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Sentosa - visit snoopy

The long weekend is coming up, so we’ll be able to spend a whole day out with our fam and friends without having to worry about fatigue at work the next day. So if you’re looking for an event that’s fun, safe and festive, Sentosa’s Snoopy-themed FUN-Tastic Fortune is perfect for you and your loved ones.


Meet Snoopy in real life at this exclusive meet and greet


Whether you’re a young-at-heart who grew up with the Peanuts comics or you’ve got children who absolutely love Snoopy and the crew, you’ll be pleased to know that the iconic beagle is celebrating CNY with you this year.

Sentosa - Snoopy sculpture

Pay the two giant Snoopy sculptures a visit – they make for great photo ops. One is located in Merlion Plaza, amidst rows of colourful flowers, fishing peacefully in total zen mode. The other is situated at Sentosa Boardwalk, with the sea and city lights as a backdrop. 

P.S.: If you’re a zodiac buff, keep a lookout for the Snoopy-themed Zodiac Boards that’ll tell your family’s zodiac fortunes this year.

Sentosa - Snoopy Meet and Greet

If your kids are Snoopy enthusiasts, catch the Meet & Greet with Snoopy held at Beach Plaza. Here’s your chance to get a picture of the adorable beagle, complete with his signature doghouse!

Snoopy Meet & Greet
Time: 1PM and 5PM
Date: 16th-18th February (Friday to Sunday), and every Saturday until 4th March


Win a 2D1N stay on Asia’s only Tall Ship – the Royal Albatross 


Sentosa - Royal Albatross

Play your cards right, and you might just win the top prize: Royal Albatross2D1N luxury superyacht sunset sail around Sentosa’s calm waters. Admire the skyline from afar, then bring your partner or best friend to classily clink champagne glasses on the topmost deck of the superyacht, with the sea as your backdrop.

Sentosa - Flying Sea

For dinner, choose between a buffet dinner and a 3-course meal. As night falls, watch the fireworks go off at Sentosa, then have a sleepover in the luxurious Owner’s Cabin, a spacious room with soft lighting you can toggle and a retractable TV. End the sail with a sumptuous breakfast at Lazarus Island, then take a proof shot against its emerald waters – to boast about it on social media, of course.

Sentosa - Owner's Cabin

Fun fact: Batman fans have something worth shouting about – the Royal Albatross was featured as Bruce Wayne’s private yacht in The Dark Knight!

Sentosa - Treetop Loft

Image credit:

Other attractive prizes include a 3D2N stay at TreeTop Loft, which comes with 2 complimentary tickets to the S.E.A Aquarium for that icing on the cake. And if you’re looking for some alone time with boo, unwind at the 2-night weekend villa stay at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, with a couple spa package to boot. 

For full list of prizes, click here

Sentosa - mailing list

To max your chances of winning, sign up for Sentosa’s mailing list, which already gives you one chance at the Sentosa FUN-Tastic Draw. Receive a booklet full of yummy discounts once you sign up, too!

Participating in the Spend-play-win booths can potentially give you 100 chances in the draw, and lucky ones may just win prizes worth over $50,000. All you’ll need to do is to spend $8 in a single same-day receipt at any outlet in Sentosa or Mount Faber, and you’ll be eligible for a chance at the game booths.

Sentosa - Fun-tastic Flying Fortune

From there, you can head over to the FUN-Tastic Flying Fortune  game booth at Merlion Plaza. The aim is to grab golden fortune cookies with the word “Funtastic” on them. It’s easier said than done – the cookies whirred around with such force that we felt like we were standing in the middle of a paper hurricane. Two people are allowed, so bring a pal in and give it your best shot.

Sentosa - Fortune Cookies

We just grabbed a bunch of cookies and slowly sieved out the FUN-Tastic ones.

Sentosa - Golden Ball Pool

Image credit: Sentosa

If you’re better at digging things out, like that top lost under the pile of clothing in your closet, you might want to pit yourself against the Golden Ball Pool game booth at Beach Plaza. This booth allows a maximum of four people, so allocate your fellas to find one golden ball each.

Sentosa - Golden Ball Pool

Try working your way around the edge of the pit – we found ours sneakily hidden in a corner!

Even if you don’t find anything, registering at the booths will give you an additional chance in the Sentosa FUN-Tastic Draw, so it’s a win-win. Don’t forget to bring along your receipts!

Note: Four paper FUN-Tastic golden cookies or golden balls each gets you 100 chances at the draw.

Sentosa FUN-Tastic Draw 2018
Time: 10AM-8PM daily
Date: Now till 4th March


Spend an adventurous day out at Sentosa’s attractions


Sentosa - Mega Climb

Our knees were shaking as soon as we took the first step onto Mega Adventure’s MegaClimb. Featuring 36 obstacle courses suspended three stories in the air, we balanced on a tightrope with only our harness to hang on for dear life, and fought through tilting platforms that swung uncontrollably as soon as we put our best foot forward.

We spied a little boy of about 7 making his way through the obstacle with ease even as we struggled – evidently, MegaClimb restricts not by age, but by confidence.

Sentosa - Mega Zip

Climb up to the MegaZip, at 75m high, for that truly shiok feeling as you whip down the zipline to Siloso Beach. It goes fast enough – 60kph to be exact – for the wind to whip through your hair, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the stunning beach view all through it.

Note: If you’d like to experience these adventures for yourself, the discount booklet you get while signing up for the mailing list contains a “Purchase 2 packages and get 1 free” Mega Adventure promotion.

Sentosa - AJ Hackett

We’ve tried bungy jumping at AJ Hackett, but we had to go for their newest gravity-defying ride: the Top Swing. We began the ride 47m above ground in a sitting position, attached to a harness. The feeling of trepidation only rose as the platform under our feet was slowly retracted, and we were left dangling in mid air.

As the instructors counted down to a cheerful “bye!”, the release goes off and we dropped straight down, then swung towards Siloso’s palm trees and the far horizon. Hanging high in the air for a split second, we’re then pulled backwards again. 

Sentosa - we're alive

The ride isn’t over yet, though. We were pulled back up to the retractable platform at the top of the tower in jerky, bouncy motions that felt like the rope is going to snap any moment. But once you get back on solid ground, go ahead and snap a picture, just to remind yourself that you survived.

For featherweights lighter than 60kg, you’ll be swinging with your friend. An instructor will accompany you if you came alone. The company actually kept me from freaking out – we were chatting as soon as we got our screams out of the way.

Sentosa - Skyline Luge

Next on the list: Skyline Luge, which is great for the folks who are content with both feet on the ground.

Steering this was pretty simple – just pull back the all-function steering gear slightly to start off your kart. Pulling back fully allows you to break, and you can swerve by turning the gear in the direction you want.

Sentosa - Jungle Trail

At night-time, the Luge’s jungle trail transforms into a colourful track, complete with blue, red and green lights – it’s like driving through a disco. Check your speed at the bends, then zoom past the stretches of straight road. Don’t forget to smile for the camera!


Join in the festivities at Sentosa


Sentosa - Snoopy at Boardwalk

This Chinese New Year, Sentosa is stepping up its game to bring you some enjoyable experiences for your family. Be it special CNY events or permanent attractions, you’ll find a fun-filled day whether you’ve decided to come with your family or your group of friends.

Find out more about the Sentosa’s FUN-Tastic Snoopy CNY here!

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