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There are many opportunities for us to bid adios and go off on a holiday thanks to VTLs, but for now, it seems most of us can agree that the risks and costs are still too high. Instead, bluff yourself and your friends that you’re on a stunning European holiday at Villa Samadhi, with rustic vibes that’ll whisk you miles away without having to take 1284120 swab tests.

Most affordable villas in Singapore with private plunge pools

villa samadhi - colonial building
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Located within the green sanctuary that is Labrador Nature Reserve, Villa Samadhi is a monochromatic boutique hotel with some serious old-world vibes. You can tell yourself you’re in the French countryside – our topical humidity is probably the only thing that’ll give it away.

villa samadhi - chandelier
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Unlike the standard “sleek look” many hotels have, this one resembles a European mansion with chandeliers, custom teak furniture and opulent carpets. It’s no wonder, considering the building is a 1920s ex-colonial garrison.

villa samadhi - Sarang
Sarang bathroom
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We’re all for villas – we sure love Bintan’s resorts and would kill for a stay in the ones in Bali. While there’s no way that any hotel in Singapore can beat Indonesia’s prices, those craving a proper getaway may be glad to know that Villa Samadhi’s villas are the cheapest we’ve found.

There are a total of five different types of rooms available, prices below:

  • Crib – from $347.49
  • Luxe Crib – from $454.55
  • Rustic Crib – from  $462.19
  • Sarang – from $604.08
  • Luxe Sarang – from $828.38

This also comes with complimentary welcome drinks, a fruit basket, afternoon tea set, sundowners and breakfast. And hey, they’re not affordable per se, but well worth it if what you’re looking for is an immersive escape. 

villas in singapore - Sarang private dipping pool
Sarang private dipping pool
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Among their 20 rooms, there are six Sarang rooms, which come with an indoor private whirlpool that you can take a dip into – a quirky upgrade from the usual hotel bathtubs. 

villa samadhi - onsen tub
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For those who’d prefer an onsen-like experience, the hotel’s two Rustic Crib rooms come with traditional Japanese wooden tubs large enough to fit two. These are located right by giant windows if you’d love to gaze out at the view with a glass of wine in hand.

villa samadhi - Luxe Sarang
Luxe Sarang, with direct access to the pool from the bathroom. The screens can be pulled down for privacy, of course.
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Honeymooners can opt for all-out luxury by splurging on the Luxe Sarang. The largest villa of the lot comes with a spacious backyard complete with a private outdoor pool you can swim in and sunbathe by. 

villas in singapore - Luxe Sarang
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Villa Samadhi

Feel like a kween – or king – as the 56 sqm room comes with a rain shower and four-poster bed to unwind after your swim. 

villa samadhi - Luxe Sarang
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Escape to Villa Samadhi for your December staycation

Staycations have been a trusty option for all of us to spice up our routine lifestyles for a day or two. For those willing to fork out a little extra and be a little extra, Villa Samadhi is your best bet this year-end.

Villa Samadhi

Book a stay at Villa Samandhi.

Address: 20 Labrador Villa Road, Singapore 119193
Telephone: 6274 5674

Villa Samadhi website

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