Well-paying jobs without a degree


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After completing tertiary education, most Singaporean students are faced with two routes: go to a university, or find a job. Choose the latter and you might be constantly bombarded with statements like “No degree, no future leh” and “Your pay will be low” from your kaypoh relatives.

With FastJobs, you can finally put their “concerns” to rest as the job portal offers a range of entry-level jobs that pay higher than $2,000 – giving some of you enough moolah to save up for that BTO you might be eyeing:


1. Pre-School Teacher @ Little Big Pre-School (Up to $3,000 / month)


 FastJobs - Teacher

Image credit: Little Big Pre-School

There’s no denying that a teacher is one of the most important figures in a child’s life. From teaching students how to count to organising fun adventure camps for the little ones; being a Little Big Pre-School teacher means you get to plan loads of fun activities and lessons like baking, dancing and even coding for your kiddies.

Of course, your job doesn’t stop there. To maximise your pupils’ potential, you’ll also need to chart each child’s progress and communicate regularly with their parents. 

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Note: As the centre is also open on Saturdays, you’ll need to work that day on a rotation basis. 


2. Field Service Engineer @ Experis Singapore ($3,500/month) 


If you’ve graduated with a diploma in engineering and are looking to put your skills to the test, look no further than the Field Service Engineer job offered by recruitment agency Experis Singapore, which specialises in engineering and IT jobs.

 FastJobs - Engineer

Image credit: Rolls Royce

Your job scope entails installing components, creating service reports and ensuring that health and safety protocols are adhered to – skills those with a diploma would be well-equipped with. What’s more, conduct yourself well and you might just draw a salary of $3,500/month. Ka-ching.

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3. Retail Site Manager @ Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging Pte Ltd ($3,500/month)


 FastJobs - Retail Manager

Image credit: GIPHY

Your glory days of hoarding Neoprint stickers will finally come in handy once you’ve applied for the Retail Site Manager position at Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging, located at various attractions across Singapore.

Relive those purikura days as you invite guests to have their photographs and customise their photos before printing. Besides photo-related tasks, you’ll also need to prepare an annual budget, monitor consumer trends and manage employees.

So if you’re outgoing and keen to work in a flexible environment that provides medical benefits and transportation, this is the place to be.

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4. Marketing Executive Assistant @ Chiropractic Focus Group (From $2,800 / month)


If you have a great eye for detail and a penchant for seeing your plans take off no matter what, this job is for you. Resourcefulness and meticulousness are key in being a Marketing Executive Assistant at Chiropractic Focus Group as the job requires you to create new events, coordinate logistics and prepare event reports.

As you’ll be liaising a lot with external parties, having great communication skills will be an advantage. That said, the job requires you to be fluent in English and Mandarin.

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5. Driver @ Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals ($2,500/month)


 FastJobs - Driver

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Those who’ve driven for Grab/Uber for pocket money during their school days will find that being a driver for Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals is the next logical career move as they continue with part-time studies.

You’ll chauffeur clients in wide range of luxury vehicles like the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E200 – adding that pizzazz to your daily drive. As this is a service oriented role, having a great personality and being a safe and reliable driver will go a long way to making customers happy. 

Some added perks of the job include the provision of the vehicle, petrol card, and cash card and a year-end performance bonus.

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6. Security Officer @ Apro-Asian Protection Pte. Ltd ($2,475/month)


As a Security Officer for Apro-Asian Protection, you’re the first line of defence against potential threats to Ayer Rajah Data Centre, which houses servers for many local companies. You’ll need a valid Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD) license for the job, which you can apply for here.

The flexible working environment allows you to choose between a 5 day work week or a 12 hour shift cycle, giving you the freedom to pursue part-time studies. Besides getting benefits like insurance, Annual Wage Supplement and a performance bonus, security officers will also receive a gobsmacking $16,000 joining bonus

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7. Sales Consultant @ Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth ($4,500 / month)


 FastJobs - Sales Consultant

Image credit: Jonsson Protein 

Those with a receding hairline can attest to the pain of seeing more forehead than hair on your head and how desirable a healthy set of locks becomes. 

As a Sales Consultant for Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth, you’ll turn these desires into reality by providing treatment services to clients and recommending which treatments and products to use.

To do well in this job, a strong interest in the beauty line and a positive attitude will be helpful. Applicants also need to be fluent in English and Mandarin.

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8. Advertising Promoter @ Outshinerz Events Pte Ltd ($1,800-$2,300/month)


 FastJobs - Advertising Promoter

Image credit: Outshinerz Events Pte Ltd

PSA for the social butterflies out there: if a desk job sounds too mundane and you’d prefer interacting with new people daily, then perhaps your calling lies in being an Advertising Promoter for Outshinerz Events Pte Ltd.

A knack with words and a bubbly personality are essential tools for this job as it involves promoting local brands through campaigns and outdoor booths. You’ll also receive 10 days of training where you’ll learn about product promotion and communication skills, during which you’ll get paid.

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9. Delivery Cyclist @ FoodPanda (from $14.50/hr)


 FastJobs - Cyclist

Image credit: FoodPanda

Most people have a misconception that food delivery isn’t sustainable as a full-time job ‘cuz they don’t pay well. Put those worries to rest when you become a FoodPanda delivery cyclist, as the pay starts from $14.50 per hour*.

You get to choose where and when to cycle, allowing you to have a customised work schedule that’s flexible. And if you’d like to earn a little more cash, cover deliveries in the CBD, like Raffles City or City Hall, as it pays extra compared to non-CBD areas!

*This consists of the basic pay which starts from $7/hr and the bonus of up to $5.50/delivery

Note: Training and weekend bonuses will be provided but you’ll need your own bicycle or Personal Mobility Device.  

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 10. Retail Sales Associate @ Bee Cheng Hiang (Up to $2,300/month)


 FastJobs - Bee Cheng Hiang

Image credit: Mid Valley Megamall

Working at Bee Cheng Hiang isn’t all about packing fragrant bak kwa correctly into red boxes while trying not to sneak in a bite. In fact, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Retail sales associates need to do inventory checks, replenish stock and manage cashiering as well.

Get more bak for your buck with a slew of benefits like staff discounts, bonuses and gifts during the festive season. Yup, that’s free bak kwa during CNY! Staff can also choose from 5 flexi-hour work shifts – work in the wee hours of morning or the late hours of night and you’ll be blessed with free transportation and extra allowance.

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Fast-track your career with FastJobs


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Starting work immediately after tertiary education might be daunting to some, but don’t let the naysayers stop you. Over the recent years, we’ve seen employees being valued for their skills and attitude rather than just their educational level – so have these in your arsenal and the playing field is yours to conquer.

 FastJobs - App

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FastJobs specialises in skills-based and non-executive jobs, making it perfect for those itching to start work soon. Many of these positions also have a flexible work schedule if you’d like to continue studying part-time.

Through the mobile app and website, you can search for jobs in various sectors, like hospitality, retail and F&B. And if you’ve found a job you’re interested in, you don’t have to scour online for tips on how to craft perfect resume to send over either – this nifty app generates one for you with just a few clicks.

Other features include an in-app chat function that lets you contact potential employers directly, and location-based searching – so you can bid adieu to long commutes to the other end of SG by simply narrowing down your search according to preference!

Download the app on the Play Store and the Apple App Store to search for the best jobs on the go.  

Find out more about FastJobs here!

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