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10 Aesthetic Wall Mirrors In Singapore From $12 That Are The Fairest Of Them All

Aesthetic wall mirrors in Singapore

Vain pots or not, we can hardly live without mirrors. From grooming your ‘do in the morning to slathering on your skincare routine before bed, we rely on these reflective pieces of glass to maintain our physical image throughout the day. 

Yet, apart from helping us look good, mirrors on the wall can work magic on your living space – be it making it look bigger or brighter. To dazzle up your crib and create a gorgeous backdrop for #ootd snaps fit for the ‘gram, here are 10 aesthetic wall mirrors you can get in Singapore.

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1. Wall hanging gold mirror – minimalist and geometric

Wall hanging gold mirrorImage credit: Shopee

Less is more, when it comes to minimalism – and this wall hanging gold mirror fits well into any theme with its simple yet elegant design. Its slim brass frame and matching chains add a touch of elegance to your living space. 

You can choose between hexagon-shaped or diamond-shaped pieces, or place them side by side for an asymmetric design. 

Dimensions: 24CM x 21CM (S), 27.5CM x 14CM (M), 30CM x 26CM

Price: from $11.92
Get the wall hanging gold mirror

2. Crate & Barrel Clarendon mirror – urban design

Crate and Barrel Clarendon mirrorImage credits: Crate & Barrel

The eye-catching Clarendon mirror from Crate & Barrel is a statement piece that’ll jazz up your wall. Its starburst design with metallic “rays” looks like it’ll fit right into a Game of Thrones set, which adds an eclectic touch to your abode. Place it at the center right above your sofa to add some character and make the space look bigger at the same time.

Dimensions: 32CM x 32CM

Price: $383.50
Get the Crate & Barrel Clarendon mirror

3. Arch vanity mirror – European style with gold accents

Arch vintage mirrorImage credit: Lazada

The rustic gold accents combined with a classic arch makes the Arch vanity mirror look straight out of a Disney fairytale. To add opulence to your home and make it feel like a posh boutique hotel, place this mirror in a brightly-lit spot to add extra warmth to your space. 

Dimensions: 83CM x 43CM

Price: $127.24
Get the arch vanity mirror

4. Umbra Prisma mirror – doubles up as a tray

Umbra prisma mirrorThe Umbra Prisma mirror as a tray and as a wall mirror
Image adapted from: Hipvan

The edgy Prisma mirror from Umbra is both chic and multifunctional. Apart from its geometric interwoven metallic structure, it can be mounted as a wall mirror or placed on your coffee table as a decorative tray. Either way, it injects elegance into your home in an understated manner.

Dimensions: 56.5CM x 42.5CM

Price: $149
Get the Umbra Prisma mirror

5. BEAUTME Mirror with lights – adjustable lighting 

BEAuTME vanity mirror with lightsImage credit: Amazon

Amp up your makeup routine with the BEAUTME mirror with lights, which’ll let you channel your inner Hollywood star on the daily. It has 15 dimmable LED light bulbs bordering it, and you can also switch between white and warm light with the touch screen toggle near the bottom.

This versatile piece also gives you the option to place it on your vanity or mount it on the wall, depending on your space requirements.

Dimensions: 55.6CM x 47 CM 

Price: $109.99
Get the BEAUTME Mirror with lights

6. BoxWoodStore Mirror jewellery organiser – chic and practical

Mirror jewellery organiserImage credit: Etsy

Organisers are a godsend to jewellery junkies, even more so for those who’ve lost an earring or two because you’ve no proper place to place them. 

Better yet when there’s a mirror attached – the BoxWoodStore Mirror jewellery organiser lets you style your look in the mirror placed right next to a customisable pegboard trinket holder. Plus, it also comes with a handy shelf that you can arrange atop pegs to house your perfume or makeup for a final touch up before you step out.

You can choose from three different tones of wood – nut brown, natural and white distressed to match the colour scheme of your room.

Dimensions: 31.75CM x 50.8CM

Price: $184.29 (Includes $21.10 shipping fee from Ukraine)
Get the mirror jewellery organiser

7. Phases of the moon mirror – Tumblr aesthetics

Phases of the moon mirror setAdorn the plain walls above your bed or sofa in any way you’d like
Image credit: Shopee

If you dig the Tumblr aesthetic, this Phases of the moon mirror might be right up your alley. They come in sets of three or five, so you can mix and match them whichever way you want. It comes with a handy template to guide you when putting them up, so it’s easy to get them perfectly aligned and evenly spaced out.

Price: From $18.99
Get the Phases of the moon mirror

8. Peruvian round mirror – vibrant and detailed floral patterns

Peruvian round wall mirrorImage credit: Etsy

If you have a penchant for artisanal things, this Peruvian round mirror will leave you in awe with its intricate details. The petal shaped borders are painted by hand and decorated with handmade flowers, making each piece a unique piece of art. 

These traditional cuzcaja mirrors are handcrafted by master artisans in Peru, and while shipping is on the steeper side, it’s still cheaper than a plane ticket.

As these mirrors are handmade in limited quantities, check out DECORCONTERAS’ other creations on their Etsy profile.

Dimensions: 39.8CM x 37.8CM

Price: $295.19 (Includes $91.42 shipping fee from Peru)
Get the Peruvian round mirror 

9. Rattan wall mirror – Bali resort vibes

Rattan mirror Image credit: Shopee

Living in a HDB flat doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re residing in a posh beach resort on the daily. The rustic bound frame of the Rattan Wall Mirror channels laid back vibes, and is reminiscent of a Bali getaway – a budget option to turn your cosy pad into a seaside retreat.

Dimensions: 39.8CM x 37.8CM

Price: from $40.07
Get the rattan wall mirror

10. Urban Outfitters Marly arc wall mirror – embroidered fabric frame

Marly arc round mirror from Urban OutfittersImage credit: Urban Outfitters

Fabric and glass are an unexpectedly good match, as proven by Urban Outfitter’s Marly arc wall mirror. Its multi-coloured floral print embroidered on the fabric borders comes with lively pops of yellow, green and pink, which makes it an uplifting addition to your room. 

Place it directly opposite the windows to reflect the outdoors in, which will brighten up your room even more!

Dimensions: 18CM x 21CM

Price: $145
Get the Urban Outfitters Marly arc wall mirror

Getting aesthetic wall mirrors in Singapore

The good old mirror might be the secret ingredient to take any home interior up a notch. Not only are mirrors practical, they’re great for beautifying bare walls, reflecting light in and creating the illusion of a larger space. From vintage, minimalist to modern designs, you’re bound to find a fitting wall mirror to have your home looking tres chic

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee, Etsy,  Urban Outfitters