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SuperPark Singapore Has Life-Sized Pinball, Trampolines & Basketball For Group Activities

SuperPark Singapore at Suntec City

Hangouts are almost always a sedentary affair – movies, video games, and eating are the usual suspects on the list of activities, and they all involve sitting for long periods of time. For a change, get moving with your friends at SuperPark, a mega indoor activity park situated at Suntec City.

Hailing from Finland, SuperPark has 20 adrenaline-pumping activity stations that everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can enjoy.

SuperPark’s zones


SuperPark’s activity stations are divided into 3 zones: Adventure Area for kids and the young at heart, Game Arena for team sports, and Freestyle Hall for those who enjoy more challenging physical activities like skating and gymnastics.

Adventure Area

sliding mountains downslope

Ideal for younger children but also open to adults, the Adventure Area boasts kid-friendly stuff. For starters, make your way to the Sliding Mountains, located right by the entrance. Scramble your way up these miniature hills before whooshing back down on the slides fitted on the sides of the structure.

tube slide upslope

If the slides are of no kick to you, try out Tube Slide, where you drag a brightly-coloured tube-tyre up a hill. Once you’re at the peak, make yourself snug and comfortable in the tyre before pushing yourself down the slide.

tube slide downslope

Game Arena

Sports are the overlord of the Game Arena, where you can try your hand at activities like baseball, basketball, and golf. Your prowess is tallied by radars and other digital systems in this zone – perfect for pitting yourself against your pals in friendly matches.


Superpinball is a great place to kick off your friendly matches, where you act as the pinball launcher by kicking footballs at different sections of a life-sized pinball board to score points ranging from 100-500.

street basketball

Or if you would rather go for a more classic sport game, pit yourself against your friends in a game of Street Basketball. Up to 10 of you can play at any one time, and you’ll be split into 2 teams – your ultimate goal is to score as many shots as you can before the other team within 1 minute.

Freestyle Hall

While the Freestyle Hall is more chill as it comes without a competitive aspect, it’s packed with slightly more challenging activities like skating, scooting, and even gymnastics. However, even if you aren’t a professional in any freestyle field, swing by this area anyway, as it’s beginner-friendly.

trampoline platform

A nice and easy starting point here is the Trampoline Platform, where all you gotta do is jump to your heart’s content. If you consider yourself a pro at trampoline jumping, try out the more advanced courses here, where you can leap from the platform onto higher platforms above you.

skate and scoot world

If skating and scooting are your thing, check out Skate and Scoot World, an enormous arena filled with all manner of obstacles from sharp inclines to slides that let you unleash your skateboard and scooter prowess. And for those of you who’re expert skaters, channel your inner Tony Hawk and attempt the flips and jumps he’s famous for – there’s more than enough room for you to do so.

clip n climb detonatorThe Detonator course comprises a series of large spheres jutting out of the wall to obstruct your climb.

And if you love rock climbing or are curious to try it out, Clip ‘n’ Climb is the place to go. 3 different courses of ascending difficulty are available here: Speed Climb, Detonator, and Lightning Strike

The first is a simple course where you climb to the top in the shortest time possible, while the other 2 are speckled with obstacles, making for more challenging climbs. No worries if you have a fear of heights – the harness is very secure and will be able to support your weight as you make your descent.

Play at SuperPark Singapore

superpark singapore logo

With this new giant playground, you can unleash your inner child as you slay one challenge after another – transcend the easy stuff in Adventure Area and push yourself to take down the trials of Superpinball and Clip ‘n’ Climb.

Admission Fee
Mon-Fri: $22.90/Junior under 100cm, $30.90/Regular above 100cm
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#02-477, Suntec City (North Wing, 3 Temasek Blvd, Tower 1, 038983
Opening Hours:
Sunday 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings

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Photography by Nadia Loewito.
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Original article published on 16th November 2018. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 22nd March 2023.