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From ramen to sushi, Japanese food may seem like a been-there-done-that cuisine for us food-loving Singaporeans. And although these days Japanese food can be found in almost every shopping mall, it’s disheartening to hear from friends who’ve recently traveled to Nihon that Japanese food in Singapore rarely lives up to the same standard.  

But before you raise your hands in defeat, treat yourself to Mikuni’s new mouth-watering spread of authentic Japanese cuisine featuring traditional recipes served with a contemporary twist. This swanky Japanese restaurant, lead by Head Chef Keisuke Uno, serves up a unique dining experience that will be a feast for both your eyes and your tummy. 

Note: You can choose their regular seating, or at any of their three live stations – sushi, teppanyaki, and robatayaki. We recommend sitting at the teppanyaki counter since that’s where most of the live action takes place!


Sushi station: fresh sashimi from the chef’s cutting board


sushi bar mikuni

With seasonal fish flown in straight from Japan’s Tsukiji fish market – a.k.a. the largest fish and seafood market in the world – Mikuni’s sushi counter guarantees top-quality sashimi.

sashimi sushi mikuni

Sit at the live sushi station and be mesmerised by the sushi chef’s adept sashimi-slicing skills. You’ll find that there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your sushi served straight from the chef’s cutting board.

mikuni sushi station appetizer

Mikuni Appetiser

mikuni ccrispy spicy tuna

Crispy Spicy Tuna ($30)

As part of the Mikuni appetiser, we were each served a colourful assortment of their signature appetisers. Highlights included the Crispy Spicy Tuna ($30) – sriracha-chipotle tuna tartar served with crispy sushi rice – which can be found on their lunch and dinner menus, and the Brandy Poached Chestnut – part of the seasonal Matsutake Menu – that comes in a quirky DIY-ed chestnut shell made of soba sticks and rice cracker. 

mikuni sushi station

Brandy Poached Chestnuts

mikuni oysters sushi station

Namagaki Ponzu Salsa ($26)

We were also treated to some ridiculously huge and fresh Namagaki (oysters) ($26) doused in ponzu salsa sauce and topped with a generous serving of fish roe, and live lobsters with their one-of-a-kind sake saffron clam soup.

mikuni live lobster

Live Lobster with Sake Saffron Soup

mikuni sushi matsutake menu

Besides the regular selection of nigiri, this sushi bar also serves up an unusual assortment of non-seafood sushi. For one, their Matsutake Sushi* consists of thinly-sliced seasonal exotic mushrooms imported from Japan.

If you 10/10 love meat and sushi is your jam, here’s a combination that will blow your mind: Wagyu Beef sushi. Mikuni’s signature Miyazaki Wagyu* features a buttery and lightly-flamed Wagyu Beef slice atop sushi rice that completely disintegrates in your mouth with just one bite. 

*only available as part of the Matsutake set

mikuni matsutake set

Left to right: Matsutake, Miyazaki Wagyu, and Foie Gras Sushi, part of the seasonal Matsutake Dinner set

Taking it a notch up for that fine-dining experience, they also offer a Foie Gras Sushi – a crisped-to-perfection slice of goose liver drizzled with sweet sauces that balance out the gamey-ness of this French delicacy. 

From one sashimi-lover to another, you won’t be disappointed with this sushi station’s array of fresh sashimi.

mikuni sashimi sushi station

From salmon to kampachi (amberjack) on both their lunch and dinner menus, you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter the time of the day!

mikuni salmon otoro sashimi

Salmon and Otoro sashimi

Don’t miss out on their Otoro sashimi ($45), a beautifully marbled tuna belly – which usually won’t be found on restaurant menus due to how prized it is – with perfectly proportioned fat-to-fish ratio, and their creamy, exquisite Uni ($45) (sea urchin) to satisfy your craving for authentic Japanese sashimi. 

mikuni uni sashimi


Teppanyaki station: theatrical performances with fine dining


mikuni teppanyaki station

Head Chef Keisuke doing his thang

As you take your seats at the Teppanyaki station, prepare to have your mind blown by these quick-handed masterchefs’ exceptional culinary skills. Watching them prepare meat is like witnessing a dance number behind the grill. 

mikuni teppanyaki station chefs

Teppan Masterchefs slicing and dicing on the grill

We highly recommend their Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin (200g | $175), juicy, buttery chunks of melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef guaranteed to leave you coming back for more. 

mikuni wagyu beef teppanyaki

Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin 

Although these steaks have already been seasoned, try dipping them in the complimentary selection of 5 dipping sauces – especially the chef’s game-changing anticucho sauce made from Peruvian chilli. 

If your prefer something besides red meat, opt for other dishes on the teppanyaki menu, including their Live Lobster ($68) or the Norwegian King Salmon ($38).

mikuni live lobster teppanyaki

Live lobster teppanyaki 


Robatayaki station: seafood + vegetable “satay”


mikuni robatayaki station

Teppanyaki? Been there. Yakitori? Done that. But here’s one that few would have heard of: Robatayaki.

mikuni robatayaki chefs

At Mikuni’s Robatayaki (translated as “fireside cooking”) station, you’ll get to sit at a supermarket-themed bar lined with fresh produce just like the street stalls in Dotonburi.

mikuni foie gras chawanmushi

mikuni robatayaki menu

Charcoal-grilled Saury Roulade topped with Uni

mikuni robatayaki foie gras chawanmushi

Mikuni’s next-level Foie Gras Chawanmushi ($28)

Served in an actual egg shell, the Foie Gras Chawanmushi ($28) takes chawanmushi to a whole ‘nother level. Besides its 10/10 presentation, you’ll also be amazed at how much liao (ingredients) they manage to stuff in there: scallops, crab stick, and creamy chawanmushi garnished with caviar, giant cod roe, and not foie-getting the star of the show: foie gras.

mikuni dessert menu

After a hearty meal of scrumptious Japanese food, there’s always room for dessert.

mikuni pear dessert

Try their Smooth Pear Surinagashi with Fresh Berries ($20) and you’ll never look at pear the same way again. This sweet pear has been skinned and deseeded, leaving a soft and juicy fruit to sink your fork into. This also comes with Moscat jelly, vanilla bean crumble, and a tangy yuzu cream sauce on the side. 

mikuni dessert raspberries sorbet

Also served on the side is the Raspberries Sorbet Sake Yuzu Consommé. Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance, this little ball of raspberry sorbet packs in a berry-bursting punch. Relish this refreshing, creamy sorbet with zesty sake yuzu shaved ice heaped on top that will instantly drive any gelat-ness away.


Japanese cuisine done in style


mikuni sashimi sushi station

Whether you’re craving sushi or teppanyaki, or want to try Robatayaki, satiate your tastebuds at this all-in-one Japanese restaurant and enjoy the best of three worlds. With their newly-revamped culinary team and an exciting new menu, you’ll be guaranteed a memorable dining experience fit for a king. 

As the saying goes, “good things must share”, so jio your friends, family, or that one special date to a lavish Japanese feast at Mikuni!


Address: 80 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189560, Fairmont Singapore, Level 3
Telephone: 6431 6156
Opening hours: 12PM-2.30PM, Lunch | 6.30PM-10.30PM, Dinner, Monday – Saturday

Find out more about Mikuni here

This post was brought to you by Mikuni. 

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