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8 Food Places That’ve Opened At SingPost Centre So Easties Get Even More Makan Options

New food places at SingPost Centre


Food places at SingPost Centre

You’d probably be familiar with the long queues for Gong Cha when it first reopened at SingPost Centre, but that’s just one of the many food options that await you here. Easties, these spots will help you win the long-drawn debate of which side of Singapore has the best food.


1. Original Cake


Original Cake SingPost Centre

Original Cake is well-known for their handmade cakes, and it has now made its debut in the East, so Jurong West or Sembawang won’t be your last resort anymore. The cakes contain no pork or lard and are made of quality ingredients. Plus, they’re as fluffy as they look – they even jiggle when prodded. 

Original Cake SingPost Centre jiggle

The aroma also fills the entire oven room and customers can see the entire process through glass panels. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose from these three flavours: Original ($10), Golden Cheese ($12), and Frozen chocolate ($15)*.

*Note: These are promotional prices. 

Location: #B1-141/142/143


2. Gong Cha


GongCha SingPost Centre

It’s back – and there are healthy options! Endorsed by HPB, Gong Cha now offers a healthy choice menu, with 5 new flavours, one of which was the Milk Foam Oolong Tea ($3) which we opted for with no sugar. Yet, the drink wasn’t too bitter and had a smooth, milky froth to go with it.

We also had the Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea ($4.90) from their creative mix menu, which had the sweet flavour of its star ingredient complemented with a creamy milk base. For something more refreshing, try the QQ Passionfruit Green Tea ($4.10) – this concoction is packed with addictively chewy passionfruit bits, jelly and pearls!

GongCha SingPost Centre drinks

Smoothies are another new addition – great news if you’re into ice blended drinks in our hot weather. 

Location: #01-141A/141B


3. Seoul Yummy


Seoul Yummy SingPost Centre

Inspired by K-Pop, Seoul Yummy’s menu has interesting dish names, like Oppa (great for a date), Hyung (a meal for “bros”) and Chingu (for friends) cheese pots.  As a group of friends, we had the latter ($46.90) that includes steamed egg, wings, fried vegetables and tteokbokki. Special shout-out to the spicy wings that were both crunchy and savoury! 

And of course, that cheese pull that we all boomerang-ed enthusiastically: 

Seoul Yummy SingPost Centre cheese pull gif

We also had the Seafood Army Stew ($42.90), with a generous amount of shellfish and carbs in a big pot of savoury stew. It’s a winner with friends and family – for say a Korean-style CNY reunion dinner!

Seoul Yummy SingPost Centre Seafood Army Stew

Location: #01-139/140
Tel: +65 6747 9665




Aji Itchi SingPost Centre Kaisen DonKaisen Don ($15.90)

Dine at AJI ICHI, a Japanese concept restaurant with affordable prices and a wide range of choices – sashimi, donburi, bento sets and many side dishes in their menu.

Aji Itchi SingPost Centre Aji Special MakiAJI Special Maki ($13.90)

For something more filling, try the Kaisen Don ($15.90) that has sashimi atop sushi rice, the Soba and Sushi Bento set ($11.90), or the AJI Special Maki ($13.90). The latter has salmon and century egg besides the usual maki toppings, and an in-house special sauce generously tops it off. 

Location: #01-114
Tel: +65 6747 0713


5. Grove 一素


Grove SingPost Centre

For vegetarians, check out Grove 一素 which serve up Asian inspired dishes. With no mock meat in their menu, they use natural ingredients and an in-house marinade to make their dishes taste just as good as meat ones – or even better! 

Grove SingPost Centre Spinach noodleDry Tomato Spinach noodles ($6.80) 

We tried their Dry Tomato Spinach Noodle ($6.80), which we couldn’t stop munching on. The mushrooms had a chewy texture and the noodles were springy.

Grove SingPost Centre Lavender drinkLavender green tea ($2.80)

And to wash it all down, try their brewed teas. We had the aromatic Lavender Green tea ($2.80), with the fragrant notes of lavender livening up the classic green tea brew.

Grove SingPost Centre Grain Bowls

And if you’re working nearby, take note! The SingPost outlet exclusively serves Kimchi Grain Bowls ($4.80) and Avocado Grain Bowls ($5.80) for you health-conscious office workers – a clear favourite, these were swiped out when we got there.

Location: #01-151
Opening hours: 11am to 9.30pm
Tel: +65 6747 1462


6. Wing Zone


Wing Zone SingPost Centre

Head over to Wing Zone for chicken wings that are freshly battered and fried upon every order, with choice of skin-fried original or hand-breaded crispy textures.

You can also choose from a total of 14 flavours – HoneyQ and Sweet Samurai are fan favourites, but we made the bold decision to try their 6 piece Original wings ($8.45) in more mouth-burning options.

The Mango Fire flavour was still bearable, with sweet and tangy mango paired with a spicy kick. But Nuclear Habanero really brought the heat with some next level fiery goodness.

Wing Zone SingPost Centre Nuclear HabaneroOriginal wings ($8.45) in Nuclear Habanero

Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty as plastic gloves are also provided!

Wing Zone SingPost Centre Kettle Chips

If you still have the case of munchies, nibble on their new homemade kettle chips ($3.95) in Blackened Voodoo. These are made from fresh potatoes and are fried only upon order and can maintain their crispness for a solid 6-8 hours.

Note: ALL students can enjoy a 20% discount on the entire menu ALL DAY on weekdays, and from 11am-3pm on weekends too!

Location: #01-148
Tel: +65 6747 5137


7. Kopi & Tarts


Kopi & Tarts SingPost Centre Gula Melaka Tea

A new local coffee concept by Mayson Bakery, Kopi & Tarts serves up freshly prepared tarts, pastries, tea and coffee. Their Ice Gula Melaka Teh ($3.20) comes in an XXL cup, and was a pleasant surprise for me. It wasn’t too sweet, but you could still taste the flavour of the rich gula melaka coming through. 

Kopi & Tarts SingPost Centre egg tart

For pastries, we tried the Blueberry Egg Tart ($2) and Original Egg Tart ($1.80), which were well-balanced mouthfuls with their sweet filling and buttery crust. And on the savoury side, pastries such as Chicken Pies ($2.60) and Chicken Mushroom Puff ($2.60) delighted us with their light flakey crusts and satisfying filling. They also have muffins, cakes, and HK-style noodles as well!

Location: #01-129/130
Tel: +65 6747 9921


8. Mr Teh Tarik Express


Mr Teh Tarik Express SingPost Centre Teh Tarik

Their renowned “pulled tea” is a sight that still fascinates me and tastes amazing, but Mr Teh Tarik Express has more than just one trick up its sleeve. They serve aromatic local Indian delights too, with popular dishes such as Briyani Chicken Set ($8.50), served together with crispy papadum, juicy curry chicken and a cup of teh or kopi tarik. 

Mr Teh Tarik Express SingPost Centre

Others include their Mee Goreng ($5) which was topped with an egg with a runny yolk, and Prata set ($6) which includes 1 egg and 1 plain prata, curry chicken and a cup of teh or kopi tarik. You’ll be glad to note the pratas here are crisp, flaky delights that you can pull apart with ease. Dip them into their fragrant curries for an extra kick!

Location: #B1-130/131


SingPost Centre – more exciting makan options in the East


SingPost Centre Paya Lebar

Apart from FREE wifi, SingPost Centre also has other places for you to visit, such as gyms, rock walls, enrichment centres and even a cutting-edge cinema.

So, Easties, consider this as one more option to lure your friends in the West to come makan and have fun!

SingPost Centre Paya Lebar Entrance

Bonus for TSL readers: Flash this article with a same-day receipt of any purchase from SingPost Centre to receive $20 worth of Platform M vouchers*!

*Note: Valid for redemption till 18 February 2018 or while stocks last. Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day. Redemption can be made at the Customer Service Counter located at L2 (10AM to 9.30pm) daily*

*Other T&Cs apply.

SingPost Centre
Address: 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408600 (beside Paya Lebar MRT)
Opening hours: 10AM to 10PM daily
Telephone: 6909 1644


Find out more about SingPost Centre here!

This post was brought to you by SingPost Centre.