First 50-metre Bungy Jump in Singapore at AJ Hackett Sentosa

vertical skywalk aj hackett sentosa

If you’ve been to Sentosa recently, you’d have spotted an imposing structure full of gleaming metal rungs. No, it’s not a construction crane – it’s Singapore’s latest thrill attraction, AJ Hackett Sentosa.

The first of its kind in Singapore, it offers 4 new activities for adrenaline seekers. Besides plummeting down a 47 m-high Bungy Tower, you can also manoeuvre yourself down a Vertical Skywalk like a Bond agent, walk along a glass-panelled Skybridge, or ride a Giant Swing that hurtles earthward at 120km/hour.

With deep breaths and many pep talks, a bunch of us gave all four high-adrenaline activities at AJ Hackett Sentosa a try. Here’s what went down!

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Jump off a 50-metre high bungy tower

bungy tower

To put things into perspective – 47m is as high as a 17-storey HDB flat. And that’s exactly the height you’ll be falling from at AJ Hackett Sentosa’s Bungy Tower. 

siloso beach view

siloso beach view

The reality of the high fall didn’t sink in till we were at the very top of the deck. It was breezy and boasted panoramic views of Sentosa. We even heard from some of the staff that part of the deck area will be opened for 2 hours daily during sunset. Now, how’s that for a first date?

bungy tower prep

All set up, and ready to go down swingin’

But soon, we tore ourselves away from the gorgeous views and got down to business. Here’s a bonus at this bungee tower: you get to choose if you’d like to end your freefall with a lil’ dip into the pool below.

Just tell the instructors beforehand how deep you want to land into the 3.5 metre pool, and they’ll adjust the bungy cord accordingly!

bungy tower

Even if you’re a first-timer or have a fear of heights, the experienced instructors will put you at ease. They’ll tell you what’s going on every step of the way and have a strict “no push” policy. That means there won’t be any surprise nudges from them if you’re taking too long at the top!

The bungy cords are changed regularly and these can handle weights of up to 2.2 tonnes – the weight of an average adult elephant. So you’re in perfectly safe hands!

bungy jump

You’ll experience a 3 second free-fall before the cord’s tension kicks in. Sounds short, but it felt like eternity! The water was a refreshing end to the fall, and getting to tick this off your bucket list is nothing short of rewarding.

Scare factor: 9/10

Price: $199

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Walk down a 44m high vertical wall

vertical skywalk

If you never thought twice about walking being difficult, it’s time to challenge yourself and try doing that on a vertical wall. 

Think of it as abseiling, but instead, you’ll be walking face down from a height of 44 metres. Channel your inner Spiderman as you make your descent down the wall, with a cord that you can use to control your pace.

vertical skywalk

Once you overcome your initial fear at the top, it’s pretty easy going from there. Keep your body straight to look 007-worthy!

Scare factor:  6/10

Price: $59

Race your friends on a high-speed Giant Swing

giant swing

This is nothing like the kiddie swings that were part of our childhoods. You’ll be screaming your lungs out on this giant one as it reaches speeds of more than 120km/h.

giant swing

Grab your friends and form teams of three – this duo giant swing system allows you to swing in tandem from heights of 47m and “race” each other as you woosh down.

The feeling is similar to that of the pirate-ship ride in amusement parks, but a gazillion times faster and you can feel the wind rushing in your ears.

And oh, in order to swing down, you’ll need to pull a trigger. Sabo the bravest soul of you three to do it – else, you’ll be stuck there for some time.

Scare factor: 8/10

Price: $79

Look straight down 17 storeys through glass panels at the Skybridge

glass panels skybridge

These panels are bulletproof too!

If you’re not the adventurous sort but still want to experience a thrill, take a walk on the open-air Skybridge where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Siloso Beach.


For extra excitement, peer into the glass panels that line the bridge – this will give you a glimpse of the roads below. For best effect, step on to these panels and let go of the railings – you’ll feel like you’re walking on air!


For the truly fearless, step on to this glass booth for for the full wobbly legs effect!

Scare factor: 4/10

Price: $16

Reward yourself with good food at AJ’s Bar

After all that adrenaline, we were starving. 

So, we scooted over to AJ’s Bar & Beach Dining for some tapas, mains and drinks.

aj beach bar and dining

Recommended by the chef were the Italian Beef Skewers ($25.90) and Seafood Risotto ($25.90). Alternatively, you can get some tapas to share like Teriyaki Beef Cubes ($11.50), the Burger Duo ($9.90) and Smoked Norwegian Salmon ($10.90).

aj beach bar

Everything was on point, and it wasn’t just our hungry stomachs talking. For instance, the risotto had generous chunks of fresh mussels and squid and the skewers were bursting with flavour.

beach outside

P.S. There’re actually two places that you can eat and drink at within the facility. There’s a chill area on the ground floor where you can sip on a pint as you coolly wait for your friend to plunge down.


Else, head to the terrace on level 2 for more comfortable seating spaces!

Thrilling activities at AJ Hackett Sentosa 

jump off bungee

Image credit: AJ Hackett Sentosa

No more “Singapore is so boring” complaints, because this thrill attraction is set to pump some excitement back into your life.

For those of you who’re still a little nervous, here’s something reassuring to note. AJ Hackett has branches in Australia, China, Russia and France, and to date they’ve racked up over 4 million jumps with zero fatalities! 

They’re also pros in recording your momentous leaps – because half the joy lies in bragging rights. To capture your epic dives, AJ Hackett Sentosa uses a futuristic video capturing system and 12 motion sensor-cameras so they’ll never miss a shot of your screaming face.

Get the video or photo package at $89 each, but get both for $109! To commemorate your bravery, you’ll also get a Jumpers’ Edition tee if you dared to take the plunge.

aj hackett sentosa

But nothing beats experiencing the thrill first-hand – so free up your weekends and head to Sentosa for a sky-high experience like no other!

AJ Hackett Sentosa

Address: 30 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099011

Opening hours:  Mon-Thu: 11AM-7PM | Fri-Sun: 10AM-10PM | Open on major holidays

Telephone: 6911 3070


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