credit: @andsoforth

Just like past AndSoForth productions, you will be moving between rooms throughout the experience. However, instead of the usual live performances, you’ll be participating in a plethora of exciting hands-on activities this time. 

There will be eight themed rooms designed to represent a major place or plot in the novel, where you’ll get to navigate seas, track jungles, make your own pop-corn inspired dessert and even shake your own cocktail. For enhanced visuals of your journey, there’ll be a massive 15M square map to guide you along the adventure. 

Kolkata old fashioned cocktail making at around the world in 80 daysTry your hand at making some Kolkata old fashioned cocktail
Image credit: Andsoforth Facebook

Interact directly with characters dressed in quirky costumes

Andsoforth around the world in 80 daysImage credit: Andsoforth

One of the most unique aspects of this production is its interactive element. Upon stepping in each room, you’ll be greeted by facilitators who are dressed up and in character – you can interact with them as if you were part of the story.

Expect whimsical set designs, such as the grand Gaiety Theatre Box Office in London, exotic jungles of Calcutta and a replica of steam train to Shenzhen, which you can “ride”, with zero carbon emissions.

Travel the world with Andsoforth’s theatrical dinner experience

Around the world in 80 days book analysis workshopImage credit: Andsoforth

Whether you’re a literary nerd or simply missing travel, Andsoforth’s Around The World In 80 Days book analysis workshop is an exciting adventure that’ll liven up your WFH-fatigued mind. Book your tickets soon to experience it – a few dates have already been sold out!

Dates: Now till 26th December 2020
Venue: Secret location to be revealed 24 hours prior to your workshop
Price: $133 (including $5 booking fee)

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Cover image adapted from: Andsoforth