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You Can Now Get Personalised Leather Goods Under $50 As An Early Christmas Or Year-End Birthday Gift

THEIMPRINT’s personalised vegan leather birthday or Christmas gifts

Although birthdays and Christmas celebrations are momentous, joyous occasions, they do come with the stress of hunting for the perfect gift. Even if the giftee is your best friend of 10 years, it can be hard to top the line-up of presents you once bought. 

Enter THEIMPRINT, a local gift shop that specialises in vegan leather products that combine functionality and elegance with a price tag that won’t break the bank. From delicately embossed phone cases to cardholders and notebooks, here’s a little gift-inspiration if you’re running out of ideas: 

Cruelty-free and durable vegan leather products

With its Saffiano finish, your friends might even mistake these gifts as branded goods.
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Whether you’re playing secret santa to a colleague or getting a birthday gift for an old pal, you no longer have to rack your brain for a gift that you know he or she will use for the many years to come. THEIMPRINT offers an extensive range of practical unisex products you can personalise that don’t scream generic and won’t get chucked aside to collect dust.

All of their products are made of high-quality reinforced vegan leather with a classy Saffiano finish. The leather used replicates the microscopic structure of real leather, so you’ll get both the finish and durability of the real deal. Better still, no animals are harmed in the making and you won’t have to worry about the high level of care required for the upkeep of genuine leather.

We’ve looked through their plethora of  offerings to bring you five timeless unisex gifts that are bound to wow your friends:

1. Lanyard card holder – for the colleague you’re semi-close to

THEIMPRINT's lanyardCheck out their Saffiano ID Card holder Lanyard
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Wearing the standard-issue plastic and ribbon company lanyard around your neck day in and day out can be a total outfit buzzkill, no matter how perfect your ensemble for the day is.

A perfect gift for the colleague you’re semi-close to, this Saffiano ID Card holder and Lanyard option is reasonably priced at $24.90 for a plain one and $29.80 for name personalisation. Each lanyard comes with two slots for cards and you can choose between a landscape or portrait orientation.

If you wish to have extra storage for an extra card and loose change or keys, you can opt for the Saffiano ID Card holder Lanyard With Zip at $27.90 without personalisation or $32.80 with personalisation.

2. A5 Notebook – for the aspiring writer

THEIMPRINT's notebooksImage credit:

Though the note function in our smartphones can be a handy tool for note-taking, nothing beats handwritten reminders in a trusty ol’ notebook. Not only does it make one feel more on the ball with your piling work, but it also safely stores important information that digital note-taking may sometimes compromise from the accidental deletion with just a swipe of your finger.

Treat that friend who is always seen scribbling notes on a tattered notebook or random pieces of paper to this sturdy hardcover A5 notebook that is sleek and functional at $25.80. You can choose a lined interior for that friend who can never keep his or her sentences in a straight line, or a blank interior for budding artists to sketch to their hearts’ content.

It also comes with a back pocket to store all your loose receipts and papers and an elastic binder to keep all pages in place.

3. Keychain – for that one friend with 101 keys

THEIMPRINT's keychainsImage credit:

Retrieving car keys, house keys or even gate keys from the depths of a bag full of barang can sometimes be quite the Mission Impossible, and that’s when keyrings come in handy. If you’re constantly stranded at the gate of your friend’s house cause he or she cannot find her keys, then this gift will be a godsend. 

It’s also ideal for friends who are toting around decade-old plushie keychains holding their keys together. THEIMPRINT’s Saffiano Leather Keychain comes in an assortment of fancy colours from nude to cherry red, and is priced at $13.90 and at $18.80 for plain and monogrammed respectively.

4. Laptop sleeve – for the workaholic

THEIMPRINT's laptop sleevesImage credit:

We all know that one friend who is forever working and worse, carries his or her bare laptop around everywhere. Be it a personal or work laptop, do your friend a favour by clothing that precious piece of tech with the right gear.

This Saffiano 13” Laptop Sleeve from $53.90 will do just that for all 13” laptops. It comes with an extra document pocket on one side for increased functionality so workaholics can, at the very least, OT in style.

5. Phone case – for the friend who has just started adulting

THEIMPRINT's phone casesImage credit:

Quality phone cases, as we know them, don’t come cheap. If your friend in question avidly sports low-quality cases from those neighbourhood phone shops, it’s high time he or she gets an upgrade. The simplistic design of the case along with the elegant personalisation also makes it the choice present for newly minted graduates in the corporate world.

THEIMPRINT has stylish phone cases that cater to a wide range of phone models, which monogram with your giftee’s initials. Each case is lined with the same Saffiano leather to give it that understated elegance, making it the choice present for newly minted graduates in the corporate world.

Bonus: Bundle deals – for university students and travellers

THEIMPRINT's bundle deals
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For the most bang for your buck, consider getting one of their bundle deals that come in a package of two products. University students can treat themselves to the Personal Bundle Set at $74.40 (U.P. $87.60) that will grow with you from school to corporate life.

For working professionals whose jobs require a whole lot of travel, the ultimate Travel Bundle Set will be another value-for-money deal. It comes with a passport cover and luggage tag from $48.90 (U.P. $57.60). Alternatively, working professionals can get their hands on the Work Bundle Set which comprises an ID card holder lanyard and A5 notebook from $49.80 (U.P. $58.60).

Monogram your name or initials in gold, rose gold or silver

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Name personalisation is a simple add-on that makes any gift all the more unique and meaningful. The monogram options come in two fonts – classic or minimalist – and are available in three colours: gold, rose gold and silver.

The maximum number of characters allowed differs for each product and can go up to 10 including numbers, spaces and punctuations, depending on the size of the item. So if your giftee’s name occupies half a page, you can also make do with initials.

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The monogram option is priced at an additional $4.90, but this does vary for the bundle sets. Products purchased as gifts can also come with an optional free gift card with preset texts including, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday – and even a Hello! for more chummy buddies.

Customise vegan leather essentials at THEIMPRINT Singapore

Aside from the items listed above, you can also customise your very own mugs and phone cases from $15. Take your gifts up a notch by including pictures of your anniversary celebrations for boo or childhood family photos for mum. You can also opt for a colour-changing mug from $18 – much like those mood rings that were all the rage during your primary school days.

Whether you need to impress a critical mother-in-law or a fussy friend, THEIMPRINT’s range of practical personalised products will surely bring a smile to the face.

You can choose to have your item personalised online or at their physical store at Funan, but we recommend processing your order online first, before heading down to their shop for collection to avoid a long wait and snaking queues.

Get your personalised leather gifts from THEIMPRINT here


Address: Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, #02-K08, Singapore 179105
Opening hours: 11.30AM-8.30PM

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